Viewing WhatsApp Status on PC and Mac

A recent WhatsApp update has enabled users to view the new messenger status directly from their computer. Although it seems like a trivial function, WhatsApp Status is the first of the stories apps - including Snapchat and Instagram Stories, the most popular ones - to allow users to use their computers to check the status of their contacts. To learn how to view WhatsApp Status on your PC, follow the steps in our tutorial below.

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Viewing WhatsApp Status on PC and Mac

1 - Open your browser and access WhatsApp Web. Alternatively, download the application for PC or Mac and open it on your computer;

2 - Open the WhatsApp app on your smartphone and select the WhatsApp Web option. Use the camera and aim at the QR Code shown on the computer;

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3 - A new icon should appear in WhatsApp for computers, click it to access Status;

4 - The Status screen will open and you can view the publications of your contacts or your own, as shown in the screenshot below;

5 - Click on any of the options to view WhatsApp Status on the PC.

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Prefer to see WhatsApp Status on PC or mobile?

It is quite possible that Facebook - owner of WhatsApp - has launched functionality to test the possibility of also allowing Facebook, Messenger and Instagram users to view Stories on their computer as well. What is your opinion on the subject? Could you see WhatsApp Status on PC? Tell us and learn how to see WhatsApp Status without anyone knowing!

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