Top 27 Users You Should Follow

Like so many other social networks, has simply exploded in recent months and has captured millions of users interested in making funny videos or who want to show off their artistic talents. So much so that as soon as you open the app for the first time, you get dozens of user recommendations to follow, but it's hard to know who really delivers interesting and entertaining content.

That's exactly why we've created a very complete list of top users that you should know about. There are actors, dancers, comedians and singers, so it is certain that one of them will please you. To learn more, just check out our list below!

1. Ariel Martin

Known as Baby Ariel on, Ariel Martin is one of the best-known personalities with the most followers in the app. Even at the age of 16, she already has over 14 million fans and often posts several videos dubbing popular songs. You can easily find it under the username of @babyariel in the app to watch your videos.

2. Jacob Sartorius

Despite using to lip-sync a variety of familiar songs, user Jacob Sartorius is also a singer with many fans around the world. Currently, the teenager has more than 12 million followers in the app and has been called the "next Justin Bieber" on the internet. If you want to follow him, look for the profile @jacobsartorius.

3. Loren Gray

Another teen who loves lip-syncing famous songs on, Loren Gray is also very popular and has over 11 million fans on the app. You can check out your videos anytime or follow her on the @lorenbeech profile.

4. Cameron Dallas

Another interesting user of is Cameron Dallas, who, besides making funny videos for the app, is also an actor and musician. The boy has no less than 10 million followers on, 16 million followers on Instagram and more than 3 million subscribers to his YouTube channel. You can find it on @camerondallas profile.

5. Kristen Hancher

Teen Kristen Hancher also has a lot of talent beyond what she shows in her videos on She is an actress, dancer and singer, already having 10 million followers on the music app and over 2 million followers on Instagram. You can follow her through the @kritenhancher profile.

6. Annie Le Blanc

User Annie Le Blanc is a little different from the others we have presented so far. Although the girl posts several fun videos, she focuses on a gymnast's career rather than something more artistic like the others. You can be part of your 6 million followers on @ presshandstands7.

7. Lisa & Lena

In this case, we have two twin sisters who produce and post content on a joint profile. Lisa and Lena are two teenage girls who post several videos on and still have a strong focus on the fashion world, even owning their own clothing line. To follow them, simply search for the profile @lisaandlena.

8. Jojo Siwa

Jojo Siwa is another user who uses to present her artistic talents to the world. She is a singer, dancer, actress and model, with nearly 6 million followers on the app, 4 million Instagram followers and nearly 2 million YouTube subscribers. You can check your videos on @itsjojosiwa profile.

9. Liza Koshy

Liza Koshy creates and posts several fun videos on demonstrating her actress and singer talents, just as she does on Vine and YouTube. She can maintain a very solid fan base across all of her social networks, not so common with the other people we introduce here.

The girl has about 6 million followers on, 7 million on Instagram and nearly 5 million on YouTube. To follow her too, just look for the profile @lizzza.

10. Ariana Renee

Ariana Renne is a Nicaraguan teenager who has nearly 6 million followers on and even has a record deal to make her own songs. You can find her and see her videos on the @theylovearii profile.

11. Mackenzie Ziegler

You may have seen Mackenzie Ziegler in several of Sia's music videos, where she is often one of the main dancers. In addition, she is a frequent user of and occasionally works as an actress. You can be part of your 5 million followers through the @mackenzieziegler profile.

12. Savannah Soutas

Already Savannah Soutas focuses a lot on her fashion blog while making fun videos for quite often. She currently has nearly 5 million followers in the app and you can find her on her @savvsoutas profile.

13. Kira Kosarin

Aspiring actress Kira Kosarin is another regular user of and has even been nominated for a Kids Choice Awards for her active participation in social media. She already has over 4 million followers in the app and you can find her on her @kirakosarin profile.

14. Johnny Orlando

Canadian Johnny Orlando is a young singer who often posts several videos with covers or voiceovers of famous songs on It has just over 3 million followers on the app, 2 million on Instagram, and 1 million YouTube subscribers. You can also follow your posts on the @johnnyorlando profile.

15. Casey Simpson

Despite being one of the youngest users of, Casey Simpson already has nearly 4 million fans there, where he posts several videos dubbing popular songs. In addition, he is also an actor and has won an award at the Kids Choice Awards. You can follow him on the @caseysimpson profile.

16. Bart Baker

Bart Baker is one of the few people who can extend his success on other social media. It currently has about 3 million followers on the app, 1 million on Instagram, and over 8 million YouTube subscribers. You can check out the boy's success on the @bartbaker profile.

17. Mark Thomas

Like many people mentioned on this list, young Mark Thomas also has a preference for music and has a good Instagram following. You can join your over 3 million followers on @duhitzmark profile

18. Tyler Brown

In addition to having more than 3 million followers on, teenager Tyler Brown also makes several fun videos on his Snapchat. You can find it and follow it through @itztylerbrown

19. Mackenzie Davis

Mackenzie Davis is best known for dance videos and choreography tutorials that are posted on several of her social networks. More than 3 million people follow the girl on, something you can also do on the @raddestredhead profile.

20. Paul Zimmer

The young singer Paul Zimmer was once part of a music group and today posts several videos demonstrating his talents to almost 3 million followers. You can find it and do the same on @paulzimmer profile.

21. Yulema Ramirez

Yulema Ramizez is another that focuses a lot on her music career, whether through her posts on or Instagram. She currently has about 2 million followers and you can find her on the @babygirlulee profile.

22. Zach Clayton

Zach Clayton is another with over 2 million followers and posts fun and funny videos daily on, as well as making interesting podcasts on YouNow. You can find it and become a follower through the @zebruhnation profile.

23. Blake Gray

Blake Gray also likes to show off his artistic and musical talents in the app, with over 2 million fans out there. The boy is also touring and always takes time to meet his followers in person. You can find it on the @bllakeegray profile.

24. Taylor Skeens

Taylor Skeens, on the other hand, seems to be one of the few adults to use often to post her videos. The girl already has over 2 million followers and still has a YouTube channel. You can find her and follow her on @ bright.eyesss.

25. Eva Gutowski

The young Eva Gutowski is another personality that can be very successful and stand out in various social networks. The girl already has 6 million subscribers on YouTube and has just over 1 million followers on You can also follow her on @mylifeaseva profile

26. Jay Versace

With over 1 million followers on, young Jay Versace focuses more on comedy videos than music. The aspiring actor posts his content quite often and is worth checking out. You can find it on @therealversace.

27. Jordyn Jones

Finally, we have Jordyn Jones, who is a 16-year-old dancer and singer who already owns a number of professional music videos, but is also dedicated to for more laid-back posts. It has about 1 million followers and you can check out its videos on @jordynjones profile.

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