Top 20 iPhone Photography Accessories

One of the main advantages of getting an iPhone - especially the newer models like iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus - is the high quality of your camera. But Apple doesn't stop there in this regard, being one of the widest variety of iPhone photo accessories. Divided into various types such as lenses, tripods and illuminators, the apple company is the best option for those who want to look good in the photo. To help you with this task, check out a list of 20 top iPhone photography accessories below!

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1. Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod

A good choice for those who want to support iPhone for surface photos or video recording, as its compact size helps it position the smartphone on almost any flat surface. Its only downside is that you need another accessory to use the iPhone on, as its primary purpose is to support compact cameras. The mini tripod is available at the Apple store.

2. TwistGrip Universal Mini Clamp

Designed to be used in conjunction with the above mini tripod, the universal armband also manufactured by Italian Manfrotto is responsible for fixing the iPhone to your photos and videos. It maintains the compactness of the mini tripod and can be carried anywhere without any difficulty. The armband can be used with other phone models and cameras. Also available at Apple store.

3. Universal Mini Tripod with Stand

A considerably more affordable option than the Manfrotto TwistGrip mini tripod and stand described above, this universal mini tripod already comes with the support needed to equip your iPhone. Like item 1, it also lets you take photos and record videos on a flat surface, and can also be used by hand, avoiding the notorious blurry photos. It also has a Bluetooth trigger.

4. DxO One

We can say that DxO One is not one of the photo accessories for iPhone like the rest of the list, because it is another camera. However, it connects to the Lightning port of the iPhone, with its own app to use. For very little it is not a totally separate item. It has enhanced lenses and adjustable aperture, plus the ability to take RAW-format photos for manipulation on a computer. Unfortunately, the camera is not available for sale in Brazil.

5. LED Light Manifrotto Lumimuse 3

Serving as a video-focused illuminator - although it can also be used in photography - the Lumimuse 3 retains the space-saving features of the camera, just like the manufacturer's items described in the previous items. The equipment allows it to fit into cameras, clamps or tripods and has options for four brightness modes and two types of filters. Manifrotto Lumimuse 3 is available on the Apple website.

6. Manifrotto Lumimuse 8 LED Light

A more powerful version compared to Lumimuse 3. The accessory has the same characteristics as the predecessor, but allows an additional filter. In addition, Lumimuse 8 also lets you control the direction of lighting. Also available at Apple store.

7. Olloclip 4 in 1 Lenses

While most of the items described so far were supporting photos - except for DxO One - Olloclip's 4-in-1 lens set works directly on the phone. Each lens allows a different function to the iPhone camera: fisheye photos - ie “curved” photos - wide angle for landscape, 10x macro and 15x macro images. Click the link to learn more about Olloclip's 4-in-1 lenses, compatible with smartphone models 5, 5S, 6, 6S and their Plus editions.

8. Olloclip Studio

A 4 in 1 lens holder package from the manufacturer. Olloclip Studio has a case that offers greater protection than the one included in the original lens package, as well as several other accessories for support. These include a finger stand that prevents shaking of your hands from influencing photos or videos, as well as faster switching from “Portrait” to “Landscape” format. However, the kit is not available for sale in Brazil.

9. MacroPro Lenses

Another Olloclip product, MacroPro lenses are designed exclusively to transform your camera into a kind of magnifying glass. The system has three approach levels (7x, 14x and 21x). The 7x allows great focus on detail, while the 14x surpasses the level of detail perceived by the human eye, with the 21x achieving even greater detail, especially paired with the natural zoom of the iPhone.

Like 4-in-1 lenses, it is compatible with iPhone 5 and 5S, with adapters for the iPhone 6 / 6S and Plus editions of both. Click the link to learn more about MacroPro lenses.

10. ActivePro Lenses

Another set of Olloclip lenses, ActivePro lenses are made for nature and adventure lovers. Featuring the most powerful angled lens on the list of iPhone photography accessories - including the 4 in 1 set - it lets you capture up to 155 ° from the surroundings, making it perfect for capturing landscapes. The second lens adds up to 2x more zoom than the standard smartphone. Click the link to get to know ActivePro lenses.

11. Veho Muvi X-Lapse

One of the iPhone photography accessories with various proposals. X-Lapse is a type of magnetic medium that allows you to control various aspects of photos or video recording, such as angle, speed and rotation of the device. Although great for recording nonstandard videos, X-Lapse is not available in Brazil.

12. GorillaPod Joby Support

Unlike the tripods mentioned on the list, this GorillaPod Joby stand has a suction cup and arm, giving iPhone a different kind of support. Through a suction cup and arm, it holds the smartphone on any kind of surface. The arm gives you greater flexibility when looking for the best angle for a photo, and the stand lets you place iPhone even if it's covered with a cover. The item is available on the Apple website.

13. GorillaPod Joby Magnetic Tripod

In addition to Manifrotto's tripod line, GorillaPod also has a line that has similar functionality, although it is not entirely similar. Its main difference is the flexibility of the magnetic feet, which allows you to position the iPhone on uneven surfaces as long as they are obviously metal. Click on the link to learn more about the GorillaPod Joby tripod.

14. Feiyu Tech G4 Pro Three-Axis Stabilizer

Its main function is to help users not to shake while recording videos. Feiyu Tech's G4 Pro is battery operated and has four operating modes that can be used. These modes allow you to control the movements that the stabilizer allows the iPhone, such as letting it follow only the direction of the cable or track its movement, as well as complete lock, among others. The stabilizer is available from Apple's iPhone Photo Accessories store.

15. Mpow 3 in 1 Lenses

Like Olloclip lenses, 3-in-1 lenses - the most common lens set on the market - also offer some enhancements to the iPhone camera. The Mpow set, unavailable in Brazil - other models can be found at retailers and specialty stores - is made for iPhone 6 / 6S and Plus versions, but is compatible with cameras up to 13mm in diameter. The fisheye lens set, which expands the view to 180 °, 10x macro lens and up to 0.65x wide angle for panoramic shots.

16. Smartphone Spy Lenses

Perfect for those who want to play James Bond. Despite the name and the previous sentence, the “spy” smartphone lens is really nothing more than a camera made for taking 90 ° angle vertical photos that can be rotated. This means the lens is more competent when taking vertical photos and you don't need to point the phone directly at the subject of the photos. But it is healthy to note that the camera has nothing discreet, as you can see in the video below. Unfortunately, this lens is not available in Brazilian stores.

17. Case Snap 6!

One of the most curious iPhone photography accessories on the list. The Snap 6! It is a protective cover that prevents slipping and possible falls when trying to take photos with one hand. That is, it is made with a material that helps maintain balance. The case also has a button for easy one-handed photos. The Snap 6! It is also not available in the country.

18. Pocket Spotlight

One of the best Android accessories on our AppTuts list, Pocket Spotlight also deserves mention in the list of the best iPhone photography accessories. Like Lumimuse, it serves to brighten up your photos. The highlight goes for its simplicity as it can be plugged in and used only when connecting to the headphone jack - on iPhone 7, via the adapter that comes with the phone. The device has battery life of up to one hour.

19. Camalapse Mobile

A rotating stand designed to assist the user with panoramic photos or videos for the same purpose as recording the user's surroundings. Simply dock the phone in the cradle, place it in the position you want the registration to end, then move it to the starting position and give the order to begin. The accessory is compatible with iPhone 6 and 6S, but incompatible with the Plus version.

20. Luxi For All

Backed fervently in its crowdfunding campaign, the Luxi For All is a type of dome that is positioned on the front camera of the iPhone. It is run through its own app also called Luxi, which determines the best settings for taking a perfect selfie. Also unavailable in Brazil.

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Planning to enhance your photos with any of these iPhone photo accessories?

The accessory list covers almost every need, whether you're a fanatic about selfies, adventures or adventurous selfies. What were the accessories that caught your attention? Comment with us and share this text with your photo-addicted friends!

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