Top 15 English Learning Apps on Your iPhone, iPad, or Android

Learning English is not always easy, especially if you are a person who has little time in everyday life or has spent a good part of his life without learning the language but, now in his old age, wants to take the time to catch up. However, your iPhone, iPad, or Android can be a great help right now.

There are currently apps that can help you boost your English and make your life easier on this journey. Some are free, others are completely free. In the list - which we will present next - there are several options for the various devices.

The important thing is to choose the one that best suits your learning speed.

And before we share this list with you, don't forget one thing: don't just download the app. It takes a lot of practice to achieve the desired results.

Check out the list!

1. Duolingo

Perhaps the best known and most requested when it comes to learning English. It works in a game mode where you advance through levels, which makes your learning a lot of fun. Duolingo is completely free and has no ads whatsoever, which makes your experience even more interesting and exciting.

All languages ​​start with very basic exercises and they evolve as you get the answers right. In addition, it allows you to check your progress in each language. Exciting and fun! Click here to download to iPhone and iPad

2. Introduction to letters

This very simple app takes you to every letter of the English alphabet. Students can tap a letter and the app tells you how it is used and gives some examples of when that letter is used. You can also do exercises and puzzles with each letter. To help your students the app also provides the ability to track what has been learned. Click here to download

3. English course Hello Hello

Developed in collaboration with the American Council for Foreign Language Teaching, this app features 30 lessons that will boost your English. The application follows a methodology that has been tested and proven, which greatly accelerates your learning.

It has a very practical aspect, since all classes are based on real-life situations. All lessons were recorded by natives, so as not to leave any doubt as to the correct pronunciation. Finally Hello Hello allows you to add your own notes in each lesson. Click here to download

4. Learn English

If you were looking for an app to better test your pronunciation, this is the best choice. Learn English features short five-minute lessons with interactive dialogues and exercises. Using speech recognition technology, this app has instant recognition and provides immediate feedback on student performance. It is available for iPhone at this link and for Android at this.

5. Supiki: English Speaking Practice

This is a very practical App and has even won the award as the best English-speaking iOS app. This app is ideal for people who have a basic knowledge of English but want to improve their conversation. It works very simply: You talk, she responds. So the more you practice the faster you will learn.

Another plus point is that this app provides the topic and then you just have to chat with it. As you pass the level the application will make available new options. If you are one of those who likes to monitor your progress, Supiki also has a small monitoring bar. Click here to download

6. Busuu: Learn Free Languages

It is no coincidence that Busuu was considered by Pc Magazine as the best app for learning English during 2013. If you want to learn languages ​​other than English, pay close attention to this app as it has more than 10 languages. Besides English.

With this app, you learn the basics of each language, such as vocabulary or grammar. To make sure you are learning everything, the app also provides a quiz with the main topics on each topic. It is ideal if you want to have a fast and dynamic learning of your English (or any other language). Click here to download

7. ESL Daily English

Dedicated to anyone who already has a basic or advanced knowledge of English, ESL Daily English was created by IamApp Soft, a company specializing in English-related products. She works in episode format and translates each episode and even provides an MP3 version for you to download.

It allows interaction with other users to comment and discuss the various episodes. Click here to download

8. SentenceBuilder

This app, created for iPad only, is very popular with students. It provides various animations and videos to demonstrate various English phrases and expressions. The purpose of this app is that you build sentences by combining various word options. There are over 100 images, 3 game levels and 60 animations and audio clips. Another very positive point of this app is that it allows you to track your evolution, something essential for those learning another language.

Unfortunately it is only available for iPad but is highly recommended for those who have the Apple tablet. Click here to download

9. Voxy

The last one on the list but one of the most interesting apps. Voxy has over 2.5 million users. It adapts to your interest levels and goals. The app has classes tailored to your level of English, provides lessons with native speakers and all content is based on everyday situations.

It is ideal for those who do not have much time to learn English as it allows you to return to class exactly when you left off. He works hard on goal setting: you choose your goal and from there the lessons are based on your ultimate goal. Click here to download

10. Hello English

Considered one of the best apps for learning English in 2017, Hello English has classes to improve your grammar and language conversation. Its collection has about 475 lessons for learning the English language, as well as interactive games and allows you to talk with teachers to answer questions. You can also learn by reading the top stories of the day and browsing a dictionary of about 10, 000 English words. Click here to download

11. Lingualeo

With a more childish approach to the other apps described in the list, Lingualeo can be ideal for those just starting to learn the language. Aiming at learning new words, it features interactive games, a personal dictionary that shows individual associations, a transcript and audio for each word, and allows you to monitor their progress, among others. Click here to download

12. Tandem

Ideal for those who learn English by talking directly to native speakers. Also with the option to learn Spanish and 150 other languages, Tandem has a specific focus on study. That is, besides talking, you can also do exercises in the language and have them corrected by your colleague. Tandem has a faculty to help you answer questions, as well as a spell checker and an internal translator. Click here to download

13. Memrise

It uses a structure similar to what we see in Duolingo, using gamification to keep your users entertained while doing the exercises. Recently, the platform has included chatbots to train your English conversation, along with the collection of exercises already available. Memrise also has a recording mode, which you can use to improve your language skills and to review your pronunciation. The app is available for Android and iOS. Click here to download

14. Beelinguapp

Beelinguapp has a different proposal for most of the applications on this list. Instead of bringing exercises and games to reasoning, it works as a kind of audiobook.

This means that he brings stories in several languages, allowing him to hear them in both Portuguese and English. So you can make a comparison and learn how to translate languages ​​in a spoken way. You can also read the stories, also increasing your ability to translate in writing. Beelinguapp can be used on iOS or Android. Click here to download

15. Babbel

A language course in application format, Babbel is one of the most comprehensive. Mainly the purpose in using this language. Instead of just bringing English exercises, it also brings English language courses for business, tourism, etc.

It is also worth remembering that the app has different levels of difficulty. It can then be used for those just beginning to learn as well as those who have a certain command of the English language. Babbel can be downloaded on Android and iPhone. Click here to download

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Did you like the app tips for learning English?

Did you like our list? I believe that with these apps for learning English on Android or iPhone, your skills will soon improve considerably! If you need to translate something and don't have the knowledge yet, check out our list of the 8 best translation apps for iPhone and iPad!

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