Top 14 iOS 10.3 New Features

After a long wait, the new iOS 10 update has finally hit Apple's mobile devices. Not surprisingly, a number of new features and improvements have been implemented in this update, including fixing some bugs that have been bugging iOS users for months. As this is also possibly the latest significant update from iOS 10, Apple has made a point of caprice. To know the main news of iOS 10.3, just check our list below!

1. More storage space

What seemed impossible finally happened in the new iOS update: More storage space was secured on iPhones and iPads. This was achieved by creating Apple's own file system, which optimized the space occupied by documents, apps, etc.

From beta testing, users have noticed a significant difference in available space, with some people earning up to 5 GB more. Upgrade and check how much storage you will get too!

2. AirPod Search

IPhones and iPads have always had an easy option to locate in case they steal or lose these devices, but now it's time for AirPods to win this feature. Considering they are quite small and easy to miss, this news is good now.

With iOS 10.3 installed, simply open the “Search” app to set up AirPods just as you might have done for your smartphone or tablet before.

3. Siri Enhancements

As always, Siri has also received some interesting updates in this update. In addition to earning you a few more phrases, the assistant also gives you results from various sports games and can plan a trip with Uber in advance.

4. App Store

Fortunately, the App Store has also received some improvements. As with Google Play for years, developers can now easily respond to user feedback from their apps. Additionally, you can use 3D Touch to rate other users' reviews as positive or negative.

5. Icon change

Another good news for developers is that they will now be able to change their app icons quite simply and without requiring major updates, something that was virtually impossible before. Of course there will be restrictions on how often this can be done so that no one tries to take advantage of malicious purposes.

6. Interface Changes

Although not very significant, there are some changes to the interface and animations of iOS. The most noticeable is the animation of when an app is opened or closed, which is more defined and modern.

The unlock screen has also undergone some visual changes, but nothing that enhances or disrupts your operating system experience.

7. New design of settings

The Settings menu (iOS general settings) also looks new, even in the small details. Most noticeable is that when you open the app, you'll see your profile early on, which will lead you to some basic information about your account.

Other than that, the iCloud tab is easier to view, especially when it comes to free and busy storage on your device.

8. Maps app changes

The Maps app has also gained improvements in design and overall performance. Now you won't see the earth in 3D if you zoom out as much as you just have a flat view of the planet yourself. In addition, when searching for a specific place, you will also have local weather information in an icon in the middle of the screen.

9. Podcast Widget

A small but worth mentioning change is the addition of a widget to the Podcasts app, which is still widely used by millions on iPhone and iPad. This widget is very similar to the music app widget in both appearance and functionality.

10. Bug Fixes

Still worth mentioning, Apple has been able to fix a number of bugs that have always been a big issue since the troubled iOS 10 release. Most of them had already been minimized in past updates, and the biggest feat of iOS 10.3 was fixing the iPhone crash when I wrote a simple text message.

11. CarPlay Changes

If you don't know much about CarPlay, it is like an iOS type for your car and is very limited around the world yet. Anyway, this feature has received some improvements in iOS 10.3 as well.

It's now easier to switch between apps and return to previously opened apps, just a tap to open whatever you want. As you might imagine, this turns out to be very important for those driving.

12. Homekit

Although not as widely used, the Homekit app has received improvements in this update as well. The feature now supports control of home lights directly from the iPhone control panel.

13. Apple Watch

The Apple Watch operating system has also been updated to support some new features in conjunction with iOS 10.3, the most interesting being the ability to enable a “Theater Mode” on the Apple watch.

This new mode lets you turn on a silent mode type in Apple Watch. The intention is to keep the watch completely quiet and not turning on the light, perfect for situations where this may disturb you. Hence the name "Theater Mode".

14. Wi-Fi calling

Finally, we have a feature that relies more on mobile operators, but Apple has included to give its users more options. With the iOS 10.3 update, operators around the world can support and allow calls via Wi-Fi, either to receive or to make them.

Several countries have already shown their willingness to use this new feature on the iPhone, it remains to be seen if Brazil will do the same in the future.

What did you think of iOS 10.3?

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