Top 9 Mac Calendar Apps

One of the most important items to keep up with your events and tasks is a calendar. But instead of paper calendars, it turns out to be more efficient to adopt an electronic calendar that sends you notifications on your computer, also eliminating the need to make a habit of taking the physical calendar. Unfortunately, the vast majority of Mac calendar apps are paid, and some come at astronomical prices, mostly because they are in dollars. That's why we've compiled a list of the top seven Mac calendar apps at no charge, just by installing.

1. Calendar

The Mac itself already has its own application to organize your appointments. In addition to the common functions of any such app, such as checking dates, creating events, and receiving notifications, Calendar can also be synced to your email account and can even be viewed on non-Apple smartphones.

2. Google Calendar

Google Calendar is one of the most widely used options worldwide, especially because it offers integrations with Gmail, as well as the ability to create multiple calendars and calendars within the same platform. Here you can also organize your tasks and even share them with other contacts via gmail.

As one of the best Mac calendar apps, it also features color customizations and a host of other features that involve other company solutions. Google Calendar is completely free and offers no paid plans either, download it directly from the store!

3. is definitely one of the best calendar apps for Mac, including winning awards for its practicality and fluidity. With it, you can create and configure tasks and activities, schedule them when you need them, and of course, get advance notifications that help keep you alert about every event on your calendar.

In addition, can be synced on any device, such as your own iPhone or iPad, for example. Its interface is really clean and organizing your in-app activities is really easy and fast. The best part is that the application can be downloaded for free, visit the official page!

4. I cooked

Cozi is a slightly different calendar app. Its purpose is to act as a calendar and activity organizer for the whole family, allowing you to create tasks and share with other members within the same group in the app. That way you can keep everyone up to date on dentist visits, shopping, events, and other activities.

Of course, Cozi can also be used just for you. It is very practical, has a friendly and intuitive interface and is free, with excellent reviews on the App Store, really worth a try. Access through the link to download it.

5. Lightning Calendar

Developed by Mozilla, Lightning Calendar is an app that comes with Thunderbird, the company's email manager. It does not offer much non-standard options, but is perfect for those using Mozilla applications. The downside of this app is the obligation to join Thunderbird in order to use it.

Even so, you'll even have development access if you want to create plugins or other specific features for your own calendar. Interesting, don't you think?

6. Time Tree

Time Tree has the greatest advantage of sharing your calendars, tasks and calendars created with any of your contacts, even if they don't use the app or have it installed on their own Mac. It's really practical, lightweight and very intuitive., allowing the scheduling of activities in a practical way.

Of course, the app sends notifications and makes sure you don't forget any events on your calendar. Also, it can be used for free. Worth checking out, download it by accessing the official website!

7. Fantastical 2

Fantastical 2 is a truly professional solution for you looking for the best Mac calendar apps. It offers multiple additional features to optimize your experience, including the ability to include traffic time until you get to an event marked on your agenda.

Unfortunately, Fantastical 2 is not free, but offers a full trial period of up to 21 days. It's worth checking out if you are looking for a really robust solution. Visit their page!

8. Sunrise Calendar

Sunrise Calendar acts as a kind of app aggregator. Designed to bring a solution for Google Calendar users who have migrated to the Mac, it also works with other calendars like Facebook and Eventbrite. In addition, it can also be synced with other services like iCloud, Evernote and LinkedIn.

9. Rainlendar

An open source app, Rainlendar is the most customizable in this list of calendar apps for Mac. You can put new skins and even integrate it with other apps like Google. It is also one of the best designed designs that can be placed on the desktop, but so as not to be cumbersome or occupying usable space. Your only problem is how it works: Some crashes have been reported after inserting a new item.

Found the app you needed?

Did you like our list of best calendar apps for Mac? Already using any of these or any of the paid options on iTunes? Comment with us which solution is your favorite, or even if we fail to include any alternative you use!

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