Top 10 Online Classroom Tools on iPhone, Android, PC, and Mac

Technology has been of great help to teachers, educators and speakers in recent times. With each passing day, new tools for online classes are developed, helping in various aspects of these professionals' lives. Whether on iPhone, Android, PC or Mac, this software has been facilitating things like lesson planning, proofreading, student communication, and especially the ability to offer online classes, whether through recorded video or live classes, with right to chat windows for interaction between students and teachers. We've separated 10 of the best online class tools that cover many of these areas.

1. LoopWebinar

A recently launched tool in the webinar market, LoopWebinar's main goal is to help educators to stream live classes over the web without major complications. LoopWebinar lets you set up an online class in minutes, and doesn't limit the experience to just a few simultaneous users. You can also split the class with more than one speaker at a time and enter codes for Facebook and Google Analytics, allowing you to measure participation during broadcasts. Click the link to know LoopWebinar!

2. Edmodo

The app is a kind of education-oriented Slack. It allows teachers, parents, and students to connect in the same environment to share lessons, exercises, and quizzes, as well as tools to track student progress. In addition to classroom use, the teacher can set up exercises for students to do at home with their parents, who also receive a login to the app. Learn more about Edmodo, which has browser and mobile versions.

3. Planboard

Can also be used in face-to-face classes, Planboard allows the teacher or speaker to plan their class. Through a calendar and calendar screen, users can organize the progress of their classes. It is possible to set the times and times when the subjects to be addressed will be shown during the course of the lecture or presentation.

Students can also participate in the tool by recording the progress of ongoing exercises or projects. Learn more about Planboard, which has an iPhone and iPad app.

4. Kahoot!

Despite its funny name, the app is one of the online class tools that helps teachers develop quizzes and quizzes to use during class. An educator can create the quiz and students, inserted in the same system, can individually answer the questions presented through various tools.

The Kahoot! It is based on the gamification method, a methodology that brings language education closer to electronic games. The app can be used in both classes and business and more information can be accessed from its main page.

5. Khan Academy

A free tool, Khan Academy is a platform that teachers and educators can use to record their classes and provide them for free to anyone who wants to learn about a subject. The system survives through donations and its main advantage - in addition to free - is the more personal approach to other platforms, making classes more interesting. The videos are displayed in high quality and you can click on the link to learn more about the Khan Academy proposal.

6. Educreations Interactive Whiteboard

Nothing more professorial than an app that resembles the whiteboard used in class - ever wondered if it was a blackboard simulator and had to use chalk on it? Educreations' proposal is to provide a digital whiteboard for creating the videos to be used for the lessons. The board allows you to record audio to include in the video made by the simulator.

You may have seen several types of web video with this proposal, in which a person teaches something while drawing on this type of board and gives voice instructions, for example. Videos created through the app are saved in the cloud and can be shared at any time on social networks. Learn more about Educreations Interactive Whiteboard and its iPhone and iPad app.

7. Coggle

Similar to GoConqr, Coggle also provides a variety of resources for the teacher or speaker to convey what they know to their students. His specialty is the creation of flowcharts and graphs, facilitating the transmission of statistics from studies done by the educator. It is also possible to create interactive mind maps, allowing students themselves to participate in the process of organizing the ideas and conclusions of a research. Click on the link to meet Coggle.

8. Easy Proof

Created in Brazil, Prova Fácil is a tool for automatic correction of classroom tests. The teacher sets up the correct questions and answers for each test and simply passes the mobile device - available for Android and iPhone - the test that he will scan it and provide the student's grade. It is possible to configure different tests for different classes so that it does not cause confusion at the time of correction. Check out the official Prova Fácil page to learn more about the tool.

9. GoConqr

While Planboard is more pragmatically designed for class planning, GoConqr is one of the tools for online class that assists the educator in the creative and "how" he / she will convey the subjects to be addressed. The tool offers several methods for transmitting content such as mindmaps, slideshows and quizzes, among others.

GoConqr registered members have about 3 million content creation resources that can be shared or sent via message. Learn more about GoConqr at the link.

10. Syllable

Another “Made in Brazil” tool, Sílabe is a communication platform between teachers and speakers with their students or participants. The function of the tool is to streamline and centralize the entire organization in one place. In Syllable, you can distribute assignments — and provide automatic correction when completed — and allow you to send feedback to students and evaluate their progress individually. Click the link to learn more about the syllable.

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What tools for online class do you use in your daily life?

Finding ways to improve your productivity and organization is always welcome as it reduces task time. At the same time, having tools that can improve the quality of your classes can also make a big difference if you can enjoy them well. Do you use any of these online classroom tools in your daily life? Would you like to recommend any that we do not mention? So be sure to comment with us on AppTuts!

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