Top 5 iPhone 8 Rumors

The iPhone 7 was released a few months ago, but many people are already speculating about the possible new features of the iPhone 8, which should not be revealed until the end of next year, considering that the iPhone 7s is announced this year. It's hard to predict everything the new smartphone should bring, especially since it's still a long time before launch. Still, many rumors about their future news are already circulating on the internet. If you want to know some of the comments, just check our list below!

1. Fast Charging

It's hard to understand why the iPhone 7 has had so many improvements but still doesn't have a quick charge feature. Most of today's smartphones, even middlemen, already have this feature, which annoys iPhone users a great deal.

Fast charging may already appear on iPhone 7s, so it's almost guaranteed for 8. Still, it's best not to raise too many expectations.

2. Thinner Edges

As much as the design of the iPhone has changed a lot with the iPhone 6, there is still something that bothers its users: the unnecessarily large edges. This makes the screen look smaller and take some of the immersion off the models with the white front.

Apple is expected to give the iPhone 8 a basic makeover, which could lead to a decrease in the size of the edges. It would certainly be something more than welcome.

3. OLED Display

As much as Apple always makes its products with good quality, there is still a lot to improve, especially when comparing the iPhone with its biggest competitors. So one of the biggest rumors is that the iPhone 8 has an OLED display.

In addition to the screen being much better, the colors would be much more vibrant and true to reality. Of course, this could increase the price of the iPhone, leading some consumers to believe that Apple may release different versions with the same screen as ever.

4. Tap to activate

Some Android devices already have a feature that lets their users just touch the off screen to wake it up and show notifications, time, and other options. It is possible that the iPhone 7s itself already has this feature, but it is further enhanced in iPhone 8.

The interesting thing should be the use of 3D touch with this function, which will probably be considered as the big differential by Apple.

5. Camera Enhancements

The iPhone 7 cameras are already quite fantastic, despite some minor problems. Still, Apple is expected to work even harder to bring more quality and resolution to both the iPhone 7s and 8, especially now that Pixel has had its camera voted the best of modern smartphones.

Apple is expected to keep the two-camera rear model on the Plus model, but with even more features to approach semi-professional cameras.

What do you think about the iPhone 8 rumors?

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