Top 8 Best Writing Apps for iPad

There is a growing demand for the best writing apps for iPad. As you gradually get better options for writing on these devices, long writing sessions with iPad become increasingly common. As a result, there is much more application offering, and writing app developers also make significant improvements to their offerings.

We here at Apptus went looking for the best apps and then made our choices to compile the top 8 best writing apps for the iPad. Check out our list of free paid apps to get you started writing right away on your own iPad!

1- Editorial (US $ 4.99)

The Editorial app may be very recent, but believe me, it's also a great white shark in the sea of ​​writing for the iPad. Developed by Pythonista, the application supports Python redialing and writing.

I especially like the browser, with which you can swipe from the side. For advanced users, Editorial will really be a more intuitive and useful application compared to other alternatives. But if the user, on the other hand, is an initiate, check out the offers below for you.

2- Quip (free)

Let's start with the big advantage: this app is free. Seemingly not, it makes a big difference compared to other apps!

In addition, Quip combines the word processor with a messaging system to create discussion topics and document editing.

The app is only in version 1.1, so some of the features needed to make it usable on its own are still missing, but the social mechanics are a good foundation.

3- Pages (US $ 9.99)

Apple owns Pages for an obvious reason. It is the most expensive application on this list, but it is a full featured document creator.

The fact that Pages is deeply integrated with iOS, iCloud, and the Mac version of Pages is, in most cases, a pretty rewarding extra. So if you have a Mac and are a fan of Apple apps, I advise you to use this tool.

Pages stands out on iOS for the ability to place a page with charts, tables and a host of other features.

4- Day One ($ 4.99)

Day One is a stylish registration app with plenty of bells and whistles. It has support from Foursquare and for the price it is, it is already worth the purchase. If the goal of the user is daily logging, if not, this app turns out not to be very useful.

My daily logging habits are inconsistent - at best - but the Day One app is so appealing that it makes me want to write. If you need a “boost” to start your diary, this app is for you!

5- Evernote (free)

Cloud support and the growing home of development partners are Evernote's strengths. Evernote is a great application that works like an online notebook. However, it is much more than that, being considered the best note-taking app in the world on both iOS and Android.

Allows the organization by folders, subjects and themes. But to know better how this excellent tool works it is best to take a look at this article. In it, we walkthrough how Evernote works. While Evernote is more focused on note issues, it can also be a great way to write and keep reminders on your iPad.

6- Penultimate (free)

There is something that satisfies me that I can write notes on the iPad with Penultimate. Handwriting on the touchscreen is slow and prone to finger strain. The good thing is that you can always use a pen.

Since acquiring the app last year, Evernote has added text search. But Penultimate still lacks full-text export and optical character recognition.

7- iA Writer (US $ 0.99)

This app includes a focus mode that highlights the current three lines of text. This helps to focus the user and not to lose their attention. It's all very zen style, leaving the user focused on the essentials: writing.

There are no options for formatting your text. Still, the recorder supports the redial file format. The user can also copy the formatted version of text by ticking it down.

8- Byword (US $ 5.99)

Byword is another great choice among iPad writing apps. It is designed to make writing easier using Markdown, and allows you to sync your documents and jobs across multiple devices, including the Mac. That way you'll be able to get on with your work from anywhere.

The app has a dark theme, for better usability in low light environments, enables use while your device is unplugged and is also able to export to PDF and HTML.

A great advantage of Byword is that it enables direct publishing to major platforms such as Medium, WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger and even Evernote, already mentioned in our list. Unfortunately, it's not free, but it has excellent in-store user reviews. It is worth checking!

Did you like the iPad writing apps?

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