10 games to relax on iPhone, iPad and Android and rest easy

The vast majority of electronic games today rely on some kind of action or portray tense scenarios, such as war or shooting games. But there is a niche of titles that goes directly against this pattern and can be considered relaxing games. We searched the internet to find these titles, available for Android, iPhone or iPad and selected 10 of them that you can have on your phone at times when the tension is high and your only desire is to be calm. Whether on the beach or in line at the bank, check out 10 games to relax on iPhone, iPad or Android!

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1. Viridi

It is difficult to have a simpler premise than that presented by Viridi. The game is just taking care of a potted plant, watching its growth, watering and pruning when necessary, being practically a gardening simulator. But without worrying about the death of the plant or asking someone to water it while traveling. The title is available on iOS and Android.

2. Stack

We are still not so sure if Stack can be considered one of the relax games or not. We say this because its gameplay is almost as simple as Viridi's, but it can generate some tension. The only goal here is to create a growing stack of objects. There are no difficulty modes or timers, as there is no goal of victory or defeat. Still, the expectation of whether or not your battery will fall may prove tense. Still, the title has a calm and relaxing soundtrack, and can also help to make you more peaceful. Stack can be downloaded on iPhone and iPad, as well as Android devices.

3. Two Dots

Another of the relaxing games on this list may not be so relaxing, depending on the user and the settings you apply. Two Dots is the old game of connecting the dots, famous in newspapers and magazines. However, it is possible to get improvements, items that increase your score and even apply a timer, if being calm is not your goal at the moment. It has a techno soundtrack, which can be turned off if the goal is to be quiet and relax.

Two Dots can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play.

4. Green the Planet

In the role of a tiny pixelated green alien - as if it were an old game - your role will not be to invade and conquer planets, but to reforest them. Traveling through space, you will land on barren, rock-filled planets, needing to put a lot of green in it. This is done through a laser used in meteors, which yield organic materials for use on crops. Green the Planet is available for Android and iOS.

5. Zen Koi

Out of space and into the ocean, Zen Koi is one of the few games that puts you in the role of a fish. Taking advantage of the undersea tranquility - enhanced by the soundtrack and the soft sound effects of water - you should guide one or more fish, searching for food and making sure your colony grows. The big surprise here comes when you raise your fish perfectly: they can become dragons!

The title is available for download on iPhone and iPad, as well as Android smartphones and tablets.

6. Miitomo

The first Nintendo title to be released for smartphones, Miitomo is a perfect social experience for a laugh, being the most social of the relaxing games on this list. You create a digital avatar - called Mii - and you can visit your friends' Mii on Facebook and Twitter, asking and answering questions that are part of the game's database. The more you interact, the more digital coins you get, and you can purchase special clothes for your avatar, many of them referring to classic games like Super Mario and Donkey Kong. Miitomo is free for iOS and Android.

7. Prune

With a similar footprint to Viridi, Prune has a slightly larger scope than him: instead of a potted plant, you should take care of a bonsai tree. In addition to taking care of the plant, you can prune it any way you like, testing it and making sure it stays in your favorite shape. Care is accompanied by a relaxing soundtrack and minimalist design without many elements interacting simultaneously on the screen.

Prune can be purchased from the Google Play or App Store.

8. Kleptocats

One of the games to relax with the most curious premise of all. No need to do much at Kleptocats, just watch as your kittens come and go, sometimes bringing some decorative items to your home. For your part, you can buy more cats and pet them, and decorate the various rooms in the house and you can dress them with clothes. However, the description of each item hides a dark secret about kittens and what they do when they are not being petted. Kleptocats is available on Android devices in addition to the iPhone and iPad.

9. Contre Jour

One of the few adventure games that can also be classified as relaxing games. Contre Jour puts him in the role of a little being named Petit, traveling to save a rose. The player has the power to change aspects of the terrain Petit passes through, helping him to overcome obstacles that appear. Remember that, despite this, the game has a smooth rhythm, accompanied by sounds in the same tone.

Contre Jour can be purchased for iPhone and Android.

10. Abyssrium

Although the name sounds strange, Abyssrium is one of the most relaxing experiences. Like Zen Koi, in this game you return to the bottom of the sea, but in the curious role of a rock. However, the small piece of rock wants friends around it, and to fulfill its wish, it should use screen touches to gain vitality and expand the terrain around it, adding corals, fish and surrounding plant life. The highlights are beautiful art and relaxing music, and little need to interact. Abyssrium can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

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What kinds of relaxing games do you play in your routine?

Despite the relaxing premise, the concept of relaxation is relative according to the person, since what makes one person calm can make the other person tense. Which games on our list do you find the most relaxing? What is your favorite type of game at these times? Comment with us!

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