Webinar or WebinarNinja Loop: 7 Reasons to Use Webinar Loop

Launched just a few months ago, Loop Webinar is a webinar platform that focuses on simplicity of interface, and is especially useful for those just starting their online classes. To get to know a little more about the tool, we compare it with one of the main platforms available on the market, WebinarNinja. Check out the 7 reasons why we chose Loop Webinar if we had to choose Loop Webinar or WebinarNinja!

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1. He is totally in Portuguese

The main advantage of using Loop Webinar instead of WebinarNinja is that you do not need English language skills to use it. Aimed at audiences from Brazil and Portugal, the platform is entirely in Portuguese, without the need to "guess" what each session does or appeal to Google Translate.

2. Support also in Portuguese

It is not only the Loop Webinar interface that is in Portuguese, but also support via online chat. In addition to answering any questions that may arise, the support team is also trained to guide the user step by step, creating their first webinar together.

3. Subscription prices in reais

While WebinarNinja is affordable - at least its most basic $ 45 monthly subscription - Loop Webinar is billed in reais. This means you have one more option when paying for your subscription (bank slip) and you will not need to rely on international cards or digital wallets like PayPal or the like. Loop Webinar subscription fee is also more affordable, being only $ 97 per month.

4. Unlimited Online Users

Webinar or WebinarNinja Loop Plans? While WebinarNinja has four plans, they all offer full functionality, each limiting the number of participants online at any given time. While the Starter plan can have up to 100 people online, the more expensive plan allows up to 1, 000 simultaneous participants. This does not exist in Loop Webinar, which allows unlimited number of people to participate at one time.

5. Permission to enter Facebook or Analytics tracking codes

While WebinarNinja allows you to enter tracking code for Facebook and Facebook Ads, Loop Webinar also supports Google scripts. This enables you to not only analyze traffic data coming from social networks, but also measure access to your webinar from other sources, such as search engines. You can also enter AdWords scripts to analyze traffic coming from your campaigns on the ad platform.


6. Disable chat

If you don't want to enable chat messages, Loop Webinar allows you to turn off chat at any time. The function can be useful for participants to focus only on what is being presented. Plus, you can re-enable it at any time. That is: you can take the chat while you pass the content and, when answering the questions, turn it on again to interact with the participants.

7. Learn about Facebook for Business with a bonus eBook

Subscribers to the Webinar Loop will not only have a platform to broadcast their webinars. One of the bonuses guaranteed in the monthly subscription will take a free copy of the second edition of the Facebook eBook for Business, essential to spread your online classes on Facebook and created by Luciano Larrossa, Facebook Marketing expert.

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Webinar or WebinarNinja Loop?

For these 7 reasons, we recommend that you use Loop Webinar more than the other option. To learn more about the platform, be sure to check all its features by clicking on the link. Finally, we want to hear from you, especially if you've used both platforms: which one is your favorite? Which is the easiest to use and get supported? Comment with us!

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