Top 20 PowerPoint Templates

You are always impressed by presentations - whether on the web or in person - that feature great slides, but when is your turn to create your own looks like something coming out of Paint? Perhaps the best idea is to use some kind of editable template so that you can improve your presentations. To help you with this selection, we have compiled a list of the top 20 PowerPoint templates available on the web!

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1. Verzus

Verzus is a PowerPoint template that offers more editing possibilities for your design, being very customizable. It features more than 200 types of slides to illustrate your presentations, from infographics templates created by the team behind Verzus and images that occupy the slides to see what your text will look like, allowing you to swap it with one that has the do with your presentation, among others. Click the link to meet Verzus.

2. Balthasar

Focused on presentations focused on more formal areas such as finance. Balthasar has about 25 slides and different editable chart templates that can be used. The template is free and can be downloaded from the link.

3. i9

One of the best design options for your slides. The i9 offers options for transparent overlays, allowing you to include some impossible color effects in standard PowerPoint templates. It is one of those with the largest options for graphic customization. Learn more about the i9.

4. Gold Keynote

Another more formal approach template, Gold Keynote is one of the most standardized PowerPoint templates according to the style of the team that developed it. This means that most of the designs in it are gold, gray and white, giving less freedom for customization. Click the link to get to know Gold Keynote.

5. Eureka

With a great deal of functionality, Eureka has as its main advantages about 200 types of slide designs. It has all sorts of shapes, graphics and images to use in your presentations, being one of the highest rated. Check out more about Eureka at the link.

6. Business

It is hard to say that the focus of this model is none other than business. With more limited options but can be downloaded for free, Business slides have light or dark tones, divided into three colors each. Each color has about 50 slide options. Click on the link to learn about Business.

7. Mark 03

Save money on style with the Mark 03. This model features more dynamic and non-standard geometric shapes and colorful elements in its designs. Speaking of them, Mark 03 is one that has the most slide possibilities, with about 400 types to choose from. See what Mark 03 has to offer on its page.

8. Golden Template

Perfect template if gold is your favorite color. One of the few PowerPoint templates focused on just one color. The Golden Template, as its name implies, features a number of golden slide templates. Of course, other colors like white and gray are about to blend in with gold. Click the link if you really like the color and want to know the Golden Template.

9. Digit

One of the best PowerPoint templates for business presentations, but not as formal, more creative. Digit is designed so that you can customize every aspect without the need for any additional tools. It has options for animations, scaling of vector graphics and various infographics templates, among others. Learn more about Digit.

10. Resume

With dark and light tones, Resume is a simple template focused on things like resume presentation and work experience. Tool slide designs have options for focusing on text or image as needed. Click the link to download Resume.

11. Unicorn

Aimed at startups who need to put together presentations to attract investors to their projects, Unicorn provides options and tools to help this group of entrepreneurs. It has templates focused on creating descriptive slides, graphics and timelines about your project. Check out more of Unicorn on their website.

12. Business Friendly

Another of PowePoint's business-oriented templates, Business Friendly has the disadvantage of having only 12 different slide designs. Compensating for this, the model features very colorful designs and very different types, such as the one with a world map that you can see in the image below. Learn more about Business Friendly.

13. Fox

Like Mark 03 and in contrast to Business Friendly, Fox has about 400 types of slides to work with. This template also comes with handmade infographics options and allows you to include animated customizations. Click the link to learn more about Fox.

14. Warwick

With more serious color schemes and a formal look, Warwick is a free Powerpoint template made in darker green and blue schemes. The template is perfect for displaying results or more serious themes. Click on the link and meet Warwick.

15. Best Business

Among PowerPoint templates focused on professional presentations, Best Business is one with the most slide options, with 300 types available. It also has great possibility of editing and customization and is considered great for showing details such as mission and vision, presenting your business and your team, among others. Best Business can be viewed on its page.

16. Social Media

There could be no shortage of a model for those venturing into the world of social networking. Social Media brings cooler presentations, slide templates are designed to show relevant information such as SEO graphics, analytics and industry tools. Learn more about Social Media, the template.

17. Pitch

Name in English given to the act of presenting his idea, Pitch has similar proposal to Unicorn. It features a variety of creative slide templates to catch the attention of those watching your presentation, with shapes and images geared to those who think outside the box. Click the link to meet Pitch.

18. Katharine

Image-centric, Katharine is a perfect PowerPoint template for those who want to impact big images. The 17 slide designs available to him, for example, do not have any type of two-column or three-column text template. Learn more about Katharine on his website.

19. Material

Aimed at less traditional businesses, the Material has about 200 slide templates. One of its main advantages is the ease of editing the designs provided by the template. It also has a variety of graphics options and unique color combinations for your presentations. Learn more about the Material.

20. Vincent

With a different approach to the other PowerPoint templates in this list, Vincentio brings a unique combination of two colors in your template. Its focus is on legal presentations, although it can also be used for corporate presentations. The template is free and can be downloaded at the link.

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What PowerPoint templates do you use in your routine?

We believe these 20 examples, including paid and free templates, can meet your need when it comes to presenting results in your company or selling your idea to an investor. What were your favorites on the list?

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