Top 17 Best Selling Phones of All Time

Nowadays there is no shortage of different smartphone options to choose from, but there have been many situations over the years when specific models have come to stand out. Whether for the low price, different design or even some innovative feature, these models have become the best selling mobile phones in the world. If you want to know what these handsets are, you can check out our list below, just don't be surprised that no one has gotten past Nokia yet.

1. Nokia 1100

Launched in 2003, this Nokia handset was launched without many of the popular features at the time, including built-in camera and color display. Still, its simplicity was enough to win 250 million sales worldwide, placing it at the top of the world's best-selling list to date.

The device had a compact look, soft keys, a flashlight and could be found in different colors. It was a great choice for those who wanted something slightly different and had basic SMS, call and simple game options. The device was only discontinued in 2009.

2. Nokia 1110

The Nokia 1110 can be seen as the successor of the 1100 as it has a more refined look and was launched in 2005. It was designed to be the first cell phone of many people, especially those who were still trying to get used to mobile phones.

Again, it didn't have a color display or built-in camera, so it was just for basic needs. It also sold 250 million units for as long as it was available, matching its predecessor among the best-selling phones on the planet.

3. iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

IPhone 6 is the first smartphone to appear on our list of bestsellers. Since the normal version and the Plus version are considered to be only one model, they are in the third position together.

It was launched in 2014 and has sold around 220 million units worldwide. Considering this was the first redesigned look of the iPhone, the model eventually caught the attention of even more users.

Other than that, it had all the features of a modern smartphone, although it still has some lower settings than its competitors at the time, including a low-resolution screen.

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4. Nokia 3210

Then our list returns to the simplest Nokia models. In fact, the 3210 is the oldest mobile phone on our list, having been released in 1999 and surprisingly on the list of best selling phones on the globe.

Many will remember this as their first phone, as it arrived just as the handsets were at the height of their popularity. Other than that, it was already much cheaper than the cellphones of the early and mid-1990s.

Like all devices of the time, it could only be used to store contacts, send SMS, make calls and play very simple games. His looks were prettier than his competitors, but his body was known to be robust and sturdy. It has 160 million units sold.

5. Nokia 1200

The Nokia 1200 was another enhancement of the company's 1100 and 1110 models. Its look was more compact, the handset was tough, its battery was amazing and it finally had a color screen.

It did not yet have the features of 2007 phones, but it was cheap and functional. All of this helped the model reach 150 million units sold.

6. Nokia 6600

Launched in 2003, the Nokia 6600 was quite different from the simpler models of the company. Considered one of the most powerful of the time, he had a camera, had a color screen, had a great battery and still has a very modern look.

All for a price similar to a current iPhone: almost $ 700. Still, nothing has prevented him from selling more than 150 million units and joining the list of best-selling phones in the world.

7. Nokia 5230

Even when smartphones were already taking over the world, Nokia managed to leave the competition behind. The 5230 model was an extremely basic smartphone with Symbian operating system.

It had a 3.2 inch touch screen and a 2 megapixel camera, but couldn't even connect to the internet. Of course, in 2009, this did not seem to be a problem for those who wanted their first smartphone and the device sold 150 million units.

8. Samsung E1100

Before becoming more popular with its premium and intermediate smartphones, Samsung realized the potential of simpler phones. The E1100 model hit the market in 2009 and had extremely basic features.

Still, its sturdier body, its up to 13-day battery and low price attracted a lot of people. In the end, the device sold 150 million units worldwide.

9. Nokia 2600

The Nokia 2600 was another of the company's big hits, though it didn't have much to offer differently. Its highlights were the color screen, the battery that lasted days and the low price. By itself, this caused more than 135 million units to be sold.

10. RAZR V3

Motorola's RAZR V3 ranks tenth on our list, with around 130 million units sold worldwide. At the time, its success came as much from its powerful configurations as from its different look.

The model was flip, boasted of being the thinnest in the world, had a viewfinder on the front and even had half futuristic buttons. Other than that, it was not that expensive compared to competitors, which made it even more popular in 2004.

11. Nokia 1600

For a cell phone released in 2005, the Nokia 1600 could be extremely simple. One of its advantages is that it was made with focus on prepaid handset customers. Overall, it was also intended to be sold in developing countries, which helped in its sales of 130 million units.

12. Nokia 3310

The Nokia 3310 is another very old phone from our list. It hit stores in 2000 and became one of Nokia's most iconic models, especially known for being so tough and yielding many memes.

Of course, it didn't have such advanced features, as most of the handsets released at that time. Anyway, 126 million units have been sold and a new commemorative edition is already commercialized in Europe, as you can see in this special article that we show in AppTuts.

13. Nokia 1208

Launched in 2007, the Nokia 1208 model was very basic and was quite successful in an era prior to the arrival of the first iPhone. It even had a color screen, but otherwise it was more like the company's old handsets. Nothing prevented him from selling 100 million units.

14. Galaxy S4

The Galaxy S4 was the pinnacle of Samsung's smartphones and was launched in 2013. It was very powerful and came at a time when people were already more willing to pay more for a smartphone.

The device has also begun to mark the huge popularity of Samsung phones, which is now much more divided between its various lines. The device sold about 80 million units until it was discontinued.

15. Nokia 6010

The Nokia 6010 was very similar to other basic phones of 2004 and had no news in its settings or look. The low price and simplicity still helped it reach over 75 million units sold.

16. iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 was one of the last Apple smartphones to have the old, small look of the company's flagship line. The handset was launched in 2012 and made a lot of noise because it was “taller” than its predecessors without increasing the width.

Despite the jokes made at the time, all this free publicity may have contributed to its success. In total, its sales reached 70 million units.

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17. Nokia 5130

The Nokia 5130 was still quite simple when it was launched in 2007, but its focus on music storage has attracted a lot of people. In total, the model sold no less than 65 million copies.

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