Top 15 Game Downloading Sites and Apps

Nowadays it's much easier to access games, either on your PC or on a mobile device. There are many websites and applications to download free or much lower than normal games, and you don't even have to have such a powerful device to run most of them. To help you find some of the best software and websites to download your favorite games, we've made a very complete list that you can check out below!

1 . Steam

Steam is easily the most popular platform for those who want to buy and download PC games. Not only do you have games at very low prices in a variety of daily, weekly and yearly promotions, but you can also find a lot of free titles there.

The good thing is that with Steam installed, you end up having most of your games much more organized in a single library. Click here to download it.

2. Origin

Origin is another software where you can buy and download your games, but almost everything offered there is developed by Electronic Arts.

In fact, the company's games can only be found in this app if you want to buy the PC version, so you need to have it on your computer. The good news is that they usually offer some free games with the "On the House" program. Check out more about Origin at this link

3. Uplay

Uplay is also similar to the two software mentioned above, but it is exclusively for games produced and developed by Ubisoft.

Unlike Origin, it is not required as it is possible to purchase the PC version of the company's games on other websites and platforms (including Steam).

Still, we recommend it because many games are offered for free throughout the year or at very low prices. You can download the app at this link.

4. GOG

GOG is a site initially designed to offer older PC games in a simpler way to gamers as many titles were not digitally available until then.

In recent years, the store has grown to come in all types and seasons, as well as frequently offering discounts, promotions and free games. Get to know GOG through this link.

5. Blizzard is a much more specific app as it only offers Blizzard games like Overwatch, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, World of Warcraft, etc.

The good thing is that they always have promotions, free trial periods and many of their games are free-to-play. You can check out more at this link.

6. Google Play Store

If you're looking for games for your Android smartphone, there's no better app than the Google Play Store to download anything you want.

Most of the games found there are completely free, but there are also some paid games that are worth checking out. Click here to learn more.

7. Windows Store

For those using the latest versions of Windows on PC, it might be worth checking out the Windows Store if you're looking for games.

There are a lot of recent games you can buy right there, as well as other free-to-play titles that might interest you. Click here to check out the store.


If you like independent games, is the best site you can visit. There are more well-known studio and developer titles that are still starting in this area.

Many of the games are paid for, but you can still find several free games on the site. The good thing is that it also has app so you can organize your library with ease. Check out more at this link.

9. Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle is one of the most interesting options on our list. We say this because part of the proceeds from the games sold goes to charities.

In addition to a regular store, the site has very low priced game packages and a subscription plan that guarantees more quality games on a monthly basis. Learn more about the Humble Bundle at this link.

10. Green Man Gaming

The GreenMan Gaming store is relatively new, but has managed to stand out very well in recent months. The store offers recent games for fair prices and regularly promotes.

Since they don't have their own app, games sold can be redeemed directly on Steam, which is also an advantage. Check out the store through this link.

11. Kinguin

This platform is a bit different from the other options we present, as it offers a safe place for players to sell, buy and trade games, items and skins with others.

Other platforms like Steam, PlayStation 4 and GOG are fully compatible, which gives users more possibilities. Interestingly, you can get your money or product back within 30 days if something goes wrong. Access Kinguin through this link.

12. G2A

G2A works much the same way as Kinguin, as it offers a secure way for players to trade, sell and buy digital games from others. The difference is that it is possible to trade codes from any platform, either consoles or computers.

Another very interesting aspect is that the store still has random code offers, where you buy one or more Steam games and earn codes from other random games. You can check the store at this link.

13. Free Game Downloads

Free Game Downloads is a much older site that also has classic games for you to download at ease. The big advantage is that virtually your entire library can be downloaded for free.

Of course, some of the older games may need some extra configuration to work on modern operating systems. Click here to access it.

14. Free Game Empire

Free Game Empire is a very interesting site, as you don't even have to download available games if you don't want to. Almost everything can be played right in your browser, which is a good way to test the titles you find there.

Like Free Games Downloads, most games are very old, but they are also free. You can check the site through this link.

15. GamersGate

GamersGate is another great alternative for PC and Mac gaming. The online store has a great catalog of games, from the industry's biggest releases to some of today's hottest indies.

Another nice thing is that the platform offers a reward program, which depends a lot on your participation and interaction on the site. You can check out GamersGate via this link.

Did you like the apps to download games?

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