Top 5 Galaxy Note 5 Issues and How to Solve Them

Galaxy Note 5 is one of the best phablets (the hybrid between smartphones and tablets) on the market today and is still a great choice for those looking for the performance of a high quality smartphone and the practicalities of a tablet. Still, its users have to face certain very common issues, like any other mobile device today. To learn how to solve possible problems with the device, check out our list of the biggest issues of Galaxy Note 5 and how you can solve them!

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1. S-Pen gets stuck

One of the biggest draw of the Galaxy Note 5 is its pen, nicknamed the S-Pen, which makes using phablet much more convenient. Unfortunately, one of the most common problems with the device is that the S-Pen often gets stuck if you store it the wrong way inside the device.

This usually happens if you insert it upside down on your device, something that can happen without your noticing. This makes it difficult to remove the pen later and may even damage the pen if you force it out of place. If it is stuck, do not attempt to remove it by yourself if it is difficult and have the appliance serviced as soon as possible.

2. Unintentional Locking and Shutdown

As with many other Samsung devices, you may notice that the Galaxy Note 5 starts to crash, slow down, or even shut down on its own. Generally, restarting your device can resolve crashes and slowdowns, but it is also recommended that you always keep your device and apps up to date.

It may not sound like it, but older versions of Android and its apps may contain bugs that cause various performance issues on your device. If your Galaxy Note is still becoming impossible to operate, it is always a good idea to consider restoring it to factory condition.

3. Wireless charging does not work

Another nice aspect of the device is the ability to charge the battery without the need for wires, but this can also become one of the problems of the Galaxy Note 5. The truth is that most users who have problems charging the device wireless, are using chargers of other companies and poor quality.

You are unlikely to have this problem with an official Samsung charger or other trusted brand, so always pay attention when purchasing such products. If you are unable to charge the battery with an official charger, it is advisable to try the function with another model to see if the problem is with the charger or smartphone. This makes it easier to solve the service problem

4. Wi-Fi Disconnects Alone

Unfortunately it is very common to have problems with Wi-Fi on certain Android devices and you have had this experience with your devices yourself. If your connection is dropping or disconnecting by itself on Galaxy Note 5, it is always best to restart your smartphone as a first option.

This usually solves the problem, but if it doesn't work, try restarting your router or making your device forget about the Wi-Fi network you usually use to reconnect as if it were your first time. Because the problem is so common, the solution doesn't have many mysteries and you should be able to solve it quickly.

5. The battery does not last

Despite having a slightly worse battery life than the Galaxy Note 4, Samsung's new phablet still offers great battery life and can last all day in heavy use. So if you find that the battery is running out too fast, the problem could be another.

This could be caused by problematic applications, so make sure you keep everyone updated whenever possible. If that doesn't help or solve it, try following our tips on how to make your battery last longer by clicking this link.

Did you solve the Galaxy Note 5 problems?

So, were you able to solve the Galaxy Note 5 problems with our tips? Or could not fix the smartphone and want to sell it? If so, be sure to check out our article with the most helpful tips for selling the Galaxy Note 5!

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