Top 10 Emulators for Android

Many people often have old video game emulators on their computer, but some people prefer to play their favorite classics on mobile devices such as smartphones and Android tablets. This way you can enjoy many different games anywhere and in a very practical way.

If you're curious what consoles you can emulate on your device, just check out our list of some of the best Android emulators!

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1. C64.emu

Commodore 64 is one of the oldest and most classic systems imaginable when it comes to gaming, so of course it couldn't be missed on our list. Even with very limited games, the platform still has a huge number of fans and C64.emu is one of its most popular emulators.

Most system games work very well, but it may be that the price of the app disincentive some users. Still, if you're really a fan of Commodore 64, this emulator is well worth it. Click here to download it.

2. ClassicBoy

Although the name indicates that this is an exclusive GameBoy emulator, the app is meant to emulate several consoles at once. You can play Super Nintendo games, PlayStation 1, NES, Mega Drive and GameBoy (Color and Advance), of course.

Overall, the app works well and can play many different games, but the compatibility list is not as large as on platform-specific emulators. Still, if you just want to enjoy some of the most popular games in one app, this is a great alternative. You can download it through this link.

3. Drastic DS Emulator

Incredibly, you can now play Nintendo DS games on your Android device with the Drastic DS Emulator. The app is not quite that complete yet and is not compatible with all the games on the system yet, but it is for sure the best that exists today.

Considering that DS is not that old, the emulator can already do very well and offer good options for its users. The only downside is that it is kind of expensive but still worth it for the quality offered. The app can be downloaded via this link.

4. FPse for Android

There are dozens of PlayStation 1 emulators out there, either on PCs or mobile devices, but it's still hard to define which one is best. If you are looking for an option to play PS1 classics on your Android, we recommend FPse For Android, which offers one of the best system experiences.

With it, you'll have plenty of features and configuration options to get the most out of your games and a huge list of compatible games. Of course with so much available, it is clear that the app is not so simple to use, but you can learn from time to time. You can download it from this link.

5. John GBC

If you want a reliable emulator to enjoy your favorite GameBoy titles, the John GBC app is one of the best. With it, you can play classic GameBoy and GameBoy Color games, but unfortunately Advance is off the list.

Still, the app is very stable, works well and still offers a very large list of compatible games and supported by the emulator. You can also set up the controls and insert cheats if you want, which is a really cool and interesting addition. You can download John GBC at this link.

6. MD.emu

As popular as it was at the height of video games in the 1990s, it's hard to find a good Mega Drive emulator for Android. In this case, one of the most recommended is MD.emu, which offers a paid version and a free version.

Both versions are virtually the same, but those who choose to pay for the emulator will be entitled to receive better and more frequent updates. However, MD.emu offers good features and is compatible with most Sega classics. Click here to download it.

7. Mega64 N64 Emulator

Over time, the Nintendo 64 has only become increasingly popular, especially with so many quality emulators out there. For those who want to enjoy the classic video game on Android, the best alternative is the Mega64 N64 Emulator.

The app is not as perfect or complete as the N64 emulators we see on PC, but it is still very good and functional. The best thing is that it offers some nice configuration options, has good game compatibility and is still totally free. To download it, click this link.

8. Nostalgia.NES

For those who loved the games of the popular Nintendinho (also known as NES), there is no better emulator than Nostalgia.NES on Android. The App is very stable, works great with most smartphones and tablets, and even supports almost every console classic.

The cool thing is that this emulator offers some unique features, such as the ability to go back a few seconds in the game to try something new. You can download Nostalgia.NES through this link.


Although we have plenty of emulators for GameBoy fans on Android, the same cannot be said for PlayStation Portable (also known as PSP). Without a doubt, one of the best alternatives you'll find is PPSSPP.

It's not as complete as so many emulators we mentioned in this list, but it's still very good and useful to enjoy your favorite games from Sony's small console. The good thing is that it is compatible with many different games, which should be enough to please most of its users. You can download it through this link.

10. RetroArch

Lastly, we have the popular RetroArch, which is a favorite of many Android users. This is because the app can emulate multiple consoles at once and still offers good stability and compatibility with hundreds of different games.

The emulator receives constant updates from its developers, who are even working to add the ability to watch movies in the app. The best of all is that RetroARch can be enjoyed for free! Download it through this link.

Did you like these emulators for Android?

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