Top 8 Best Online Text Editors

If you need to write texts or articles for work or study purposes, online text editors are almost necessary. They can be used anywhere with an internet connection, meaning you don't have to worry about different files or if you have the right document saved on a thumb drive or email.

In addition, online publishers automatically save changes, not allowing you to lose your work if you have a computer problem, for example. Because they are accessed by the web browser, they are also compatible with any type of system and platform (such as Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, etc.) and can still be easily shared with others. To enjoy all these advantages, how about getting to know the 8 best text editors we listed below ?!

1. Google Docs

This should come as no surprise to anyone, as Google Docs is possibly one of the best-known online text editors on the Internet today. It is part of Google Drive, which features spreadsheets, slides, and many other document options that can be created and stored in the cloud.

Google Docs can also be changed offline and saved as a file on your PC, allowing you to send it to someone or save it where you prefer. By the way, it's easy to say that no one else can beat Docs, but since it also has some bugs or a lack of options for some people, it's good to have alternatives. However, you can access Docs through this link.

2. Office Online

If Google has an online publisher, it is obvious that Microsoft would have a rival as well: Office Online. In practical matters, it offers the same things as Docs, but differs in more advanced tools and settings.

Similar to Docs, which saves documents in Google Drive, Office Online automatically saves files to OneDrive. They can also be downloaded anytime on your computer or mobile device. You check out the Microsoft editor at this link.

3. Quip

Unlike the other two online text editors mentioned, Quip does not offer very advanced tools and options, but it is a great option for those who just want to write their texts quickly and simply.

The site design is very intuitive and easy to use on any device, but the cool thing is that it brings a chat so that a certain group of people can discuss about the text in question. You can also edit your texts offline and download them to your computer at any time. You can learn more about Quip through this link.

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4. StackEdit

If you need a Markdown text editor, StackEdit really is one of the best solutions on the market. It has a really simple interface and can be accessed on any device directly from the browser. It also allows your users to open or sync Google Drive or Dropbox documents, automatically saving their work to the cloud.

Among the features available within the text editor itself, you can comment on paragraphs, collaborate with other members of your team, and also write even when you are not logged in. The best part is that it is free, access the official website via the link!

5. OnlyOffice

OnlyOffice can be described as a mix of the best of Google Docs and Office Online, bringing great tools and a very functional design, being considered one of the best online text editors. It has a free and paid version, each with advantages for different types of users.

The best part is that you can save your documents wherever you want, including Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive even! You can access OnlyOffice through this link.

6. Hackpad

Hackpad has been in Dropbox for a few years now and is more for creating wiki pages than anything else. Still, it can also be used to create normal documents quite simply.

You can share your documents with others, who can also edit and make suggestions for text editing, bringing a collaborative aspect to many other publishers out there. Hackpad is completely free and can be accessed through this link.

7. Graphite Writer

If all you need is a platform to be able to write directly in the browser, you won't be disappointed with Graphite Writer. It is designed so you can quickly access the editor from anywhere on any device.

The tool is not robust, just the basic functionality you need to produce your texts. Even so, it still allows for the addition of hyperlinks, images, list creation and videos.

Graphite Writer is really completely free, just log in to the platform using your Google account and start typing a new document, which can be saved in .doc format on your device.

8. Zoho Docs

Zoho Docs has a very similar design to Office Online, but with unique tools that give it a very different face to ordinary online publishers. It can be used in both a web-based application and an app that can be used right on your computer.

Files on your PC and on the web can be synced whenever they change, and there are also options for others to collaborate on your texts. You can check out Zoho Docs at this link!

Did you like these online text editors?

And then, did you find an online publisher option that suits you best? Which one did you like or use the most? Tell us in the comments below which solution you intend to use!

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