Top 10 Website Notification Apps

Receiving notifications on websites can be extremely helpful. For those who have their own website or online store, this turns out to be one of the best ways to quickly communicate with the customer or a casual visitor. For those who work on the PC all day, it can simply be more effective to receive all your personal notifications directly from the web browser, something that has also become commonplace recently. With all of these in mind, we've selected some of the best site notification apps and tools you can use. You can check the suggestions in our list below!

1. E-Goi

To start our list with website notification apps is E-Goi, which is a well-known tool for those who need to deal with email marketing, bots, website notifications and SMS message campaign automation. The app is very complete and can be a good idea for those who want to attract more customers or simply create better communication with them.

With the notifications function, you can alert or alert your customers with instant messaging even if they are on another site, which is very useful. You can check more about the service through the link.

2. Pushover

Next is Pushover, which is a very simple tool that can be used in many ways. In general, you can use it to gather all your notifications (email, social networks, messages, websites, etc.) and send them to a single device.

Besides offering the service for smartphones, it also works very well and stands out on the PC. It can be used individually or by professional teams, which helps in organizing and sending messages to several people at the same time, for example. You can check out more about the app through the link.

3. OneSignal

OneSignal is another great tool you can use to send notifications to your site visitors. In addition to this option, you can still send messages directly by email or even by SMS.

This is great for your site visitor to register with your site, as a kind of continuity to site notifications, for example. You check out more about the software through the link.

4. Pushbullet

Pushbullet is an application already well known to those who prefer to receive their notifications in the browser. With it installed on your smartphone and PC, you can receive all warnings, messages and alerts in the internet browser.

It is very useful for those who do not like to check the smartphone all the time, which can also save battery. You can use it for free through the link.

5. PushWoosh

PushWoosh not only helps you send personalized messages and notifications to customers and visitors on your site, but you can do so in your mobile app and even Facebook Messenger.

Interestingly, it is cross-platform compatible and you can try it for free for two weeks if you want. The platform has a wide variety of configurations and customizations to tailor its features to your target audience. Click the link to check out more about the app.

6. Pusher

Pusher is another cool tool that can help you put notifications on your site. The platform also helps you do this in mobile apps or chat rooms.

The good thing is that the app was made to be implemented simply, without the user needing any prior knowledge on the subject. In addition, it offers a free plan with some limitations, making it a great option to try the service without having to spend anything. You can check out more through the link.

7. Roost

Roost is one of the simplest apps on our list. It focuses on providing notifications to your site and basically accomplishes this very objectively. Even so, it ends up not having so many additional features, so it is more suitable for those looking for notifications on the site.

8. Push

Push is an extension for Google Chrome that you can use to unify your browser notifications. Interestingly, this extension doesn't just work with normal social networking sites or messages.

It allows you to choose and create your notifications if you want to be reminded of something specific throughout the day. This makes it extremely useful for those who work directly on the PC and don't like conventional to-do lists. You can check out more through the link.

9. PushBIZ

PushBIZ is a plugin for WordPress users, but it does the same as other apps on this list. You can create and customize messages that will be sent to your site visitors.

It is very simple to install and deploy on your site, requiring no programming or coding. You can check more about through the link.

10. iZooto

IZooto is another very interesting software that you can use to send notifications. It gives you the tools to interact with your customer especially in online stores, as this is their biggest focus.

Because messaging is automated, it turns out to be very practical and saves users time. You can try the demo or create your free account via the link.

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