Top 20 Apps to Download on Mobile or Computer

Integration between smartphone and PC applications is increasingly common, which is great for those who use both types of devices all the time. Of course, not every app has both mobile and desktop versions, so it can be hard to find the right apps to use every day depending on what you need. To help you out, we've separated some of the best apps to download on your phone and computer. Just check our list below to see the top suggestions.

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1. Trello

Trello is a great tool for managing your projects more efficiently. You can add all your projects there through different folders and cards, where you can also add all the information about them.

The cool thing is that you can invite others to join and edit the cards, which is great for group projects. The concept is quite simple, but it helps a lot. You can download the app through this link.

2. Cisco Spark

Cisco Spark is a perfect app for those who like to have daily reminders of their tasks throughout the day. You can configure the app to receive an email or warning with everything you have planned for the rest of the day, for example.

Other than that, if you're working on a project with others who use the app, Cisco Spark can send them reminders as well. Click here to download it.

3. Blinklist

Already Blinklist is a very useful application for those who need to read different books in a short time. The app can “read” the book in question and summarize it for you.

This can be very useful if you are searching or wanting to know more about a specific subject and don't have much time to read hundreds of pages. Click here to download the app.

4. LastPass

LastPass is one of the best apps for ensuring extra security on your devices. It is for storing all your passwords in one place. This way you can vary your passwords instead of using it everywhere without having to worry about forgetting it.

The good thing is that as all information placed in the app is encrypted and password protected, you will have extra security. You can download the application through this link.

5. Pushbullet

Pushbullet is easily one of the best apps for those who can't resist the temptation to watch smartphone notifications.

You can install it on your smartphone and your web browser on your PC. This way, you will receive your notifications directly on your computer and will not be distracted by your mobile phone at all times. You can click here to download the app.

6. Evernote

Evernote is one of the most popular apps on our list, as it is very versatile and can be leveraged in different ways depending on what you need.

You can save documents, images, PDFs, record audio files, take notes, and more. You can check out more about Evernote through this link.

7. TeamViewer

One of the ways to get even more productive these days with your smartphone is by connecting it to your PC remotely. There are great apps to do this, but one of the best alternatives is undoubtedly TeamViewer.

You can transfer files, use a mouse or keypad remotely, mirror screen from device to device, easily open and use software, and so on. Because the app uses a code and program installed on your PC, you are not dependent on the internet and can use the services at any time. Click here to download it.

8. SiteBlock

We know that anyone who works at the computer all day ends up with a number of possible temptations that can distract him. Whether it's a news site, a chat app or even your social networks.

To prevent you from accessing these services, you can use SiteBlock, which is a Google Chrome plugin that lets you block any site you want for a period of time. Click here to check it out

9. Noisli

Many people can focus better when they are hearing certain types of sounds. Noisli offers a variety of audios especially for this, including sounds of ocean waves, forest sounds, sounds of a burning bonfire and more.

Best of all, there are options to increase your productivity or to help you relax so you can use it throughout the day without any problems. Click here to check out the app.

10. Google Drive

Google Drive could not be missing from our list, as it always helps make life easier for those who need to create documents or spreadsheets every day. Not only is everything stored online automatically, you can share these documents with anyone via a simple link.

Best of all, you can even save your files to offline mode, which is great for those who don't want to depend on the internet. You can download the mobile app through this link.

11. Pixrl

If you are looking for an editing app to use on both your smartphone and PC, we can recommend Pixrl. It is very easy to use and has very advanced features not always found in such applications.

Its original version can be used in the web browser, but the app has most of its options. Pixlr can be downloaded here.

12. VLC

VLC is a very popular video player that we can easily recommend for any type of device you have. It can be used for free, it is well worth a try.

It's very lightweight, easy to use, compatible with virtually any existing video format, support for separate subtitles, and still a video of the footage you stopped. Download the VLC at this link.

13. Spotify

If you like listening to music but don't want to fill your smartphone with different songs, you can simply use the Spotify app on your smartphone or PC.

While offering a paid plan to get you better audio quality and features, you can enjoy the service for free if you don't mind a few ads and a few options. Download the app through this link.

14. Kindle

Considering we talk about apps for watching videos and listening to music, it's also worth suggesting something to read ebooks. In this case, Kindle is still one of the best apps you can use on your smartphone or PC.

It's completely free, has support for most common book formats, and even has the Amazon store if you want to buy ebooks from there. To download the app, just click this link.

15. Pocket

Pocket is the perfect app for those who are distracted by articles, news, and videos throughout the day, as it lets you save it all for later viewing or reading.

This helps you avoid distraction and even separates everything that interests you into an easy to use and navigate list. You can use it in your web browser on your computer and on your smartphone, all in sync. Click here to download it.

16. Whatsapp

There is also no mention of WhatsApp in this list, especially since it is one of the most used messaging apps in the world. With it installed, you can send messages to anyone on your smartphone contacts.

It also has a desktop version. You can create groups of friends and family, share files, and even make free voice calls if you're connected to the internet. Click here to download it.

17. Skype

Skype is still a great app for making audio and video calls at any time, especially since you can use it on so many different devices.

You can also share files and make regular group calls, which is very useful so you don't always have to be on a computer for the task. You can download the Skype app at this link.

18. Firefox

Most smartphones and PCs already have their own web browsers installed, but they are not always as pleasant to use. Currently, one of the best alternatives for most devices is Firefox.

It is fast, has many features and can be synchronized between your mobile and desktop versions easily. You can download it for free at this link.

19. Steam

Steam is one of the best apps for PC gamers, as it has a store full of more classic releases and titles. Fortunately, you can also install an app on your smartphone to check out the store, chat with your friends, and add games to your wishlist.

Other than that, the app is required to perform some actions in the desktop version, including selling items in the community market. You can download it from this link.

20. Feedly

Feedly is a very good app for those who like to stay updated with news of their favorite subjects. It is an RSS reader that you can use to subscribe to several different websites for quick access to your new posts.

It supports websites, podcasts and YouTube channels, so you can use it for any media you prefer. Just click this link to download Feedly.

Can you take advantage of our list to know good application options to download on your smartphone or computer? Don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think.

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