Top 20 Portable Chargers for Android

Popular powerbanks are increasingly needed now as heavier applications and tasks overwhelm our smartphones and quickly drain their internal batteries. These portable chargers are really useful, but it can be difficult to choose one model from so many options available today. With this in mind, we created a list of some of the best models of powerbanks for Android devices, with all types of price and capacity available. Check out our suggestions below!

1. Flux Portable Charger

This is one of the thinnest portable chargers on the market today, which is great for those looking for something light and doesn't take up a lot of space. Although it looks fragile, this model is very sturdy and has enough power to fully recharge your smartphone twice without being charged.

Its body consists of aluminum (available in black or white) and it also comes with two built-in cables, one micro-USB and the other a Lightning cable for iPhones and iPads. You can buy this model through this link!

2. RAVPower Battery Charger

This model is also a great option, with three USB ports, one being fast charging for smartphones that support this technology. In addition, there is a Type-C USB port so you can charge any type of device that also has this port.

It is not as portable as the powerbank we mentioned above, but it has a good capacity of 20, 100 mAh. This ensures several full loads without having to recharge the powerbank for a long time. You can buy RAVPower through this link.

3. BlitzWolf Quick Charge

If you don't need a charger with so much capacity, the BlitzWolf can be a great option. It is of excellent quality, has 10, 400 mAh of capacity and can still be found at a very attractive price today.

It has a standard USB port and a micro USB, both of which support fast charging technology. You can check more about the product and buy it through this link.

4. ZeroLemon ToughJuice

Of course, there are those who need something even more powerful than the other options we mentioned in this list, ZeroLemon being one of the best models for that. It has no less than 30, 000 mAh of capacity, which is truly amazing for a portable charger.

Even being so powerful, it turns out to be more robust and bigger, but you can still carry in your bag or backpack without problems. Best of all, it has high strength and is designed to withstand drops and not let dirt get into its USB connectors. By the way, it has four inputs that can recharge devices simultaneously. You can purchase this model through this link.

5. Braven BRV-BANK

The Braven BRV-BANK model turns out to be the best option for those who need a really sturdy charger. It is waterproof and military-certified fall-resistance, meaning you never have to worry or be afraid of it breaking.

This powerbank has about 6, 000 mAh of capacity, which can charge your smartphone at least twice before needing to be recharged. You can buy this model through this link.

6. Ventev Powercell

Ventev Powercell, on the other hand, is a much smaller model for those who need something that really offers day-to-day portability. The good thing is that this charger even has an AC adapter that can easily be plugged into any outlet for quick recharging.

For power transfer to smartphones, it works with two USB ports that can charge devices simultaneously. You can buy Ventev through this link.

7. LinearFlux Lithium

Speaking of small power banks, the LinearFlux model is also a great option for those who want something very portable. It is very small, lightweight and supports fast charging technology on its two USB ports.

Of course, this size does not allow the same power as other devices and LinearFlux ends up with only 3, 000 mAh, which should be enough for more than one charge on most modern smartphones. You can purchase this model through this link.

8. Emtec Power Pouch

This model is certainly one of the most different from our list, as it is like a small bag in which you can put your smartphone. It has a built-in micro USB cable and its battery is stored securely inside.

The plus point is that this portable charger has a capacity of 6, 000 mAh, which is perfect for up to two full charges on a smartphone. You can buy Emtec Power Pouch at this link.

9. Mophie Powerstation Plus

Another good option with 6, 000 mAh capacity is the Mophie Powerstation, which as we mentioned, has the power to charge a smartphone at least twice. There is a built-in micro USB cable and a standard USB port if you want to charge other types of devices.

The model is very slim and has a much more modern metallic design than most portable chargers on the market. You can buy it through this link.

10. UNU Ultrapak Tour

The UNU Ultrapak Tour model is highlighted by two very important things: its 10, 000 mAh capacity and how quickly it can be recharged. Despite all this power, the device can reach its maximum charge in less than an hour and a half, which is very difficult to see in its competitors.

Other than that, it has two USB ports that can charge two smartphones simultaneously. Interestingly, it has a very beautiful design and is very light overall, although not the most portable model on this list. Click here to buy Ultrapak.

11. Mophie Powerstation Pro

This is another great model from the Mophie brand, which is well known in the field of external batteries and portable chargers. The Powerstation Pro has its durability highlighted, as its body is made of aluminum and steel and has rubberized corners to withstand falls and collisions.

It has one USB and one micro USB port and can charge devices simultaneously as well. Fortunately, the device can be found at a good price today, as you can see on this link.

12. iBattz Mojo Battstation

The iBattz Mojo Battstation is a great model for those looking for more capacity and portability at the same time. It has no less than 20, 400 mAh and is much lighter than some of the other portable chargers of similar power.

There are two USB ports capable of charging simultaneously and one for Apple devices, which is an interesting bonus. Click here to purchase this model.

13. Proporta Stripe TurboCharger

If you want a portable charger that looks more attractive and interesting, Proporta Stripe may be your best bet. It is very thin, light and has a very soft touch finish and still has metallic edges.

The amazing thing is that it can combine this premium design with an amazing 12, 000 mAh capacity and can charge two devices simultaneously without any difficulties. You can check and buy the model through this link.

14. Bestek Car Jump Starter

This model is truly unique, as it not only recharges smartphones and tablets, but also comes with cables to charge your car battery if it runs out unexpectedly. It still has three USB ports and about 10, 000 mAh capacity.

Although not the best portable charger on the market, this is a good choice for those looking for more variety and functionality in a powerbank. You can buy it through this link.

15. Poweradd Pilot 2GS

The Poweradd Pilot is a very interesting model considering its capacity of 10, 000 mAh and its relatively low price compared to competitors. It has a sturdy aluminum body and is very small and light and can easily fit in a pocket.

In addition, it has two USB ports and can recharge smartphones relatively fast. You can purchase this model through this link.

In addition to these special portable chargers we have shown above, there are some very similar models that are worth checking out. Some are not powerful or do not have so many features, but still have good quality and an attractive price. See below:

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