Website to gain Instagram followers: which one is better?

Gaining new followers for your Instagram profile is not a difficult task, but it is quite laborious. In addition to creating content on the social network - whether through regular posts and Instagram Stories - you should look for profiles and posts that produce images and videos similar to the type of post you like to like and follow these people, hoping they will follow you. back. However, there are pages that allow you to automate this interaction, saving time while generating results. But what is the best site to gain Instagram followers?

It is in search of this answer that we will show four of the main tools that make it possible: Managegram, Bume, InstaEasy and Grow Social. All of them are designed to boost your social networking profile, but we look at extra functionality, customer service methods, basic plan pricing, and the availability of tutorials and guides to make the tool easier to use.

We made this assessment in order to define which one may be right for you. So be sure to read the following paragraphs to find out which of these is the best site to gain Instagram followers!

Common Features and Evaluation Method

Before we start showing the results of our analysis, it is worth remembering that the four tools have some features in common. They are: automatic search for profiles and posts according to hashtags, other profiles and location set by the user; like these same posts and follow on the profile that made the publication and presentation of reports showing the growth of your account.

In order to establish the best site for gaining followers on Instagram, each criterion will rank from first to fourth, with four points to first, three to second, two to third, and one point to fourth. The points will be counted at the end of the evaluation, establishing a final and general ranking with the sum of the points in each category.

Rating # 1: Extra Features

In addition to the common functions we specified above, we also evaluate which tools have extra functionality that enhances the user experience. In this category, the best was the Managegram, which features 5 extra features, including: automatic welcome direct, comment management, post scheduling, account rotation and FREE 5-day trial.

Second place goes to Bume, with 4 extra features. Bume has a welcome message, account rotation, post scheduling and also allows free trial. Grow Social comes next with 3 more functions, being the automatic messages of welcome, free trial and also allowing to schedule publications, but not the rotation of accounts.

What is the best site to gain Instagram followers?

Considering the aspects shown throughout the text and the scoring system, Gestãogram can be considered the best site to gain followers on Instagram, totaling 14 points out of 16 possible and closely followed by Bume, who scored 13 points. Of course there are other variables, including growing your profile as you use it, so we recommend everyone, even if they have read this text, to test the tools and determine which one is best for you.

Have you tested any of them before? For you, which is the best site to gain Instagram followers? Comment with us!

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