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After months of anticipation and speculation, the iPhone 7 was finally unveiled at Apple's special event on Tuesday. Although it still has many similarities with previous models, the smartphone presents a good deal of interesting news. To get to know the new Apple smartphone in depth, just check out our listing of its most important features and enhancements below!

1. Design

As you can see from any photo of the new device, the iPhone 7 has not undergone major design changes compared to the iPhone 6 and 6S, for example. Still, there are small improvements that are worth mentioning, because they are part of the new features we will show in the topics below.

Now the antenna is slightly more discreet on the top of the handset, almost disappearing depending on the color of the device. There is also no normal headphone jack anymore and the rear camera frame turns out to be a bit wider as there are actually two different cameras there.

2. Home Button

Although the Home button looks the same as previous models of the smartphone, it is completely different on the iPhone 7. The truth is that it is no longer a button and is just a sensor that can perceive when the user uses it in different ways (be it to go to the home screen, turn on Siri, or to use the multitasking feature).

This turns out to be very good for iPhone users, as this button has always been problematic and used to break easily with regular use.

3. Camera

Apple has really been investing more in the quality of its iPhones' cameras, something that didn't seem to be a big priority for the company in the past. The front camera, for example, now has 7 megapixels and should be perfect for those who like to take selfies.

Still, it's rear camera that really stood out in this handset, especially on iPhone 7 Plus. In this larger model of the new smartphone, there are no less than two 12 megapixel cameras on the back, which will make the photos even more beautiful and in more detail.

The normal version of the new iPhone has only a 12 megapixel rear camera, but it is also much better than what we have on the iPhone 6S, especially in low light environments.

4. Colors

It's almost a tradition for Apple to introduce a new color model for their iPhones at their special events and today was no different. If last time we had the iPhone 6S in pink, this time we saw an iPhone 7 model in a very basic black.

In fact, there are two versions of black: one more metallic like traditional colors and one brighter and reminiscent of older smartphone models. Other than that, the new iPhone will also be available in gray, gold and pink, as expected.

5. Earphone jack

As we also mentioned, the new iPhone will no longer have a headphone jack, which has been speculated for some time. This way, you will have to use a headset with lighting connector (of your choice or the one that comes in the iPhone case) or you can use a normal one if you connect it to the adapter that Apple will include with the smartphone.

This was the way the company found to be able to include the new speaker model of the handset and still maintain its design.

6. Speakers

As we said earlier, the sound of the device has received good improvements and the smartphone has stereo speakers and much more powerful than any other iPhone released so far. Basically, iPhone 7 is twice as tall as iPhone 6S.

7. Processor

Of course, there's no point in offering it all if the iPhone isn't powerful enough to handle the new features. Its new processor is the A10 Fusion with 4 cores and 64 architecture, all to make the device more efficient and faster than previous models.

Apple has stated that the new iPhone is expected to be 40% faster than the iPhone 6S and with 50% better graphics processing than its own. Basically, the device will offer a more fluid experience even on the heaviest tasks.

8. Battery

Strangely, Apple has not yet released official battery information from its new smartphone, but has already ensured that it should last at least 2 hours longer than previous models. With the improvements of iOS 10 itself, it's not hard to imagine that this really happens.

9. Storage

After years, Apple has finally fulfilled its customers' orders and got rid of the 16GB version of iPhone storage. It seems that the company has realized that this is no longer enough for a user these days.

Thus, the iPhone 7 will be sold with storage options of 32 GB, 128 GB and 258 GB, and even the iPhone 6S will be sold in the same way and will not offer the 16 GB model anymore.

10. Availability

The iPhone 7 is due to be officially launched on September 16 in some countries, with pre-sale now available. Apple has commented that it will work hard to bring the device to as many places as possible in a short time, but Brazil is not yet on the initial release lists.

If the company does as in previous years, we should only see the smartphone here at the end of this year or early 2017. Considering that the price should be well salted, it might be better to wait anyway.

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