Top 30 games for the LG G6

The LG G6 is easily one of the Android smartphones that most caught the attention of users who want a powerful device without having to pay much for it. Of course, with such a phone, it is only natural to want to try out a number of heavier apps and games on it. If you have questions about which mobile games you can try on your LG G6, just check out our top tips below!

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1. Warlings

If you have ever played a Worms game, you will surely see many similarities with Warlings, which work in much the same way. Between a lot of humor and jokes, you'll need to form a good strategy to defeat your opponents. There are 6 battlefields available, plus a huge arsenal of interesting and absurd weapons to choose from. You can play alone or join your friends to make battles even more competitive. Download the game at this link.

2. NEW 3

For those who enjoy Halo games, there is no better alternative than NOVA 3 for Android. Whether in terms of gameplay or the action offered, the game looks like a perfect version of Halo for mobile devices. You can play freely with your friends in 7 different modes, which ensures you won't get bored of the game anytime soon. The cool thing is that up to 12 people can battle simultaneously in this game, which is impressive for smartphones. Download it at this link.

3. Modern Combat 5

Today, Modern Combat 5 is closer than we have to quality Call of Duty and Battlefield on smartphones. Besides having one of the most impressive visuals ever seen in Android games, it is also very entertaining and captivating. You can create a team with all your friends in online multiplayer and battle directly with an enemy team. The cool thing is that you can chat with your teammates through a voice chat to match strategies during the game. Click here to download it.

4. Pokémon Go

Nor could we fail to mention Pokémon Go on our list, after all, this was certainly the biggest mobile game of 2016. Even after the initial fever has passed, the game is still a lot of fun and already has monsters from the second generation of the original franchise. In addition to being very simple, the game encourages you to leave home and can be enjoyed for free. You can download it through this link.

5. Fruit Ninja

With its great success over the years, there is no need to make presentations to Fruit Ninja. This is a much-needed title for those who like casual games to pass the time, as it's fun and addictive. The interesting thing is that now it even has a multiplayer mode for you to enjoy with your friends If you do not already know, the concept is very simple: you have to cut the fruits that appear and avoid the bombs. When playing with someone else, the game becomes extremely competitive and challenging. You can download it through this link.

6. Sea Battle

If you like Sea Battle or have always wanted to try this classic game, there is no better way to play it on Android than with Sea Battle. You can play alone or with your friends in multiplayer mode. The controls are easy to understand and the gameplay is fluid and intuitive, as in normal gameplay. Although it sounds like a simple game, we guarantee that it will take a lot of strategy to knock down your opponent's boats. Click here to download it.

7. Volleyball Hangout

If Tennis isn't exactly your favorite game, we also have a good recommendation for a Android volleyball game. Volleyball Hangout is far from realistic, but it is very fun, addictive and funny. It is very simple and lets you play against your friends in a multiplayer mode via Bluetooth. You can check more about the game through this link.

8. Chain Reaction

Speaking of addictive games, you can't leave Chain Reaction out. It is also one of the extremely simple multiplayer games and can be played with up to 8 different people, whether your friends or strangers. Your job is to place colored spheres in a way that destroys your opponents' spheres. In the end, whoever loses all his balls, leaves the game and the last to continue wins. Click here to download and have fun with this game.

9. Badland

Despite being a platform adventure usually played in solo campaign, you can also enjoy Badland with a friend. In this case, the multiplayer mode is completely offline and you will play with a friend to see who finishes the levels before. If you want, you can also play in a co-op mode so you and your friends have even more fun. Click here to download the game on your Android.

10. Limbo

To start our list, we have one of the most acclaimed games on Android devices. Limbo may seem quite simple, not to mention realistic or more detailed visuals, but it is this minimalist style that brings the right atmosphere to the game. Basically, this is a 2D game full of interesting puzzles, in which you must use the surrounding environment to find the solution. Besides being very beautiful, the game is also a bit sad and cryptic, so it's worth a try. To download it, just click this link.

11. You Must Built a Boat

If you prefer to try something lighter, you can play You Must Built a Boat. In this game, you have to upgrade your boat, travel the world, face and capture creatures, search for treasure and recruit new members for your crew. Interestingly, all this challenge and complexity pay off when you start improving your skills and equipment, which makes adventures more fun. It also has several randomly generated dungeons and a very complete battle system. To download it, just click this link.

12. Five Nights at Freddy's

Of course Five Nights at Freddy's had to be on our list, because this is one of the most successful franchises of this era. If you like horror games, this is certainly an option, although you may rely more on sudden scares rather than pure suspense, for example. As with all games in the series, you play as a night watchman in an old restaurant full of electronic animals that can kill you anytime. Download Five Nights at Freddy's from this link.

13. Baldur's Gate II Enhanced Edition

If you like old RPGs, you may have at least heard of Baldur's Gate at some point. This classic PC game has finally hit mobile devices, making it a virtually perfect addition to your LG G6. You can build your team of heroes, battle wizards and venture into a huge land full of mysteries. The only thing you need to know if you have never played this game is that it is very complex and tends to be very difficult for beginners. We recommend that you take a look at how the game works before you try it out, but know that it's all worth it. Click here to download it.

14. Earn to Die 2

Earn to Die 2 is another fun side-scroller that has a good adventure climate. In this game, you'll be driving a car through a post-apocalyptic world full of hungry zombies going after your character. Your goal is very basic, but enough to keep you captivated: you need to get to a plane to evacuate the contaminated place to stay away from the undead. The cool thing is that depending on how many zombies you defeat with your car, the more money you'll get. This helps to make vehicle repairs and improvements, ensuring better results in the future. Download the game through this link.

15. The Bard's Tale

For RPG lovers, The Bard's Tale is simply one of the best games to try on Android today. The visuals are very beautiful and well made and can be better used on the top screen.

With its captivating plot and complex controls, there's no denying that it can be uncomfortable to play it for hours on a small screen. To download it, just click this link.

16. Defense Zone 2 HD

Defense Zone 2 HD, also in the tower defense genre, is a bit more realistic than Plants vs Zombies and has a more modern military theme. The gameplay and tactical look are very well done and offer great depth.

The only problem is that if you have never played a game like this before, you may have a hard time understanding and mastering Defense Zone 2. Fortunately, this is a big plus for experienced tower defense players. The game can be downloaded at this link.

17. XCOM: Enemy Within

XCOM: Enemy Within is certainly one of the most complete strategy games available for Android, especially as it lacks the free-to-play practices we see in so many games of its kind on Google Play today.

You can take full advantage of it without any additional purchases, allowing you to focus on the gameplay and tactics needed to advance the game. Click here to download it directly from this link.

18. The Silent Age

Among a list of so many paid games, finely have one that can be downloaded for free on your Android: The Silent Age. The game takes place in the 1970s, with a very well characterized and fun environments, scenarios and characters.

The story has some elements of time travel, but let's not tell much of the adventure so as not to spoil the rest. Silent Age can be downloaded for free via this link.

19. Punch Quest

Punch Quest has been a real hit with the Google Play Store since its launch, which is easy to understand because of its fast, chaotic and vibrant action style. It is a very fun platform game in which you only need to press a few buttons to make your character fight enemies. Otherwise, it kind of moves on its own, leaving you freer to focus on the action. If you're a fan of 16-bit Super Nintendo and Mega Drive games, you should really appreciate the look of Punch Quest, as it seems to be well-inspired at this time. Click here to download it.

20. Sorcery! 2

The Sorcery Game! 2 is another very fun RPG, but with a wider variety of what can happen in the story and its characters. In addition, it also has a very interesting combat system and it is necessary to have good strategies to progress in the game. Click here to download the game.

21. Thomas Was Alone

This is another popular game that has won multi-platform versions, including smartphones, of course. It is totally focused on puzzles, which get more and more challenging as you progress.

Plus, he has a very interesting story that works very well with his kind of gameplay. You can click here to download it .

22. Lost Within

Despite not having the most original premise of horror games, Lost Within is still a lot of fun, tense and scary. You play as a delegate who needs to investigate an abandoned hospice to make sure there are no people there before the place is demolished. As expected, the interior of the hospice is quite scary and full of details to make the atmosphere even more tense. The cool thing is that you can investigate everything from objects dropped on the floor to the drawers of old furniture scattered around the place. The game is very challenging and worth checking out, and you can download it from this link.

23. NY Zombies

Of course this list could not be without a classic zombie game for you to enjoy on your LG G6. In this case, NY Zombies is very similar to those old arcade shooters, like The House of the Dead, for example. You'll have a good range of weapons to get rid of the extensive hordes of zombies that appear in each scenario. In the meantime, you still need to worry about finding and saving multiple victims scattered throughout each phase. Despite having a lot of action, NY Zombies can still be very tense, especially when dozens of zombies come toward you. Click here to download it.

24. Super Mario Run

A lot of people have always wanted to try Nintendo's famous icon games more affordably and without necessarily having to buy a console just for that. Fortunately, this is now more than possible with Super Mario Run. The game was developed especially by Nintendo and is very fun and addictive. Despite being paid, you can download it for free on your LG G6 to try some stages. Download the game through this link.

25. Don't Starve

This is another game originally released for PCs and has gained several versions for other platforms, including Android. Besides having a really unique and beautiful look, its gameplay is very addictive and fun. You play as a young scientist who was left in a wild place inhabited by strange animals and monsters that only come out at night. The goal is to try to survive as long as possible with the few resources you find during the four seasons of the year. You can download it from this link.

In addition to these popular games we listed above, you can also check out our other good extra tips below:

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