Top 19 Website Chats in Shopify

One of the most popular platforms for those who want to open an online store, Shopify is also the one with the most compatibility with applications that add functions to ecommerce pages. Among them, we can highlight online chats, one of the best tools to make real time answering without using phone calls. To choose the service that best suits your needs, we've selected the top 19 Shopify site chats that you can subscribe to, buy, or download to use on your page. Check it out below!

1. Jivochat

Present on almost every platform intended for websites, blogs and ecommerces, Jivochat is one of those that adds more functions in one place. In addition to being integrated with enterprise CRM systems, the online chat platform can be used from mobile devices and offers form templates that can be requested to visitors before starting a service.

This functionality allows a visitor to enter your primary information, turning it into leads, and preventing your customer service team from requesting the same information from someone who has visited your page. Another prominent feature is proactive invitations, which allow you to automatically send a greeting to a visitor offering help.

Note: Jivochat offers 14 FREE days to test your platform. Click the link to access the page and make your registration!

2. LiveChat

With one of the longest free trial periods - 30 days - LiveChat is one of the most popular online chat options. It allows you to check what the visitor is typing before he sends the message, speeding up the answering process. In addition, it is one of the few services to offer social networking buttons and can be integrated with your business's Facebook page.

Note: Learn more about LiveChat features in your FREE 30-day trial. Visit the link to register your ecommerce and test the platform!

3. Utor

Developed exclusively for Shopify, Utor comes with a variety of templates to customize the look of your chat. Among its main functions, we highlight the possibility of including several profiles, allowing you to adopt as many members as you need for your team. Check out more about Utor on his page on the Shopify extensions site.

4. Tidio

With the easy-to-install premise, Tidio does not require you to copy and paste codes to enable it on your site, and can be done with just a few clicks after signing up. The app allows its users to view how many visitors are to your site and which pages they are currently accessing, and allows you to view users' message construction on the site. Click the link to learn more about Tidio.

5. Userlike

One of the Shopify website chats with the best internal user interface for your shop. The platform allows integration with various applications and software, and can also be used on mobile devices. Userlike has a free plan if you are starting your own business and do not have employees or just one person to attend. The software is available in Portuguese and you can see more details by clicking on the link.

6. Smartsupp

Available for several other ecommerce platforms, Smartsupp also has a version for Shopify. Its live chat allows integration with Google Analytics and has a free version, but limited in relation to the features of the software. For paid accounts, you can record the chat screen with your visitors and save conversation history. Click the link to learn more about Smartsupp.

7. Mylivechat

Another of the most popular and flexible online service tools, Mylivechat also brings a version to Shopify. Its features are similar to those seen on other platforms like Prestashop.

These include the ability to create ready-to-answer templates and send email chat transcripts to visitors for increased reliability. Check out more about Mylivechat on its website.

8. Happyfox

With the purpose of being one of the Shopify website chats with the simplest possible structure, Happyfox comes with a customizable tool, allowing you to change the graphics of your interface to match the visual identity of your site. Additionally, you can integrate your operation with email marketing services such as MailChimp and Google Analytics reports. Click the link to visit the Happyfox website and watch the demo video of the tool.

9. Zendesk

One of the most popular online chat software is also present in Shopify with its own version. The platform allows you to serve your customers in real time, but also allows you to respond to tickets opened outside office hours or opened via email.

Zendesk can also be used on mobile devices, allowing you to resolve emergencies even if you are not staffed at the office. Learn more about Zendesk for Shopify on the ecommerce platform extensions page.

10. Quick Facebook Live Chat

A chat solution for Shopify websites that mainly cater to your Facebook pages. The software lets you integrate Messenger from your page to your site, allowing you to resolve visitor and customer issues without having to be logged in to the native application. The platform allows you to view the Facebook profile of the visitors you are attending, but only offer chat, without a dashboard or conversation history. Click the link to learn more about the app.

11. Formilla Live Chat

Available for a variety of other website building platforms, the Shopify version of Formilla allows complete customization of the visuals to make your chat fit your brand. Another key feature of Formilla includes real-time visitor tracking, showing their information and pages they are visiting.

One of its features includes an attention button - quite similar to the one used in the classic MSN - to notify visitors of their replies and vice versa. Learn more about Formilla on your Shopify app page.

12. Chatra

One of the few Shopify site chats that allow multiple attendants to enter a single chat room to chat with their visitors. Chatra also allows you to receive chat messages in the email at off-hours and the ability to send recorded automatic messages before the call. Click on the link and learn more about Chatra.

13. PureChat

With one of the best interfaces between Shopify website chats. PureChat has features that allow the user to track visitor activity on your site and is one of the applications with the most integration support. It also has apps for Android and iPhone for mobile service. Learn more about PureChat by visiting the link.

14. Olark

One of the few Shopify site chats that allow visitors to share their screen with an attendant on their team, perfect for companies offering IT solutions. Olark also has proactive invitations, allowing your team to initiate contact with a visitor if they are viewed as a potential buyer. Click the link to meet Olark.


One of the free solutions in the area, has added extra features, not limited to online chat, but other service areas such as the help desk. One of its solutions is to allow a user to use multiple "nicknames", giving the impression that there is a customer service team behind your business, not just one person. Learn more about by visiting its main page.

16. Re: Amaze

Featuring a wide variety of widgets that can be programmed to make the platform easier to use, Re: Amaze is one of the most robust site chat platforms on Shopify. In addition to widgets, the software also allows you to receive and respond to messages sent via online chat, email, social messaging and even SMS. Visit the link to know all the functions that Re: Amaze offers.

17. Unbeatable

Despite the unusual name for Shopify website chats - or all the online chats on the market - Unbeatable follows the opposite path of Re: Amaze. Rather than a robust and highly programmable system, this platform sticks to the basics so it can serve your site visitors.

Unbeatable does not limit the number of attendants you can have on your site and keeps track of conversations on your page, though its functionality doesn't go much further. Click the link to learn how Unbeatable works.

18. LiveChat 24/7

LiveChat 24/7 is one of the Shopify website chats that give users the ability to serve visitors to your page. What makes it unique to its competitors is that its attendants do not necessarily have to be human. That is, you can use it either with people or chatbots, or both simultaneously. The application has several customizations and can check more details by accessing its website.

19. ChatPirate

Despite the name, this is not pirated software. ChatPirate is a Shopify website chat solution for online customer service. Its most basic plan already allows unlimited attendant registration, as well as removes the limit of simultaneous conversations. It is one of the few online chat programs that allows file exchange, avoiding the use of one more channel. Click the link and learn more about ChatPirate.

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