Top 20 Fitness Apps

Fitting exercises into the routine is not an easy task. Work, study and home care are increasingly present and demanding in everyday life. To help you with your exercise task, several exercise apps have been launched.

They usually offer series that you can do at short intervals. In addition, they fit your need and availability.

Remember that they do not replace a physical education professional, serving only as a basic guide to keep your workouts up to date. Some apps help you work on specific areas of your body, such as those for leg exercise or for abdominal exercises.

In this article, we'll show you 20 exercise app options. They can be either for general exercise, jogging and walking or for exercising specific body parts.

Showing progress in your exercise routine is a great way to get ideas for Instagram posts, for example. Just note how many people are making money on Instagram from fitness publications to get a sense of how these apps can help improve their lives and still yield social media posts.

Check out the full list below and choose your favorites!

1. Nike Training Club

One of the most widely used exercise apps in the world. The Nike Training Club is also one of the most complete, with about 150 exercise options. All of them with video instruction.

These sets are divided into several difficulty levels, meaning you can use if you are starting your fitness life or if you are already a regular member of the gym. In addition, the app has a strong community in Brazil, featuring face-to-face events for users living in São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro.

The app has training routines inspired by well-known celebrity sessions, such as Michael B. Jordan (Creed and Black Panther) and tennis player Serena Williams, among others.

Download the app on your Android or iPhone and start exercising now!

2. Freeletics Bodyweight

Made to help you work out at home without the use of machines like weights or exercise bikes, just download the app that will show you series that use only your body weight.

Freeletics Bodyweight is also among the most popular exercise apps in the world. It brings high intensity workouts, but without losing sight of beginners. The app brings custom workout plans that improve quality the longer you use the app.

It also features a mammoth variety of training options, with about 1, 000 variations of abdominals, buttocks, or weight loss exercises.

See more about Freeletics Bodyweight on Android or iOS.

3. Sworkit

Another app that may suit your routine. When starting Sworkit, he asks what kind of training he wants to do and how much time is available in his daily life.

From there, he will build his custom series. This is one of the most targeted exercise apps for those who already know what kind of training they need to do, but it helps you get in the habit of exercising.

Download Sworkit from the App Store or Google Play.

4. Gixo

If you need encouragement from someone else or a pro, it is likely that only a minority of exercise apps can help you.

Mostly, you build a custom exercise plan, but in the end, you have to use your willpower to stop and train. Gixo works differently.

Even using the internet, it offers 24-hour personal trainers who will chat with you to stream your shows and support. You can also choose from 15, 25 or 40 minute classes, or watch recorded sessions.

Gixo is available on Android or iPhone.

5. Google Fit

No need to search the Google or iPhone app store for a solution to keep up with your workouts. Google Fit already fulfills this function.

Unlike the exercise apps mentioned so far, Google Fit is not meant to suggest training, but to keep up with yours. Here you can keep track of how long you are moving and see how your goals are progressing.

It also offers tips on how to get the most out of training and goal suggestion based on your activity. Although it is a Google app, you can download Google Fit on both Android and iOS.

6. 7 Minute Workout

Using a scientific principle for building the app, 7 Minute Workout features 12 types of high intensity exercise. They are made for 30 seconds and 10 second intervals.

This training is equivalent to one hour of lower intensity exercise. Therefore, it is suitable for those who have little time available. Remember that the 12 training options come with instruction and do not require any gym equipment.

Learn more about 7 Minute Workout by visiting its page on Android or iPhone.

7. Workout Trainer

This personal voice coach also makes life easier for those who need to work out at home. Workout Trainer is one of the fitness applications that requires no equipment and is adjustable to suit your fitness.

It features a variety of exercise methodologies, ideal for you to try the one that works best for you. The 7-minute workout, available in the previous app, is one of them.

Workout Trainer can be downloaded on iOS or Android.

8. Runtastic

Is your goal running or hiking to lose weight? So Runtastic may be a better choice among exercise apps.

Focused on these long term exercises, the app lets you monitor your runs. It shows information such as distance traveled and time traveled.

It also provides training suggestions and goals to achieve, making it easier to focus when deciding what your training will look like. Download Runtastic on your Android smartphone or iPhone.

9. Fiit

Like Gixo, it lets you take classes with personal trainers around the world, rather than being an app to use on your own. Fiit offers classes in different languages ​​and various types of exercises, whether you want to do weight training, jogging and even yoga.

The main catch of the app is that you can connect it to your TV via Wi-Fi, allowing you to watch classes on the big screen. Fiit is an exclusive iPhone app.

10. Asana Rebel

Are you a yoga fan, but prefer something busier or specific to a body region? Asana Rebel may be the ideal solution.

He brings training packages according to his goal, whether it burns fat, improves flexibility or gets stronger. The app brings instructional video to perform the exercises and track their development. Download Asana Rebel on Android or iPhone.

11. 30 Day Fitness Challenge

This is one of the workout apps that follows the 7-minute workout methodology. In Portuguese, you can create your own 30-day challenge, ideal for fixing the exercise habit.

It comes with notifications to remind you of workouts, as well as track your progress and have instructional videos for each exercise. You can do specific challenges, such as making your legs firmer.

The 30 Days Fitness Challenge can be downloaded from the iPhone App Store or Android Play.

12. Fitness Point

Fitness Point doesn't bring much news compared to the other exercise apps on the list. It allows you to create a custom training plan or use templates already in the app.

The app also records and shows your progress. Your collection of exercises comes with text descriptions and animations teaching how to do it. In addition, it specifies which muscle group a particular workout works on.

See more about Fitness Point on your page in the Android or iOS app store.

13. Pocket Yoga

If you prefer yoga exercises, Pocket Yoga is the ideal instructor for those who can't afford a private teacher. This app guides you through your session by simply keeping it balanced in front of your yoga mattress.

Pocket Yoga brings about 150 postures, distributed in 27 classes, suitable for different levels of knowledge of the practice. This app is so complete that even the way you breathe with each exercise is shown!

Learn all about Pocket Yoga by downloading it on your Android or iPhone!

14. Endomondo

Prefer working out with friends over yourself? Endomondo does not transport you to your home, but allows you to share your results and routine with them! In this app you can record all your performances and show them on social networks or to your friends who also use the app.

Unlike most fitness applications, Endomondo is more about tracking your workouts in greater detail than working out new routines. Therefore, it is best to use it in conjunction with another app that has this functionality.

Download Endomondo on your Android or iOS device.

15. Daily Yoga

Like Pocket Yoga, this app is ideal for those who are not available to attend classes. The difference from Daily Yoga to the above example is that here the goal is to fix the habit of practicing consistently.

It also brings a wider variety of classes and postures to practice. Its main defect is not being available in Portuguese, requiring you to know English well. You can create plans according to your goals and knowledge of yoga.

Daily Yoga can be synced with Google Fit and is available for iPhone and Android.

16. Six Pack in 30 Days

Another of the exercise apps aimed at helping you fix a habit. On the other hand, Six Pack in 30 Days has one bold goal: to get you a six pack in a month!

It also brings two ambitious goals to choose from: losing abdominal fat or a rock-hard abdomen. From there, he will work out a 30-day plan to achieve this goal.

The program features videos and animations to show you how to perform each workout and sends notifications so you don't forget to do your sit-ups. Download it on your Android phone or tablet or iOS devices.

17. Lose Abdominal Fat

From the same developers of the 30 Days Fitness Challenge and the Six Pack in 30 Days, the goal is to lose abdominal fat. The app's mission is to make you lose that fat with just 10 minutes daily exercise.

It brings training according to skill and user experience. You can sync it with Apple Health, track the progress of your fat loss, and don't need to buy any other equipment for it.

Learn more about Lose Abdominal Fat on your Google Play or App Store pages.

18. Fitbit Coach

Fitbit Coach acts as a digital trainer. This means the app will log your activities and recommend workout plans based on how much you are training daily and what exercises you are doing.

That is, Fitbit Coach can be considered one of the most complete exercise apps on this list. It also enables you to customize your workout schedules and brings a wide variety of workouts so you don't feel like you're in the rut.

One of the most interesting features is that it lets you listen to music online through your own streaming, acting as one of the alternatives to Spotify. So, download Fitbit Coach on your Android or iPhone!

19. BTFIT Personal Trainer at Home

Created by one of the largest gym networks in Brazil, BTFIT Personal Trainer at Home can be considered an extension of the gym. You can access functional training classes with a teacher and other participants.

This kind of functionality is ideal for you not to feel alone while exercising. Classes last around 20 minutes and have a wide range of activities. Fitness ballet, yoga and cardio dance, among many others.

One of the main advantages of the app is that it can also hire an online personal trainer, also serving those who are not very socializing. Download BTFIT from the App Store or Google Play!

20. Home Workout

Closing our list of exercise apps, we have Home Workout. This app specializes in offering training without equipment. It allows to create general and localized training routines, such as abdomen, legs, arms, among others.

It also features warm up and stretching exercises to lessen the impact of the workout on your body and prevent injury. You can customize your session and ask the app to send you notifications to remind you to train.

Download Home Workout on your Android or iPhone!

What exercise apps do you use?

Now that you've seen our full list of recommendations, start testing your favorite options and move your body! Which app did you like the most? Tell us in the comments section below!

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