Using the night mode feature in Google Chrome

Night mode is a very efficient way to make sure you can use your electronic devices without harming your eyes at night or in dark environments. In such cases, a screen with a high brightness level can hurt or weary eyesight, which also causes severe headaches for those who are more sensitive or wear glasses. Fortunately, even internet browsers now have night modes, such as Google Chrome. To learn how to use this feature at any time, just check out our tips below!

Chrome night mode

Unfortunately, there is no official way to use night mode in Google Chrome, as it was never actually implemented in the browser. Still, there are several good quality plugins that do this quickly.

Our recommendation is that you use the Night Mode Pro plugin, which can be downloaded via this link. Just open it with Chrome and click "Add to Chrome" to install it.

After the automatic installation you will see a warning of the plugin itself saying how you can use it.

To do this, open any page of your choice (we will use Wikipedia as an example in this tutorial) and click the light bulb icon on the upper right side of the screen.

A plugin window will open with some options. You can drag the middle bar to adjust the brightness level manually, as highlighted in the image below.

If you prefer, you can also click the night mode button directly, as shown in the image below. This will make the screen look much darker, while the text becomes lighter.

Regardless of which mode you choose, both work very well and should help you see better in the dark without causing headaches.

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