Top 7 New Features of the New iPad Pro

Among so many new features presented at WWDC, Apple's special developer event, one of which caught the most attention was the new iPad Pro. The new version of the company's most powerful tablet was even more interesting than last year's model. In addition to a larger screen, the new iPad also features powerful components, something that may interest consumers who were still unconvinced about the other models. To learn about all the news and features of iPad Pro, just check out our list below!

1. Design

As expected, the design of the new iPad Pro has not changed much from the previous model, but still has some improvements. Now the edges are much thinner and have made room for the screen to expand, which is obviously a bit bigger than before.

Other than that, the device is thinner and lighter than its predecessors. For now, it will be sold in the same colors as before: silver, gold, pink and gray.

2. Screen

As we mentioned above, the screen got slightly larger than before. The display of this model is 10.5 inches (the previous device had a 9.7 inch screen) with a resolution of 2224 x 1688 pixels.

Other than that, Apple has also made sure that the iPad Pro's display colors are much more vibrant and extra bright, which is great for a tablet used for drawings and other design work.

3. Apple Pencil

Of course, the company would not leave Apple Pencil without its own enhancements, as this has always been a highlight of the iPad Pro. Apple has stated that the tablet screen refresh rate is 120Hz, twice the 60Hz of the previous model. .

Basically, this makes the latency of movements made with the Apple Pencil (or even your fingers on the touch screen) much lower than before. In this way, the display responds to commands quickly and more naturally.

4. Performance

The performance of the iPad Pro has also received significant improvements. The new device features an A10x Fusion chip, plus a six-core CPU.

In practice, this brings a 30% improvement in the overall speed of the tablet compared to the model released last year, which featured the A9X Fusion chip.

5. Battery

Apple didn't mention exactly what the new iPad Pro's battery capacity would be, but made sure the device had enough power to last more than 10 hours of heavy use. This would include browsing the internet with Wi-Fi, whether reading, watching videos or listening to music on different streaming services.

6. iOS 11

As expected, the new iPad Pro will receive the iOS 11 update as it becomes available. Considering the power of the handset, he will be able to enjoy all the news and improvements of the system without any problem.

Plus, the tablet is guaranteed to receive updates from new versions of iOS for many years, as Apple always does with its devices.

7. Release

It is Apple's custom that consumers do not have to wait long to get a chance to buy their newly announced products. This is no different with the new iPad Pro.

The new model can now be preordered on Apple's official website, but will only ship after June 12th. Remember that Brazil has no date to receive the device.

What did you think of the new iPad Pro?

Could you use our list to know some of the first news about the iPad Pro? Be sure to leave your comment telling us what you think about the tablet.

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