Voice and video: How to make group calls in WhatsApp

WhatsApp recently added the ability to make group voice or video calls. This is true for both Android and iPhone smartphones, and the update has been released generally. The feature is very useful for chatting with your friends and coworkers without having to install other apps like Skype or Google Hangouts, for example. If you want to learn how to make group calls on WhatsApp, just check out our tutorial below!

Make group calls on WhatsApp

To get started, make sure your app is properly up to date as the feature is very recent. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that the tutorial below was performed on Android, but works the same way on iPhone.

Open WhatsApp and select the contact you want to start a call with. Click the phone or camera icon depending on whether you want a voice or video call.

Wait a few seconds for the first person in the group to answer before proceeding.

Next you will see the contact symbol with a "+". This is where you must click to add another person to the call.

From your contact list, choose the contact you want to put on your group call and confirm the action.

Now just wait for the person answering the call to continue the group conversation.

You can perform the same process to add up to two other contacts in this call. In total, you can have up to five people per group call.

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