Top 10 sites for creating animated GIFs

GIFs are one of the big "fevers" of the internet. If you have a website or just want to create a fun time with your friends, GIFs are a great option. However, many people do not create their own animations because they do not really know where to do it. It was thinking about these people that, in this article, we released some of the top 10 sites for creating animated GIFs.

I believe that from now on you will no longer have justification for not creating your own GIF. All examples shared on this list are online sites, which means you can create your GIFs wherever you want, whether or not you have your computer.


In GIFPAL you will find various customization options, highlighting the ability to draw and add text to your images.

It allows you to adjust brightness, contrast and add interesting effects to your photos. You can also control each GIF frame and edit it as you like.

GIFPAL provides most photo editing tools for making GIF images. With some of these effects you will feel like a true image editing professional!


The big advantage of IMGFLIP is that you can use Youtube videos to create your GIFs. This is, in fact, quite simple to do with this tool. The only thing you need to do is take the URL and put it in the tool. From there you can start creating your GIF.

He is very simple indeed. You just need to adjust options such as width and height, speed and merge it all into one clip.

In addition to videos, you can also upload images.


Bloggif is a site that gives you many possibilities for image editing. Let's say it has just about everything you need to make your GIF. It provides animated text, SlideShows, 3D Cubes, sparkles and other very interesting tools.

Like the previous site, it also allows you to use videos and images.

4. Picasion

Picasion is a site more focused on creating GIFs from images. It allows you to use images from sharing sites like Flickr, Picasa or even your webcam. It's one of the best options if your goal is to create image-only GIFs.

Once your GIF is created it gives you the possibility to share it on social networks.

5. Makeagif

Makeagif is very straightforward about all the options you can use and this information is very visible right at the entrance of your website. You can make GIFs from the webcam image, your computer, or upload videos from Youtube or your computer.

But a very interesting detail of this site is that it has a Google Chrome extension, with which you can quickly access the tool itself and create your GIFs in a few minutes.

6. Loogix

A rather simple site that allows you to do the most basic things related to GIFs. With Loogix you can modify the speed of the GIF, change the image size, modify effects, paintings, etc. Very simple, but it does what it promises.

7. GifMaker.Me

Another site with a very simple interface. Here you can upload multiple photos at once and then edit your GIF. Otherwise you have all the other GIF editing options like image size or speed.

An interesting detail is that you can add a song from a Youtube video. Warning, that it just lets you do it with same Youtube videos.

8. GIFUp

GIFUp is another great choice of sites for creating animated GIFs, it has all the basic functionality you need and also makes it easy to share your creations.

In addition, GIFUp allows you to select images present directly on your computer, on Flickr, or directly through the image's direct link. Very practical, don't you think? Like the others, it's free, so be sure to give it a try!

9. MemeCenter GIF Maker

For meme aficionados, MemeCenter also offers its own tool for creating animated GIFs. This is even one of the best on our list, as it allows you to insert additional text into the image or even make brush drawings during the creation process.

Among all the options on the list, we can also say that MemeCenter GIF Maker has the cleanest interface among the others. The tool is completely free, so check it out right now!

10. Gickr

The last but not the least. Gickr allows you to upload multiple images at once, not only through your computer but also through Flickr, YouTube albums or Picasa. It also allows you to customize size and speed and even has the option to share to multiple social media at the same time.

Check out another video from our Youtube channel that can help with this theme:

Did you create your GIFs?

All of these websites are great options when creating your GIF. The most important is to use the one that meets your needs. Have you ever tried to create a GIF? How was your experience? Tell us in the comments which platform found it easier to use and it all worked out for you!

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