Top 10 apps for editing photos on iPhone and iPad

If your photos are in the slightest detail, you don't simply have to take the photo again until you get the perfect one, as an image editing application can do the trick. There is a wide range of these photo editing apps on iPhone and iPad, and a search through the App Store may be enough to find your favorite. But to make your choice easier, we've listed 10 of these apps that you can download and use right now!

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1. Snapseed

Despite being a Google app, Snapseed is one of the best photo editing apps on iPhone and iPad. It offers all the basic tools to enhance your images, such as color adjustment, cropping, resizing, and even the ability to remove unwanted objects.

The app also has a number of filters that can be applied, such as the classic that converts images to black and white, for example. You can also add textures and blur photos if you are moving an image that can reveal sensitive information if it is fully revealed. Learn more from the app on the App Store.

2. Quik

An app for those who like to work with animated photos, similar to Instagram's Boomerang. Other apps for editing photos on iPhone also have the same purpose, but Quik is one of the most suitable, as it has a good range of features and is easy to use even for those who are not very skilled at taking photos. It is worth noting that it also lets you edit videos

This application has filter options to add to photos, as well as the ability to insert text or even music. You can also include effects like slow motion and various ways to share your work. Click the link to download Quik.


We have already commented on VSCO in our text with the 13 best apps for editing Instagram, but it's also a great example of photo editing apps on iPhone. The application has a large selection of filters, which can be edited to be more present or absent in an image, for example, as well as some tools for editing the photos themselves. Although free, some of the filters available within the app need to be purchased. Download the app for free from the Apple app store.

4. Simply B&W

This app is the perfect choice for black and white photo addicts. Simply B&W accesses your camera and can scale your photo from the moment you press the button. But in addition, you can also put in some additional edits, such as changing the color level of photos and adding filters. For beginners, the app also has some editing options. Check out more about Simply B&W on the App Store.

5. Filterstorm Neue

Despite its weird name, Filterstorm Neue is one of the best image editing tools on iOS, although it is more advanced than most of the apps described here. In addition to the basic editing tools, Filterstorm Neue features curved adjustments to adjust brightness and contrast, adding a watermark to protect the authorship of your work, and shadow adjustments, for example. Click on the link to know the application.

6. Brushstroke

How about turning your photos into works of art? That's the proposal of Brushstroke, one of the apps for photo editing on iPhone that offers unusual ways to give that enhancement to images. Just select an image and have it converted. Then the app offers a series of brushes of different textures and colors to apply to your artistic canvases. Get to know Brushstroke by accessing the link.

7. Enlight

Enlight mixes tools that appeal to beginners and veterans alike. Another feature of this application is the mix of more practical source effects - such as the possibility of removing unwanted objects from the image - to more artistic and conceptual ones. One of its highlighting features lets you add effects to some parts of the photo instead of the full image. The app can be downloaded from iTunes.

8. Afterlight

One of the most famous photo editing apps on iPhone and iPad, Afterlight also has a wide range of options to make your photos what you want. That is, you can take a panoramic photo of your city and use the app's tools to make it into some kind of post-apocalyptic scenario or just highlight the image lights.

Since Afterlight's range of functions is wide, it will take some getting used to and learning how to use the tools available, but it's one of the most cost-effective iPhone paid apps. See more about Afterlight on the App Store.

9. Mextures

For those who already have experience with iPhone photo editing apps, Mextures can be viewed as a higher level. Its focus is on allowing users to manipulate the textures of images, as well as grainy and spotlighting, allowing them to blend in any way they see fit. The app is also one of the most cost-effective for those willing to buy an app for this purpose and is available on iTunes.

10. Lens Distortions

Specializing in creating light effects, Lens Distortions bring various effects to enhance realism or enhance some kind of atmosphere. It also lets you manipulate the opacity of photos and add multiple layers to a photo. Another important detail to keep in mind is that the light effects demonstrated in the app were generated from real photos. Click the link to learn more about Lens Distortions.

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