Walkthrough: How to Speed ​​Up WhatsApp Audios

Since the audio messaging option was implemented in WhatsApp, it has become one of the most popular communication options in the chat application. In addition to being a more practical way of expressing yourself, there is also the factor of being something more personal and faster overall. Still, some people find it annoying when they get very long audios, something common to happen. The good news is that there is a way to speed up WhatsApp audios in the web version, as you can see in the tutorial below!

Speed ​​up WhatsApp audios

As we mentioned, you can speed up WhatsApp audios in the web version of WhatsApp. This is because you need a Google Chrome extension to do the process.

This extension is called “Zapp: WhatsApp Audio Speed ​​and Volume” and adds some manual controls related to WhatsApp Web audios. You can download and install the extension via the link.

The installation process is automatic after you click "Add to Chrome." So just wait for the extension to finish setting up.

With that done, go to WhatsApp Web in Google Chrome (just click this link) and sign in to your account if necessary.

In your account, open one of your conversations that has one of the audios you want to speed up.

Then click on the Zapp extension icon we previously installed. This icon is located at the top right of Chrome, as highlighted in the image below:

As you can see, you can use the up or down arrows to increase or decrease the audio speed. In this example, we will use a speed 1.5 times faster than normal.

With that done, just play the desired audios and they will already be at the set speed.

You can change the speed again at any time, whether to make audio even faster or slower.

It is worth mentioning that it is possible to make these audios up to 2 times faster or 0.5 slower with this extension.

Remember to back up your conversations!

Even though audios are not important to be heard in full, it is important that you have backups of your WhatsApp conversations. So be sure to schedule your backups periodically on your Android or iOS.

To back up to WhatsApp, go to your app's settings menu. Then go to the Conversations menu and access Conversation Backup . From this menu you can have WhatsApp back up immediately.

It is also possible to schedule its periodicity. That is, you can have WhatsApp perform daily, weekly, or monthly backups. You must have a Google Drive account if you are an Android or iCloud user on iPhone and iPad. So be sure to check out our full tutorial on how to back up WhatsApp as well.

Favorite important audios

In addition to backups, you can favor important audios, which can be played on a separate screen and can be retained while cleaning up, as we will show in the next tip. It's interesting to favor some audios, especially if you use WhatsApp for business.

This can be done on WhatsApp's own chat screen. Open the conversation with a message you think is important. Hold your finger on the message for a few seconds until WhatsApp kind of fills. Then touch the star-shaped icon to favor the message.

To access the favorite message, click the WhatsApp menu icon and select the Favorite messages option. In this menu you will see all the messages you favored, separated by contact or group where it was received.

Clean up your useless audio storage!

Already have WhatsApp backup organized? Then it's time to clear the internal storage of useless audios from your aunt who doesn't remember that she has a keyboard on WhatsApp! After all, if you needed to speed up WhatsApp audios, it means they're not so important that you need to keep them on your phone.

Again, go to your WhatsApp settings menu. This time, go to the Data and storage area . Click Storage Usage . On this screen, the app will show how much each conversation is taking up on your smartphone.

When you join a conversation, WhatsApp will detail how much each type of message is taking up. He will tell you how many photos you have exchanged and how much space they take up, for example. The same goes for audio messages and GIFs, for example.

To clear them, click Manage Messages . In the same place, a button called Clear Messages (xx, x MB) will appear instead. Click the button and confirm that you want to clear all messages without exception, if you want to keep only the favorites - the ones you starred - or if you want to go back and cancel the cleaning. See our detailed tutorial on how to clean WhatsApp from files and messages on Android!

Did you like the tips?

Could you take our tutorial to learn how to speed up Whatsapp audios? And our other tips for keeping your storage lean, without WhatsApp taking up your entire smartphone.

Finally, don't forget to leave your comment telling us if everything went well, but be careful not to offend your aunt in the zap by listening to your audios in a fast way!

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