Top 7 MacOS High Sierra News

Apple recently held a special event to announce some of its news and plans for this year, highlighting new iPad, iMac models and versions of its operating systems. In addition to iOS 11, the new macOS High Sierra was also properly presented. The company's computer system update has received major improvements and modifications and you can check out the main news on our list below!

1. Live Photos

Live Photos, a feature that lets you take moving photos, was quite successful when it first appeared on the iPhone 6S, but there have always been some annoying limitations.

The main problem was that it was not possible to make changes to these photos, which has changed for anyone with a Mac with the new High Sierra installed. Now you can edit Live Photos as you like, so you can crop certain parts and adjust the loop to your liking. This makes animated photos even more interactive than today's GIFs.

2. Autoplay Lock

Many sites use autoplay to automatically play videos when someone opens the page, which is normal for commercials and other advertisements. There are those who do not care much about it, because in many cases the sound is disabled, but there are many people who can not stand the excessive use of the feature.

To try to minimize the situation, Apple has introduced a new feature in Safari that allows the user to disable autoplay of certain websites. All of this is customized in browser settings, so you have more control over the pages you visit.

3. Virtual and Augmented Reality

Of course, Apple couldn't stay out of the news of the world of virtual reality and augmented reality, especially with so much content being developed specifically for it.

High Sierra already comes with support for these technologies, but older Macs may end up not doing so well as these features require more powerful machines. In addition, Apple has also announced the ARkit platform, which will serve developers who want to create augmented and virtual reality experiences for iOS devices.

4. Advertising Tracking

Autoplay blocking video was not Apple's only attack on advertising. The company also said Safari will have a special feature to prevent online stores and other advertisers from tracking their searches and purchases to suggest products.

5. Messages in iCloud

In earlier versions of macOS, it was normal for iMessage messages to be stored in the internal space of your computer. This was as bad for space-savvy as it was for computer-swappers, and they had to run out of messages if they didn't have a backup saved.

Once High Sierra has been updated, all your messages will be stored directly in iCloud and will be viewable on every Apple device you have.

6. Better Videos

For a long time, Apple used the H.264 codec to compress its videos, which was a simple system standard. In High Sierra, this will change to a much more efficient codec called H.265 or HEVC.

This means you can record HD and 4K videos without any loss in quality and without taking up as much storage space as before.

7. Photo App

Not only did Live Photos gain modifications in High Sierra, as the Mac Photo app has also received major changes.

You now open any photo directly in third party software, such as Photoshop, to name a better known example. Before, you had to open the program and then import and open the desired photo. Much more efficient and faster with the new way, isn't it ?!

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