UberEATS: Learn how to order food online through the new Uber app

Launched in February in the capital of São Paulo alone, UberEATS expanded its operations to include two more Brazilian capitals: Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte. Its operation is similar to other delivery apps, such as iFood and OrdersNow, but with the possibility of becoming an independent delivery, for example. If you haven't used the app yet, check out the complete step by step ordering food online through UberEATS!

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How to order food online from UberEATS

1 - Access UberEATS and link it with your Uber account. If you do not have an account, register directly with the application;

2 - Enter your shipping address or choose one of your registered addresses, if there is one. Also select whether you want the order to be delivered immediately or schedule a time to receive it;

3 - If you have chosen the schedule, simply enter the date and time for delivery;

4 - Verify that the address has been entered correctly and confirm the button Done ;

5 - After entering the address, will be taken to the list of restaurants nearby. Choose what pleases you most to proceed;

6 - After making your choice, you can check the restaurant menu and choose your meal or snack;

7 - Upon your choice, you may include special orders - such as taking the onion or some other displeasing ingredient - selecting the quantity of items and adding them to the shopping cart;

8 - After you finish choosing the items on your order, you will be taken to your cart, where you can return to include other dishes or desserts. Then tap All right, you can ask to complete the process;

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Did you get your first order on UberEATS?

Uber continues to expand its endeavors around the world, now allowing drivers to assist with delivery too. How has your experience with the app been? Did the tutorial help you get your order? Comment with us and download UberEats on Android or iOS!

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