Top 25 Apps for Asus Zenfone

Asus smartphones, also known as Zenfone, have stood out around the world for being powerful, beautiful and cost-effective in terms of price and features. In Brazil is no different and Asus smartphones have been a great success since the first Zenfone was launched.

By the way, the device has won so many consumers in our country that we decided to list no less than the top 25 Asus Zenfone apps you'll find today. We've put together music, movie, photo, social networking and even other apps to get you organized with your tasks and financially. So, all you have to do is check them below!

1. MX Player

We already recommend many Android video players in another article, but if you're looking for an app that works really well on your Zenfone, MX Player is one of the best alternatives. It is very popular with Android users and can be downloaded for free.

In addition to being very easy to use, it supports almost any existing video format and also runs separate subtitles with your videos. You can check out more about the app and download it at this link.

2. Kindle

One of the facilities of having a smartphone with a big screen is the ability to read some digital books on it. For this task, we can recommend Kindle as one of the best alternatives, as it is completely free, can read most common book formats (mobi, ePub, PDF, etc.) and even has the Amazon store if you want to buy ebooks over there.

In this case, everything you buy will go to Amazon's own cloud storage service and can be downloaded to any device that has the Kindle app. If you have a Kindle e-Reader yourself, you can also easily share all of its content with your smartphone. To download the app, just click this link.

3. Facebook

If you have an active Facebook account, there's no reason not to install the famous social networking app on your smartphone. With it, you can post anything you want to your wall or your friends' timeline anytime, anywhere,

In addition, you will receive notifications about any news, such as likes and comments on posts you are tagged, for example. If you want to chat with your Facebook friends, you can also use their messaging app for an even better experience! The app can be downloaded from this link.

4. Pocket

Pocket is the perfect app for those who always find interesting articles just when they have no time to read, as it can save any story to read later. It can be downloaded as an extension in any browser and as an app on your Smartphone.

With it installed, just click the new button that will appear in your smartphone's browser or sharing mode to save all the articles you want to see later. In the main app, you'll find everything you've saved and read even without an internet connection. Click here to download Pocket.

5. Instagram

If you like taking and sharing your photos with your friends, you should know very well that Instagram is the perfect app for that. You can apply dozens of different filters and effects to your images and then share them with the world.

The cool thing is that you can integrate the app with your Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr to bring your photos to even more people. Download the app through this link.

6. Pushbullet

This is a perfect app for those who spend a lot of time on their computer and don't like to check their smartphones hourly to see new notifications. With Pushbullet on your Zenfone and its extension for the web browser of your choice, you can check things out quickly without being too distracted.

You can even see if someone is texting you or calling you without looking at your smartphone! Plus, you can use the app to send files and documents directly to your smartphone, making life much easier for those who don't like to keep connecting their device to their computer all the time. Pushbullet can be downloaded from this link.

7. Lookout

With a device that offers as much freedom as Android, you need to be very careful and concerned about the safety of your smartphone from the start. After all, antivirus today is not just important for computers, and their presence has become essential in cell phones as well.

The Lookout app is one of the best free options you can find today as it can easily protect your device from viruses and malware. You can download the app at this link.

8. 7 Minute Workout

For those who want to get in shape but don't have a lot of time to work out, an app like 7 Minute Workout can be really perfect.

It offers 12 30-second activities with a short break between each so you can work out in just 7 minutes a day. They are extremely simple to make and can be performed virtually anywhere. To download this app, just click this link.

9. Google Chrome

Browsing the internet is no longer just something you do on your computer, and it's more common to see people using online resources on their smartphones. Of course, this also requires a web browser installed on your device.

And what browser is better suited than Google Chrome itself, the most popular browser in the world ?! Your app is as fast and efficient as the original version, providing a great browsing experience on your smartphone. Although not as lightweight, the Chrome app doesn't require as much of the device's performance and can still be synced to your data in the desktop version. Download Chrome directly from this link.

10.Subscription Guide

If you're looking to organize your finances with just your smartphone in hand, we can easily recommend the GuiaBayment app. With it, you can sync your checking account, enter your income, expenses and view detailed graphs about your financial movements.

This way, you can even put together better planning for your budget every month, something extremely useful to help with your finances. You can download GuiaBayment at this link!

11. Google Maps

Having a GPS app on your smartphone is essential nowadays, as it can help you in very complicated situations. Of course, Google Maps is already a reference when it comes to location, especially for Android devices.

Like it, you can know exactly where you are, chart directions to your destination, and even see what your location is like through photos provided by Google's service. The app even shows you information about places like restaurants, hotels and shops and lets you specify where your home and work is for future use. Google Maps can be downloaded from this link.

12. Podcast Addict

For those who like Podcasts, we recommend the Podcast Addict app, which besides having a beautiful and functional interface, can also be downloaded for free. You can either browse your favorite podcasts or discover new programs based on their popularity with other users.

You can even create episode playlists so you can listen to everything at once if you want, without having to select each podcast individually. The app can be downloaded at this link.

13. Spotify

For music lovers, it is almost essential to install Spotify on their smartphone. While offering a paid plan to get you better audio quality and features, you can enjoy the service for free if you don't mind a few ads and a few options.

Spotify even lets you create your own playlists and listen to them if you have an internet connection. Very useful especially for those who don't want to spend mobile storage with hundreds of songs. Download the app through this link.

14. Flickr

While Spotify does a great job of saving your smatphone space for music, the Flickr app can do the same about photos. Paying absolutely nothing, you get 1 TB just for storing your photos, which is a really huge amount.

It is super easy to use, secure and you can even configure who can and cannot view your images. Best of all, you can still enable a feature that allows the app to constantly back up your photos, so you don't risk missing anything. The app can be downloaded at this link.

15. YouTube

With so many fast and fun videos on YouTube, it makes no sense to just watch them on your home computer, right ?! The good thing is to have access to them on your smartphone anytime with your official app installed.

You can use the app the same way you use the site in your browser, and you can even receive notifications when your favorite channels upload new videos. This will surely make boring moments a lot more fun. Click here to download the YouTube app on your Zenfone.

16. Yahoo Weather

Instead of looking at the weather on TV or the Internet, it's much more practical to have a specific app for it on your smartphone. We've even made a list of the best weather apps for Android in which we mentioned Yahoo Weather.

Besides having one of the most beautiful looks of the weather apps, it is also very useful in everyday life. With it, you will always have detailed information about the weather in your region and still receive notifications with any possible sudden change, such as a storm. The app can be downloaded at this link.

17. Whatsapp

Impossible to list best apps for an Android device and leave Whatsapp out, right? As you may already know, this app lets you easily chat with any other Whatsapp user by having their phone number.

You can create groups of friends and family, share files (such as pictures, videos, and documents), and even make free voice calls if you're connected to the internet. With a gigantic user base, it won't be hard to find friends who use the service either. Click here to download it.

18. Dropbox

Because storage can be a problem these days, apps like Dropbox turn out to be very important and useful. You can currently get at least 2 GB of free space on this cloud service to store any type of file.

That way, you can even set up your Dropbox to automatically upload the photos you take with your smartphone, allowing everything to be safely saved and not having to worry about whether your device is already full of stuff. Dropbox can be downloaded here!

19. Google Drive

If you prefer to edit text, spreadsheets, and online presentations for easy, everyday convenience, you should know Google Drive well. The good thing is that your Android app works just as well as the online version of your web browser.

You can view, edit, share and more with just your smartphone in hand. Another nice thing is that if you don't have an internet connection, you can simply enable the offline feature of your documents and work on them anywhere. The app can be downloaded at this link.

20. Pixrl

We've talked about taking photos and adding filters with Instagram, but you may want something more functional and with much more image editing features. For that, one of the best options is Pixlr, which has an online version to use in your browser and a very useful app for Android.

This app comes with virtually all of the advanced features and functions we find in the online version, which is hard to find in such free apps. With it, you can make simple edits or actually retouch your images entirely. The Pixlr app can be downloaded here.

21. Netflix

If you are one of the millions of Netflix users, you should know that one of the best things about the service is the ability to connect it to multiple devices. This of course includes your smartphone, especially if you enjoy being able to enjoy your favorite movies and series anywhere.

To have this facility, just install the Netflix app on your Zenfone that will be able to have all the content of the streaming service where you have internet connection. To download the app, just click this link.

22. Timehop

Every day, we post a lot of things on our social networks, which makes it pretty hard to remember something you shared just a month ago, for example. Imagine then remembering something you posted two years ago? This is exactly what the Timehop ​​app does.

Just open the app, select a social network you're signed in to and Timehop ​​will show you posts from years ago that you probably didn't even remember. If you want, you can still share this memory on your social network! Download Timehop ​​directly from this link.

23. Google Now

With an Android smartphone in hand, you can't ignore the Google Now app. It serves as a great help in everyday life, offering you article suggestions and even informing you about the weather and traffic in your area. The app uses your browsing data to learn your preferences and to suggest things you would probably like to read or watch.

Plus, if your GPS is on day-to-day, it will remind you of the route you make the most (such as from home to work or school) and tell you the best options for avoiding street traffic. Google Now will also remind you about appointments in your calendar and friends birthdays. Enough thing, isn't it? So don't forget to download it from this link!

24. Duolingo

If you're looking for an app that helps you learn new languages, there's no more fun than Duolingo. You can select from several languages ​​and learn them efficiently and easily, with a game-like look to keep you interested.

There are many lessons and incentives for you to really absorb the language and keep coming back to learn more, which is essential to really learning another language. You can download Duolingo at this link.

25. SwiftKey

Today's standard Android keyboard is much better and more comfortable than before, but there are still some better options out there. One is SwiftKey, one of the best smartphone keyboards ever made available for Android.

It was one of the first alternative keyboards to be released and introduced the whole concept of a keyboard learning the user's way of typing to make better suggestions. Over the years, it has remained the best of its kind and can be downloaded via this link.

So, did you like our suggestions for your Asus Zenfone? Besides being great apps, many of them can also be considered essential for a smartphone these days, especially for the practicality that bring our routine. Now don't forget to leave us a comment talking about which ones you already use and which ones you like best!

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