Top 12 Online Business Apps on iPhone and Android

While few changes will occur from year to year, changing the calendar can mean the start of something new, such as opening a new business. Keeping pace with the opening of a new cycle, we decided to bring a list of apps that you can put on your smartphone, be it Android or iPhone. Check out our selection of 12 of the best online business apps you can ever put on your mobile device.

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1. Luciano Larrossa

An application that will allow you to follow all content published by Luciano Larrossa, Facebook Marketing specialist. Keeping up with the texts and videos he publishes is a good way to keep up to date on what is going on in the subject, as well as offering a variety of materials to delve into the topic. Luciano Larrossa 's app is available on both Android and iPhone.

2. Jivochat

An indispensable option for those who need an online chat service, such as ecommerces. Jivochat lets you serve visitors and customers to your site regardless of their device, be it a public computer web browser, desktop software, or iPhone and Android. Among the features, we highlight the ability to send proactive chat invitations and visit history from a customer, as well as check what he looked at on your site.

3. Todoist

This app is essential to track the completion of tasks to achieve your goals. It is one of the simplest that exists, simply clicking a button to create a new task, write it and enter the deadline to perform the task.

It has more advanced options, such as adding annotations and project allocation, whose progress can be seen through a report in the application itself. Recently Todoist has included a smart scheduling function, using artificial intelligence to suggest new dates for overdue tasks. The app can be downloaded on Android or iPhone.

4. Wave

One of the online business applications made for small businesses or freelancers. Wave is an accounting and financial solution that helps you track your earnings and expenses, build and submit invoices, and generate reports. Wave is free and available for iPhone and Android.

5. Slack

The best solution for internal communication between you, your team and any other professionals involved in the same project as you. Slack is an online business messaging app that lets you create different groups according to the project, as well as voice calls and file sharing.

It has the best search engine among messengers, which indexes and allows users to find snippets of old conversations, for example. You can use Slack on your computer, across the web, and can be downloaded on Android and iPhone.

6. PayPal

A reasonable way to get paid online, especially if you are involved in international projects. Widely known, PayPal is a kind of online wallet that can be used to pay for purchases made over the web and allows you to receive money in multiple currencies. In Brazil, it is allowed to transfer your balance to your bank account, but if the balance is in US dollars, it is converted to reais in the transaction. In addition to the site, PayPal is available as an app on Android and iPhone.

7. Trello

It can be used for various purposes depending on the purpose of your business. Because of this, Trello is one of the most useful online business applications on this list. With a card organization system, it's ideal for content workers like AppTuts ourselves.

However, it can also be used for organizing other tasks. Each card can be assigned to a list, and within them, you can communicate with other team members, send files, and leave comments on the task at hand, which other team members can view. Trello is available for both Android and iOS.

8. Dropbox

No matter what type of business you start, Dropbox is one of the online business applications you need to use. The cloud storage service allows you to access your files no matter where or where you are connected. The option is not so reasonable for storing confidential source files, but it is quite practical for everyone else. It is available on Android and iPhone, but can also be replaced by Google Drive or Apple iCloud if you prefer.

9. MailChimp

Just as Dropbox is essential for storing your files so you can access it anywhere, MailChimp is the most widely used email marketing solution. Through it, you can organize and manage your email list, create email templates and track the progress of your campaigns.

For those starting a business, it's free to send up to 12, 000 emails per month to up to 2, 000 subscribers. It can be used on Android and also on iPhone.

10. Skype

Although it has a number of issues and is still relatively old-fashioned compared to other messengers, Skype is still one of the best online business apps for those who need to meet with people often. This is what allows the largest number of participants online simultaneously, whether on audio or video calls only. It has versions for Android and iPhone to use it on mobile.

11. Boxmeup

Another of the apps that can be very useful to ecommerces, as well as Jivochat. Boxmeup is an exclusive Android app dedicated to cataloging and tracking your shipments to customers. It allows you to print QR Code labels with the record of items that are in a package, which can be scanned and tracked through the app.

12. Asana

Finishing the list of the best online business apps, Asana falls into the same category as Trello and Todoist, but is a bit more complex, offering more functions. One of the extra features compared to the examples mentioned, Asana has an internal chat along with the task creation and tracking interface, allowing you to chat with your team without having to switch windows.

It has integration with other apps on this list, such as Slack and Mailchimp. It can be downloaded on both Android and iPhone.

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What are the best online business apps for you?

We hope your business will be thriving in 2017 and these apps will be of great help. But now is the time to hear your directions: What are the best apps for managing online businesses? Comment with us!

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