Top 10 Youtube Alternatives for Watching Videos and Listening to Music

Youtube is currently the largest video platform on the planet. With the ability to watch the most varied types of videos, be they vlogs, documentaries, series and even movies or music clips, you will hardly ever find anything on Youtube, including our AppTuts tutorials. However, ad frequency can be a downside that isn't always present on other platforms. So below are 10 of the best Youtube alternatives to watch videos or listen to your favorite songs!

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1. Facebook

Although it doesn't have a search engine as refined as YouTube's, this is about to change in the near future, as Facebook is looking to shift its focus to videos and live streams. In fact, Mark Zuckerberg's social network is already investing in the production of original series, which should start launching in late 2017.

2. Vimeo

Although Facebook is growing to the point of becoming YouTube's main rival, Vimeo is the one who occupies that position today. Similar to Youtube in many ways, the platform has a number of exclusive content producers, as well as starting to invest in and producing exclusive series, something only recently done with the launch of Youtube Red in the US. Get to know Vimeo by clicking on the link.

3. Netflix

Although not a video platform itself, Netflix competes with YouTube in its area of ​​series and movies. The good thing is, as a paid service, there are no ads before, during or after a showing.

It's also worth mentioning that the service - one of the best streaming services on the planet - has a wide range of complete original series, without having to look for a missed episode, something that can happen on Youtube. Click the link to learn more about Netflix.

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4. Looke

Also aimed at the exhibition of series and movies, Looke has the same proposal of Netflix. But, instead of just offering subscription options to access the collection, the platform also allows the rental or purchase of the works available, as if it were a kind of digital video store. Remember that, like Netflix, Looke is one of the alternatives to Youtube with a more limited scope, not counting vlogs and other types of videos produced at home, for example. Learn more about Looke at the link.

5. Twitch

Although Facebook and Youtube have live broadcasts, Twitch is the best platform for lives, as it was created with the intention of being a platform for transmitting games of electronic games - or video games, to the most intimate. Twitch is currently expanding its reach and is close to enabling its users to also stream vlogs and other content, competing directly with Instagram, Youtube and Facebook, among others. Visit the link to meet Twitch.

6. Spotify

Many people use Youtube to listen to music, especially if they can't keep up with videos - leaving a browser tab while working, for example. Because of this, Spotify serves as one of the alternatives to Youtube if this is your case.

With a free or paid account option, the software lets you build your own playlists, check which songs your friends are listening to, and access various online radio stations. Learn more about Spotify by visiting the link and be sure to also check out its 14 best alternatives.

7. Crackle

A service for streaming movies and series from Sony, Crackle gives you free access to your collection. Although it also does not have the possibility to view vlogs or tutorials on the web, the service serves as an alternative to Youtube as it also brings exclusive content, although it also has ads during programming. Click the link to access Crackle.

8. Metacafe

More YouTube-like than most previously mentioned sites and services, Metacafe is an option for those who prefer short and fast videos as it limits the length of their videos to up to three minutes. That is, the application allows you to find, for example, tutorials that do not linger for a long time, as well as more objective opinions on some subject. Visit the link to check out the Metacafe collection.

9. Dailymotion

One of the main alternatives to Youtube in the United States, Dailymotion has very similar functions, mainly because it was released in the same year as Youtube. In addition to having different videos, it can be an option for content producers if they are not achieving so much success on the Google video platform. Click the link to learn more about Dailymotion.

10. The Internet Archive

The largest archive archive on the internet. Although not necessarily a competitor, The Internet Archive is the best alternative to Youtube for those who want to know more about the history of the internet. As an online library, its collection is completely free and has no ads as it is supported by the NGO of the same name.

Its content is older, but it has the main materials and videos that made history on the web. Meet The Internet Archive - featuring a games section with thousands of free classic games! - accessing the link.

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Which of the Youtube alternatives do you use most in your daily life?

Now that we have introduced several video services to follow and not just get stuck on Youtube, it's your turn to tell us: Which of the alternatives to Youtube we show you is the one you use most in your routine? Would you like to recommend any that is not in the list above? Comment with us and make sure to share your opinion in our comment area and on our Facebook fanpage!

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