12 best apps to get likes on Instagram

Gaining likes on Instagram or any social network is always good news, especially on Instagram where you can't share. The task, however, can be arduous, as it is not enough just to publish good content: it is necessary to interact with other users. Enjoying is one of the activities necessary to receive.

However, some apps can help you with this task by automating interactions and distributing likes to you. Below are the best Instagram likes apps that do this automation, saving you time.

However, it is worth remembering that they do not guarantee the gain of likes, since they are not apps to buy fake followers on Instagram, a practice that goes against the rules of the social network and also condemned by the AppTuts team.

1. Manage

The first app to earn likes on Instagram, Managegram is a browser app that works on both browser and mobile devices. Through it, you can configure specific hashtags and locations for your profile to interact.

After setup, it will automatically search for posts with the hashtags you mentioned and in the locations you tagged, liking the posts and following their authors. You can also assign profiles to search for posts from them or their followers to like and follow.

Tip: Try Managegram for FREE for 5 days when registering!

2. Bume

Like Managegram, Bume is a great tool to use alongside other strategies to gain more followers on Instagram, which also leads to new likes. With features similar to the example above, Bume also reports on your profile growth and even allows you to send automatic direct messages to new followers. Note that it also allows you to schedule posts, making it easier to manage your profile content.

Tip: Try the Bume for 5 days FREE by clicking the link!

3. Follow.me

This automatic interactions app is ideal for gaining likes on Instagram. Siga.me automates the process of distributing likes to profiles related to content you post on social networks.

This means that as your interactions increase, the more likely your posts are to get liked.

Tip : Try Following.me for FREE by accessing the link and signing up!

4. Insta Robot

Utilizing automatic interactions to distribute likes and follow users that fit your settings, Insta Robot is ideal for gaining likes without buying those likes from fake users. The service uses interactions by profiles, hashtags, and locations to encourage reciprocity.

That is, by liking and following profiles according to the settings above, it increases your chances of gaining Instagram likes back, without taking away the free will of the other user.

Plus, the app lets you schedule posts in your Instagram Stories and feed, send directs to new followers, and even view and respond to comments on your posts.

To learn more about Insta Robot, we suggest you visit your page and sign up to enjoy 3 days FREE to test the platform. Click the link to do it now!

5. Social Rocket

Social Rocket has automatic interaction tools like the sites shown in this list. In addition to configuring which hashtag types, locations, and profiles interact to get likes back, it also lets you schedule posts.

This makes it easier to schedule posts that will go to Instagram so that they have more reach and get more likes in your posts. Try Social Rocket for 2 days FREE when you register!

6. InstaEasy

The fifth of the best apps to get likes on Instagram is InstaEasy. Also allowing you to report on the growth provided by the app and automating hashtag interactions, the platform is one of the easiest to learn.

New users will have access to several video lessons and tutorials teaching how to use the application.

InstaEasy offers 30 DAY GUARANTEE on service subscription. If it does not achieve the promised results, the amount invested is returned to the subscriber.

Click the link to register and learn more about the app.

7. Grow Social

Grow Social is one of the apps for gaining Instagram likes with more features, including post scheduling and can also be used as a manager. Like the other apps described here, it can also be considered a good way to earn likes on Instagram.

The platform also automates your Instagram interactions, allowing you to follow or unfollow profiles and enjoy posts according to the configured terms. It also reports on its growth in the network and serves to send automatic messages on Instagram.

Grow Social lets you test your tools for FREE for 3 days. Click the link to register!

8. Perforgram

One of the basic activities to increase your followers is to enjoy posts. Like the applications mentioned above, Perforgram automates this activity, saving you time and improving your results on the platform.

Other features include automatic welcome message and WhatsApp answering.

Tip: Perforgram has a 15-day warranty on its service, returning the subscription fee if it does not achieve results within this period. Click the link to register and learn more about Perforgram!

9. SocialGram

Offering a complete tool for managing your profiles, SocialGram goes beyond just helping you get likes on Instagram. It also relies on automatic interactions, similar to what we have seen so far.

However, it has some additional features that are of great help to keep your profile up to date. With SocialGram, you can also schedule posts for the platform feed.

Another nice feature is the ability to manage incoming comments and directs, allowing you to respond to everything without leaving the control panel. It is also worth noting that he brings his own reports to show the growth of his profile.

SocialGram allows 5 days of FREE testing of your platform by registering via the link!

10. SimpleGram

One of the tools that try to convince the user to manage all their Instagram just from it. SimpleGram brings a host of features that automate and help you gain social network followers in less time.

In addition to automatic interactions configured by hashtag, location, and competing profiles, you can also schedule automatic welcome directs and schedule publications or stories.

Try SimpleGram for 3 days FREE by accessing the link.

11. PumpInsta

As the name implies, the goal here is to make your Insta pump. Through BombaInsta, you can receive many likes, as the site allows you to distribute likes automatically. Just like the other sites mentioned in the list, you can filter app searches by location, competing profiles, and famous hashtags.

In addition, BombaInsta is one of the few to have an internal photo editor, making it easy to create images for posts on Insta. Through the site, you can also schedule publications in any formats accepted by Instagram, including Stories.

Tip: Click on the link to sign up for BombaInsta and enjoy 3 days of FREE testing!

12. iPost.Me

A publication manager that also comes with automation tools, iPost.Me is one of the few tools that allows you to set up automatic views in Stories.

That is, it offers one more alternative to being seen and gaining likes on Instagram. Additionally, you can schedule posts of all kinds in your feed or Stories using iPost.Me.

Tip: So go now and sign up to try iPost.Me for FREE for a limited time!

Extra Tip: Have you tried making sweepstakes?

Performing sweepstakes on Instagram is a great way to engage your audience and even spread your profile, as followers often share them with their own contacts. This is a way to get likes in a different way without using a dedicated app, yet it has its impact.

For this, you will need to use a tool for sweepstakes on Instagram, as the social network does not offer this feature natively. We at AppTuts provide a very practical and easy to use tool, just access the link, choose the profile and post that will be used for the draw and consider the comments (as well as additional filters) when determining the winner!

7 bonus tips for getting likes on Instagram

Of course, even with so many great apps to get likes on Instagram, you can still count on other tips on the subject. This way you have the use of the app and also

Which apps to get likes on Instagram have you tried?

The apps shown above are the best today to boost your profile on the social network, without using shady methods like buying Brazilian followers on Instagram or even buying your own likes. Which one had you tested before? Would you like to recommend any? Comment below!

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