Top 20 Digital Marketing Apps for Android

After commenting on 20 digital marketing apps for the iPhone and iPad, it is time for Android smartphone and tablet users to learn some options to guide their campaigns and careers in the area. Several of the programs unveiled on the iOS list also have an Android version, and some of them will also be mentioned here, along with other examples not on the other list. Check out the top 20 digital marketing apps you can install on your Android!

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1. Luciano Larrossa

A content app focused on Facebook Marketing news, tutorials and reviews, this app has a similar design to that seen on the social network itself. Using it is like having access to Luciano's own fanpage, but with the possibility of receiving messages with exclusive promotions about the courses and books of the author, expert in the field. Click the link to download the Luciano Larrossa app.

2. Jivochat

An online chat platform for answering calls, Jivochat has a wide range of features and can be used on almost any type of device, including via an Android app. Even if you don't have an ecommerce, you can use the system to answer visitor questions and guide them through the conversion process. Visit the page to learn more about Jivochat.

3. Google Analytics

If Analytics is present on Apple's systems, it certainly wouldn't be out of Google's own. As we mentioned in the other list, the app is essential among the digital marketing apps in this list. Through it, you can track and report traffic to the sites you care about, as well as access key metrics for your sites. Download Google Analytics from the Google Play Store.

4. HootSuite

With multiple purposes, HootSuite enables greater interactivity between your page and social media profiles like Facebook and LinkedIn with followers. Among the features of this manager's Android app, we highlight the ability to post and schedule posts on these networks, share an image simultaneously on all your accounts and receive alerts when receiving comments or direct messages. Click on the link to learn more about HootSuite and see below two other related digital marketing applications.

5. HootSuite Target

Dedicated exclusively to Twitter, HootSuite Target is focused on its network of contacts and influencers in its area. In the dashboard, you can select the contacts you want to track and view only their tweets .

The differential of this application are two of its features. The first one sends a notification to your phone every time an opportunity to start a conversation with a contact appears. The second also involves notifications, which appear when any of your contacts reveal some kind of knowledge that can make you more competitive. Download HootSuite Target from the link.

6. HootSuite Amplify

This time aiming at curating content, this application allows the user to find relevant news and articles about their professional field. But instead of being linked to your business accounts on social networks, the app serves as an internal advisor, connecting you to your team and allowing you to share this information. Learn more about HootSuite Amplify by visiting their page.

7. Buffer

Clashing with HootSuite on “social media management platforms”, we have Buffer. Free with a subscription option, the service lets you link up to 4 social network accounts like Facebook and Instagram for posting and scheduling posts. Its user-friendly interface also allows you to share interesting content on your pages without having to copy and paste links individually. Click on the link to meet Buffer.

8. Trello

Moving beyond the area of ​​digital marketing applications focused on social media, Trello falls into the category of planning and organizing apps. Unlike apps like Todoist - which has a very specific focus - Trello can serve different functions. Your card-based system can serve as much for organizing long-term and more operational decisions and strategies as planning a blog's agenda. Learn more about Trello on Google Play.

9. Habitat

Previously called HabitRPG, Habitica is a task management and habits-setting app that can be compared to both Trello and Todoist previously mentioned. Its main difference lies in its concept, inspired by gamification techniques.

That is, it uses mechanics similar to those seen in electronic games to motivate the user to perform their tasks, offering digital items used within the application itself when tasks in the physical world are solved. Download Habitica by clicking on the link.

10. Google AdWords

While Analytics provides an overview of your site traffic and search engine performance, AdWords is solely about ads. As with the iOS version, you can create or edit your paid campaigns, view reports, and track the progress of these campaigns, for example. Click the link to learn more about Google AdWords.

11. Emma Metrics

A version of Emma's email marketing platform, Emma Metrics is an Android app that lets you track the performance of your campaigns in the area. It includes a note system that simplifies measuring the outcome of each email sent to your list and allows you to share these metrics with coworkers, allowing them to be sent in almost any situation. Learn more about Emma Metrics on their page.

12. Mention

Returning to social media, Social Mention is one of the digital marketing applications that measure how followers of your pages and profiles are talking about your brand and your rivals. You can set the app to send notifications each time your name or a brand representing it, as well as names of competitors in the marketplace. The program also allows you to react to these mentions by performing actions such as replying to comments or retweeting positive messages. Mention can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

13. ZOOM

An online and mobile communicator, ZOOM is an alternative to Skype and Slack for online meetings. It has an agile way to get participants to connect by requiring only one registration and sending links to participants. Upon access, they are immediately forwarded to the meeting, which can be video or audio and can accommodate up to 50 people simultaneously. Click the link to learn more about the possibilities of ZOOM.

14. Nimble

This app can be a great addition to Zoom and other cited communicators. Serving as a kind of address book, Nimble stores your contact information and sends it just before a meeting, so you have your information ready before it starts.

You can sync it with Google Calendar and let you keep a to-do list and connect them to specific contacts. Check out more about Nimble on Google Play.

15. Quora

Rather than serving as a tool, this app can be defined as a separate social network, not a manager. However, it is one of the most trusted places to answer digital marketing questions, with an active community of industry-savvy people. For its usefulness, it has joined our list of digital marketing apps for Android. Click on the link to know Quora.

16. Google Drive

Relying on a cloud storage service is paramount, especially for freelancers who use different devices. For those with Android smartphones or tablets, Google Drive is already natively installed, allowing you to store your files right from the start. This way, you will always have an accessible backup no matter where you are. If you don't have it on your device, Google Drive is available at the Google app store.

17. Tint

This app can be used for curating content on social networks. With features similar to Feedly, Tint switches RSS feeds to track and organize your favorite pages according to your favorite subjects.

A unique function of Tint is the ability to send any content viewed on social media such as Instagram to the dashboard, converting a specific feed into custom code that can be placed on a WordPress site or mobile apps, among others. Learn more about the app on Google Play.

18. MeisterTask

A similar app to Trello, MeisterTask's functions are very similar, such as project planning and task and goal setting. However, while Trello is made on a card system, MeisterTask allows for greater customization of the template to be used. In addition, it also has tools for real-time communication without the need to close it.

It also allows integrations with some of the top digital marketing applications like Google Drive, Slack and Dropbox. Click the link to learn more about MeisterTask.

19. Snapseed

Unique to Android, Snapseed is a professional photo editing tool created by Google itself. It has both simple and advanced editing tools, as well as compatibility with high quality image formats. Within the digital marketing apps on this list, this is one of the most convenient apps to have on your smartphone. See more of Snapseed on Google Play.

20. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

In addition to the post managers and content curation tools, it is also necessary to have the official apps of these same social media. After all, they can be your safeguard if an app is discontinued or has trouble publishing your posts, for example. That is, as much as we have several apps available, it is always safe to use the officers as your digital marketing apps.

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What are your favorite digital marketing apps for Android?

It's your turn: Have you tested any of our recommendations? What did you think about them? Have a favorite app we didn't mention on our list? Comment with us!

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