What is Evergreen Webinar and how to make one

One of the technical terms associated with webinaries, Evergreen Webinar is also called Automated Webinar. As the translation indicates, this is an online class that repeats automatically according to your schedule. Some dedicated activity tools allow you to schedule and replay your webinars, each in its own way. Check out below how to make Evergreen Webinar on LoopWebinar, platform 100% in Portuguese.

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How to Make an Evergreen Webinar

1 - Login to the LoopWebinar platform;

2 - Click the Edit button of the webinar you want to automate;

3 - In the Repeat menu, choose the days when the webinar will be displayed again;

Tip: You can choose as many days of the week as you like, including all if you want your webinar to be repeated daily, for example.

4 - Confirm your choice by clicking the corresponding button.

5 - After confirmation, your webinar will repeat on the selected days, at the time described in the Start and End fields. If you would like your webinars to appear at different times, simply change the times as usual and hit the Confirm button. The replay will be retained, but in the future it will be broadcast at this new time.

6 - To remove Evergreen Webinar by stopping replay, just follow the same steps you took to add them by clicking the marked days of the week and ending with the Confirm button.

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How are you scheduling your Evergreen Webinar?

It's your turn to tell us about your experience! Do you often reschedule your webinars? Which days of the week and times are best for replays? Comment with us below!

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