Tutorial: Using Karaoke Mode on YouTube Songs

There are millions of music videos or music clips on YouTube, after all, this is one of the most sought after content on the site and a good way for artists and bands to promote their work. Unfortunately, there are not yet many songs with karaoke versions (without the voice and the lyrics appearing) there, although it is possible to find some songs like that. The good news is that you can install a plugin in your browser to turn almost any song into a karaoke version for you to sing and have fun.

Karaoke Mode on YouTube

In order to get YouTube songs in karaoke mode, we will use a very nice plugin for Google Chrome. Unfortunately, this plugin does not have support for other browsers yet, but you can download it from this link.

Open the link in Google Chrome and click "Add to Chrome" to install the plugin directly into your browser.

Once you do that, go to YouTube and look for the video of some song of your choice. You will see the plugin symbol near the browser address bar, click it.

After a few seconds, the page layout will change slightly. The voice will disappear from the music, which will be left with the instruments only. The lyrics should also automatically appear next to the video to help you sing.

Very simple, isn't it ?! The only bad part is that not all YouTube songs have support for this plugin. At least more songs are being supported every day and you can check out a playlist of songs that can already be used in karaoke mode via this link.

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