Top 25 iPhone Apps of 2015

Every year Apple selects and names some of the best apps released on the App Store for iPhone and iPad, based on functionality, innovation and popularity, of course. In the year 2015, we saw a lot of apps with social or health related aspects, something very well represented in Apple's list.

If you want to know more about the best iPhone apps of the year, just check out the full list below!

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1. Periscope

Undoubtedly, the Twitter app that allows live streaming of videos was one of the most outstanding this year. So it makes good sense that it ranks first in Apple's listing. At the touch of a button, you can broadcast anything to your friends or followers, who can like or comment at any time.

You can also save videos for people to watch later, but anyway, everything is deleted from servers after 24 hours. Click here to learn more about the app and to download it for free on your iPhone and also check out our tutorial with 19 tips and strategies when using Periscope.

2. Enlight

Secondly we have an app less known to the general public, but still very useful for those who like to edit their photos directly on the smartphone. Enlight lets you make simple or more advanced edits, with a variety of filters, effects, frames, etc.

The app itself is very beautiful and has an intuitive interface for any type of user, from the most experienced to the beginner. Although paid, Enligh certainly offers options and features that make its price worth it. Click here to download it.

3. Robinhood

The third app Apple chooses is a little different from the others on this list, as it focuses on investment in the stock market. It makes the task much more practical, organized and efficient for those who deal with it in daily life.

One of its advantages is that it does not charge fees for its users to use the service, which is a great advantage. Unfortunately, it is not yet available in Brazil, but you can check more information on this link.

4. Workflow

Workflow lets you customize your smartphone so you don't have to waste time on certain tasks from apps like Dropbox, Twitter, and Facebook. This means you can automate various actions that you often repeat every day, such as uploading your photos to a social network, for example.

The app is quite different, but after a while with it, it's noticeable how it can make your life easier with seemingly such small details. In addition to being chosen as one of the best iPhone apps by Apple, Workflow is also considered one of the most innovative of the year. Click here to download it.

5. Instagram

We all know Instagram needs no introduction and it's no surprise to see it on Apple's best list of the year. It's been a long time since the photo-loving social network has become virtually essential for almost all iPhone owners, after all, it already has approximately 400 million users worldwide.

You can take and edit your photos with a variety of creative tools to share with your friends or followers, who can also interact with likes and comments. Considering the popularity of the app, you may already have it on your smartphone, but if you don't, enjoy downloading it through this link.

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After Netflix's worldwide success, it was expected that other streaming services would appear. That said, HBO GO is for sure one of the best alternatives that has come up recently, especially for those who are fans of the exclusive series of the American broadcaster.

The service application can be used for free by those who are already subscribing to HBO via cable TV, but can also be enjoyed by those who just want to subscribe to streaming as it works in a similar scheme to Netflix. Click here to check out more about the app and download it at this link.

7. Hopper

Hopper is a great recommendation for those who like to travel, as it is able to make predictions about when airline tickets will be cheaper or more expensive. This helps you plan better, especially if you are planning a trip with multiple destinations in a short time.

The app is completely free and is generally very flexible and accurate in its predictions. To try it out, just click this link and download it to your iPhone.

8. Darkroom

Among the many photo editors that exist today, Darkroom is undoubtedly one of the most interesting and different. In addition to allowing you to perform common edits, you can also customize your own filters and other settings to achieve a unique result.

The cool thing is that you can still save your custom settings for use in other photos later, which is very useful if you create a really cool filter or effect. Click here to download the app.

9. Lark

Lark is basically a very efficient tool for those who want to lose weight or just take care of their food and get in shape. The app helps you better program yourself to exercise or to remember the correct times for food.

The cool thing is that the app makes use of artificial intelligence to keep the user focused on their goal through personalized messages and reminders. You can download the app directly from this link.

10. The Everything Machine

Already The Everything Machine is an application aimed at children, already considered one of the best in its category. The app lets kids use their iPhone in a variety of fun and creative ways, such as a slow-motion camera, a kaleidoscope, a voice-over for recording, and so on.

As its name implies, the app is a true all-in-one smartphone machine. To try it out, just click this link and download it to your iPhone.

11. Pacemaker

Pacemaker works like a true personal DJ, as it allows the user to choose songs from iTunes or Spotify to create remixes very simply and intuitively. Best of all, the app is completely free and offers very cool and advanced features.

It's been a while since the app has been one of the most popular on the App Store, having won even a few awards out there. You can download it directly from this link.

12. Tandem

There are several different applications for learning a new language, but it is often difficult to find a very important component of this type of learning: practicing the language in question with someone else who can correct you and teach you new things.

Tandem serves just that, as it puts you in touch with people around the world who want to learn other languages ​​and to help other users practice what they are studying. In addition to being a great way to expand your learning, the app offers a good social experience. Click here to download it.

13. Jet

Jet works more or less like Amazon, meaning it's a place where you can find a lot of stores selling their products for very low prices. The purpose is to make life easier for users, allowing them to consult only one platform to make their purchases.

The app is still growing, but it has been getting a lot of attention over the last few months. Unfortunately, it has no Brazilian stores in its listings, but it is always possible to import products from available stores if you prefer. Click here to download Jet.

14. Timeline

Timeline is most recommended for those who like to keep up with the news and stay up to date with the most important facts that are occurring in the world. It allows you to view series of articles in their chronological order, preventing you from missing out on news because you missed the first few texts on the subject.

It is a very interesting and specific application, but it can also be used very well by those who just want to know the latest news in the world without having to access various sites. Click here to download Timeline on your iPhone.

15. Vee for Video

Vee for Video is a very straightforward, efficient and fast video editor. It allows you to record, edit and share your videos with your friends, making it one of the best apps in its class today, as evidenced by its being on Apple's best list.

It also features a good range of effects, filters, recording modes, transitions and everything else you can imagine from a mobile editor. It's paid, but its features are worth every penny, so click here to download the app.

16. Fit Men Cook

While Lark serves to keep you fit, Fit Men Cook is focused entirely on healthy eating. With it, you can find dozens of delicious recipes that still do very well for your overall health.

In addition to detailed instructions, you can also check out videos with deeper and easier to understand explanations, which makes the app much more efficient. You can download Fit Men Cook at this link.

17. Spark

There are several email providers out there, but not all offer good options or advanced settings to enhance the user experience. This is where Spark can help you, as it serves exactly as a platform on which you can receive your emails and even customize the way you want it to happen.

You can select which messages are really important, enable reminders to answer emails later, set up notifications for each type of email, etc. To check out all these features, be sure to click this link to download the app on your iPhone.

18. refME

RefME is a bit more specific than many of the applications on this list, after all, it is more recommended for students who need to write reports frequently. We say this because apps are for finding quotes and information about books or articles, for example.

It may not be a suitable app for everyone, but if used correctly it can really be very useful. Click here to download it.

19. Wildcard

Like Timeline, Wildcard is another perfect app for those who like to stay current and on top of world news. The difference is that this app is really focused on simply offering articles quickly and easily on small cards with the necessary information.

Of course, it is always possible to check out a more complete version of the news, which is also a good alternative to tell. You can download the app directly from this link.

20. Paper

Paper is a great app for those who like to get organized with notes, reminders, lists, charts, etc. As its name implies, the app serves as a good alternative to paper, even replacing the old notebooks.

The application is completely free and you can check more on this link, which can also be downloaded to your iPhone.

21. Giphy Cam

Giphy Cam is one of the most fun and creative apps on this list, as it can be used to create GIFs very simply and quickly. You can choose from a variety of filters, effects and wallpapers to make your GIFs even cooler.

With everything ready, you can even share your creations with your friends and post everything on the social network of your choice. Click here to download the app!

22. Pry

Currently, Pry is considering one of the best apps available on the iPhone by Apple and its users as well. It works like a true interactive reading experience, blending elements of a book, movie, and even game into its narrative.

He is so unique and special that he almost won the award for his plot this year. The story develops around a veteran war character whose memories you can freely explore. We recommend you click this link and take a look at the app for yourself.

23. Reuters TV

Reuters TV is already well-known and popular with iPhone users, making its presence on this list very consistent. It allows you to watch or review various news and event videos anytime, as a more interactive version of apps like Timeline.

It fits perfectly into the routine of those who do not have much time to watch television on a daily basis and can enjoy it for free. Click here to download it.

24. Zova

Our next-to-last app is another app that focuses on the health of its users, but with more focus on exercise than just food. It offers over 400 different types of exercises and types of training for you to experience in your daily life.

All of them are professionally designed and tested, which guarantees their efficiency. The cool thing is that you can choose from different plans to really focus on a workout that helps you achieve your goals. You can check more about the app and download it through this link.

25. Blue Apron

Finally, we have Blue Apron, which remains one of the best cooking apps on the App Store, as Apple well selected. You can check out various home-made recipes to try, with more direct or detailed instructions through videos.

You can also subscribe to up to three exclusive recipes each week, but it's not that necessary. Click here to download Blue Apron.

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