Top 15 Most Used Social Networks in 2019

It's been a while since having your business on social media is not quite new. You may have tried to create one yourself or heard of someone gaining a lot of Instagram followers yourself. But how do you know which social networks are most used and which can give some financial return?

After all, each has differences in relation to the others. LinkedIn, for example, is one of the best for publishing texts of your own. Already Instagram has the most popular Stories platform and is ideal for content recorded with the phone vertically, simply put video on IGTV. Facebook is ideal for live streaming.

But how do you know which social networks are most used this year? Check out our list below, based on an infographic published by the GlobalWebIndex research institute, which talked to about 100, 000 people around the world - except China!

Most used social networks # 15 - Tumblr

A microblogging platform, Tumblr has pioneered the use of hashtags with Twitter and, most recently, Instagram. Despite its popularity, the service is not widely used by businesses.

Tumblr was bought by Yahoo in 2013 and is under the technology giant. Download the Tumblr app on Android or iPhone.

# 14 - WeChat

Although Global Web Index research did not search users in China, "Chinese WhatsApp" is on the list. The platform is one of the most advanced in the world, as in addition to messaging, it serves to make banking transactions and also acts as a virtual assistant.

Outside the country, however, some of these functions are not available, especially those in the financial area. However, it has its own platform of Stories - called Moments - and allows you to make video or audio calls. WeChat is available on Google Play and App Store.

# 13 - Viber

Little used in Brazil, Viber has more presence in countries like the USA. One of the oldest messaging apps, Viber was one of the first to allow in-app audio calls without using your phone line.

It allows text and audio messaging, voice and video calls, grouping and stickers, and is very similar to WhatsApp. Download Viber using the links for the Android or iOS version.

# 12 - Line

Following the same line as Viber, Line allows its users to exchange both text and audio messages. In addition, it also brings stickers and masks when sending photos, for example.

Like the previous application, Line has more users in other countries than in Brazil, where WhatsApp reigns. You can also make video or voice calls using the app, which is available on Android and iPhone.

# 11 - Pinterest

Among the most used social networks of 2019, Pinterest is one of the fastest growing in the country. Widely used by professionals who promote their work in the area of ​​architecture, decoration and services such as weddings or craft production, Pinterest stands out for the high quality of the photos published on it.

The social network also features paid ads for those who want to invest in Pinterest promotion, and some social media management tools already have social media compatibility.

Pinterest can be downloaded for both Android and iPhone!

Top Social Networks # 10 - Snapchat

The platform that gave birth to the Stories format may have lost its post to Instagram Stories, but that doesn't mean the app goes badly.

Despite the drop in popularity, Snapchat is still the tenth among the most used social networks in the world. Snapchat is mainly used by teens and brands that sell to this audience. Remember that it remains very popular in the United States.

Want to remember how to use Snapchat? Then watch our article and download Snapchat on your Android or iPhone!

# 9 - Skype

One of the world's first messaging apps does not lose its position. Mainly used by companies for voice or video conferencing, Skype has never lost its position as one of the most widely used software in the world.

Bought by Microsoft, Skype remained on desktops, but also released a version for smartphones. This makes conferencing easier as you no longer have to have a computer nearby to use it. Learn all about Skype on your page.

# 8 - LinkedIn

LinkedIn has seen impressive growth after its platform has moved from being just a kind of “online curriculum” to facilitating content production. As a result, its use grew and it became the eighth most used social network in the world.

With many fans in Brazil, LinkedIn is currently one of the best platforms for publishing texts and finding opportunities to make money online. Join LinkedIn through the link.

# 7 - Google+

Despite being discontinued in April 2019, access data until its final end places Google+ as the seventh place in the list.

Google's social network allowed you to create posts in text or images, as well as link to your YouTube channel. Despite being the seventh among the most used social networks in the world, Google+ was losing ugly to its competitors, no longer an interesting product for the technology giant that created it.

# 6 - Twitter

From here the giants that are present in our daily life begin to appear. Twitter is ranked sixth among the most used social networks in the world.

One of the first social media, Twitter stood out for short messages, previously limited to 140 characters. In a surprising move, this limitation has been doubled, and despite initial criticism, raising the limit to 280 characters has turned out to be a welcome change.

Widely used by politicians and news sites, Twitter also has its own ad platform for those who promote their brand through it. However, you need to research your audience well to see if they are present on the social network. Download Twitter on your Android or iPhone.

Most Used Social Networks # 5 - Instagram

It may seem surprising considering the great popularity of Insta, especially here in Brazil. A complete platform that allows almost all types of content, it is one of the most suitable for those looking to promote your brand.

Insta has a wide range of tools to bring your post ideas to life. In the feed, you can post with one or more photos and videos.

Stories lets you post fun, short-lived photos and videos - check out some creative story ideas! - besides making live broadcasts. It has recently become possible to make lives that appear on Instagram and Facebook at the same time.

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# 4 - WhatsApp

The famous “zap-zap” could not be left off the list. His position on the list ranks him as the second largest messenger in the world, second only to Facebook Messenger. Despite being the most used in Brazil, WhatsApp loses in popularity in other major countries such as the US, which gives preference to the messenger of Facebook.

This justifies his defeat, even if he has an overwhelming victory here. WhatsApp lets you exchange text or voice messages, audio or video calls, and even groups, and lets you share photos and files.

It has its own collection of stickers, emojis and GIFs that you can use with your contacts, for example. In addition, it has its own Stories platform called WhatsApp Status. Learn all about WhatsApp by checking out this complete list with the best WhatsApp apps.

Top Social Networks # 3 - Facebook Messenger

As we talked about in the WhatsApp excerpt, Facebook Messenger is the most used messenger in the world if we don't have WeChat users in China.

Messenger has all the features we already mentioned in WhatsApp, including its own Stories platform. See our comparison between Messenger Stories and WhatsApp Status.

It supports chatbots, which facilitates online service and allows its users to easily and automatically schedule restaurants, movie theaters or receive content. To learn more about the benefits of using business chatbots, click on the link and start seeing Facebook Messenger with another eye.

# 2 - YouTube

Second and first on the list of the most used social networks in the world are very hard to beat, as the difference between them and the rest is quite considerable. As the world's largest video platform, YouTube ranks second.

YouTube is ideal for anyone who thinks of working at home, pursuing a career as a digital influencer. There are many apps that help you become a Youtuber and how to make money tutorials on YouTube.

Tip: AppTuts is also on YouTube! See below one of our most accessed videos on the platform.

The platform allows you to upload videos and make live streams. Once you reach the 1, 000 subscriber mark, you can start monetizing your content through ads.

Most Used Social Networks # 1 - Facebook

The undisputed champion among the most used social networks in the world. Even with controversies that rocked its reputation in 2018, Facebook remains the most accessed social media in 2019. The platform pioneered the "news feed" format, still the most widely used to date.

Facebook allows you to create all kinds of content, be it text, images, videos and live streams, the platform's most indicated and prioritized format.

Remember, if you are looking to use social media for business, having a Fan Page and learning about Facebook ads is a must. So click on the link and learn how to generate sales through Facebook!

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