Top 15 iPhone 6 Battery Tips to Last Longer

Although there are already more powerful new smartphones than it, the iPhone 6 remains one of the most popular created by Apple. The only problem is that your battery is not the best, especially considering its performance after many months (or even a few years) of use. Fortunately, there are many steps you can take to work around this situation. For some of the best tips to make your iPhone 6 battery last longer, just check out our list below!

1. Turn off Wi-Fi

We know that Wi-Fi can be very important and useful in everyday life, but there are always those times when we are using the feature on the smartphone. It is at these times that you should turn off the function and let iPhone 6 get some rest.

In addition to not being overloaded with constant information, this will prevent you from checking the device every five minutes, which also helps to save the load.

2. Check how the battery is used

If you don't know exactly what your iPhone 6 battery is consuming, it may be a good idea to check this information. You can do this by going to "Settings" and clicking "Battery" to get all the details you need.

Under “Battery Usage, ” you can exactly match the amount of battery used by each app over the past 24 hours or last week, if you prefer. This makes it much easier to analyze how you can optimize the performance of your smartphone and which apps to avoid a little to save the load.

3. Turn off GPS

GPS can be even worse than Wi-Fi in certain situations and is one of the worst enemies of your iPhone 6's battery. Also, there's no reason to simply turn this feature on if you're not really using it.

Be sure to leave the feature off whenever possible, which will already guarantee an extra hour or two of charge on your smartphone.

4. Turn off Bluetooth

If previously bluetooth could be very useful for fast file transfer, this is no longer the case for some time. Nowadays, the feature is much used by those who have wireless accessories (such as headsets).

The big problem is that a lot of people forget to turn it off when not using it, which results in unnecessary battery loss. Do the same as indicated with Wi-Fi and GPS and turn off your Bluetooth whenever you are not using it. It is these small actions that save the most battery in everyday life.

5. Disable push data

Push data is what allows your email or social networking applications to sync with their respective servers over short periods of time so you always have your messages up to date. This also means that apps are allowed to use Wi-Fi constantly to perform updates.

This obviously drains your battery without much need, something that can be reversed by going to "Settings" and clicking on the "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" tab. There, just click "Get New Data" and disable the "Push" option. If you prefer to leave the push on, select the “Manually” option below so updates will be done only when you want.

6. Enable low power mode

An interesting and simple good tip is to turn on iPhone 6's low power mode. You can access this option by going to “Settings” and clicking on the “Battery” tab again. Once there, just activate the “Low Power Mode” function.

This will make iPhone use far less resources and save less power for apps that are in the background. It may not seem so, but it helps a lot.

7. Disable Background Update

It's also a good idea to turn off background updates, which is usually on by default on your iPhone 6. This will keep your app and game content updated whenever possible, so when you return to use them, you can resume exactly where you left off.

This feature is very useful and not so heavy on the smartphone, but if you are having trouble saving your battery, we recommend you turn it off. To do this, go to “Adjustments”, select the “General” tab, click on “Background Update” and disable it.

8. Decrease Brightness

You may already know that the brightness level of the screen can be a big issue for smartphone battery, including iPhone 6. The brightness of the smartphone screen is purely for you to see better in a variety of environments. In places with artificial light or dimly lit, it is possible to use a low level of brightness, while in places with very bright natural light it is necessary to increase the level.

So pay attention to the places you use your smartphone and always remember to adjust the brightness of the device consistently. The screen of your device is the most battery-consuming factor, so there's no reason to make the situation worse with a very high brightness.

9. Turn iPhone Down

It may seem a little strange, but turning iPhone 6 down can help save your battery. This is because the latest versions of iOS come with a special feature that makes the device recognize when there is no light in the room.

If iPhone 6 finds that there is no light around and you probably won't use it for a while, it will cut resource usage by half. This guarantees up to an extra hour of charge on your battery, which is certainly very useful.

10. Avoid heavy apps

Using heavy applications for long periods uses up a lot of battery life, which is no mystery to anyone. It's okay if you can charge your smartphone, but if you're away from home or your a charger, it's easy to lose track and end up running out of charge.

In such cases, give preference to applications you really need to use or use heavier ones for short periods of time.

11. Remove unnecessary widgets

Now that you can use different widgets on iPhones, it's easy to lose track and activate a bunch of them on your home screen. The big problem is that they use up a lot of battery power because they need resources all the time to work.

To get rid of these widgets, just go to the notifications screen, click "Edit" and click the "-" symbol to disable what you think is necessary.

12. Do not use live wallpapers

Another detail that a lot of people do not pay attention to is how much battery is spent just by using animated wallpapers. They require a lot more features than just plain wallpaper, so we recommend that you avoid using them if you want to save on load.

13. Turn off automatic updates

In general, automatic updates also make a lot of unnecessary use of your internet and other features of your device. This is a good option as it is more overlooked and tends to stop checking for updates to your apps, but it can also drain your battery without you noticing.

To change this, go to "Settings", select the "iTunes Store and App Store" tab and disable what you prefer in "Automatic Downloads."

14. Use 3G when needed

Like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS, it is recommended that you leave 3G off until you really need to use it. Because the feature consumes even more battery power than normal wireless internet, it is easy to cut the charge in half in a short time.

The best thing to do is just activate the internet when you use an app that needs it, with your browser or one of your social networks, for example.

15. Avoid streaming videos

Finally, we have one of the biggest modern villains of smartphone batteries: streaming video services. Whether on Netflix, YouTube or Twitch, your iPhone 6 will be making great use of internet, brightness, audio and other features to make it work perfectly.

These combined factors drain your battery in a very short time, something you may have already noticed while watching your videos. Therefore, leave this activity for when you can recharge your charge when needed.

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