Top 16 iOS 10 Beta Issues

Although it is still in beta, many people have risked using iOS 10 on their iPhones and iPads. Of course this means having to deal with and deal with many problems and bugs, as that is exactly what will help Apple developers make the system as perfect as possible for its official release. Also, there are already a number of common issues being reported by early iOS 10 users, which you can check out below!

First of all, it should be noted that these issues are caused by system instability and will be resolved before iOS reaches the public. For this reason, there are no ways to suggest possible solutions, as it is not definitive.

1. 3D Touch

Using 3D Touch to answer an SMS directly from the lock screen to show extra options may cause the screen to crash. If this happens, you can only unlock the device if you restart it at least once.

2. Prints

Taking prints on the lock screen of your iPhone and iPad can cause the device to restart completely on its own.

3. Alarm

When an alarm is canceled, the lock screen will still show it as if you had pressed the Snooze button and had a negative time left.

4. Keyboard

Turning off the sound on your keyboard can also make the key vibration stop completely until you turn the audio back on.

5. Widgets

Some widgets may have serious rendering issues, causing them to crop at the edges of the iPhone and iPad screen.

6. iMessage

Sending more than three emojis in the same message can make them normal size instead of the large size promised by Apple.

7. Safari

Safari is also suffering from rendering problems on some websites, making them completely unreadable.

8. Lock Screen

Even if you are interacting with some notification on the lock screen, it may erase in 30 seconds as if you were not touching the screen.

9. Facebook

The Facebook app can simply lock and close on its own when you try to upload photos and videos. This may be caused more by the fact that the app is not optimized to work perfectly with iOS 10.

10. Static Sounds

You can hear strong static sounds when you plug a headset into the iPhone and iPad audio input.

11. Reboot

Some users are experiencing several unreasonable reboot times with iOS 10, even if they are not currently using their device.

12. Crab

If you ask her name for Siri, she will lock and close on her own.

13. Battery

In many instances, it is possible that the battery simply has its charge drained quickly even without heavy use of the device.

14. App Store

With iOS 10, the App Store takes much longer to open and display search results within it.

15. Multitasking

Using multiple apps for multitasking can cause one or more apps to crash and stop working.

16. iPad

Some issues seem to be happening only on the iPad, such as when the user changes the screen direction to horizontal and the device restarts itself. In addition, iPad can also have a variety of audio issues in iOS 10, especially when using headphones.

Still thinking about installing iOS 10 beta?

You can see how problematic iOS 10 is still, right? The best alternative is to definitely set it aside until the general public beta comes out in the coming months. Of course if you want a more complete system, it is better to simply wait for the final version. Don't forget to leave your comment saying what you think about iOS 10 overall!

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