12 biggest rumors about iPhone SE 2

Given the success of the first iPhone SE in the last two years, it is not surprising that most consumers are excited about its successor. There is nothing official from Apple yet, but several rumors and leaks indicate the upcoming release of the device. If you would like to know more about the main rumors about the iPhone SE 2, just check out our detailed list below!

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Apple is expected to announce new iPhone models this year, one of which could easily be the iPhone SE 2. As we already had more expensive models in 2017, Apple may choose to show the more affordable model to continue attracting more. consumers.

Traditionally, these big announcements are for March and September, so there is little time to know if iPhone SE 2 will actually be shown this year.

2. Face ID

Of course, most consumers would love to see Face ID's new technology on cheaper iPhones, but if Apple wants to be cheap, that is unlikely to happen.

Still, if iPhone SE 2 keeps the old design, it should still rely on the Home button as a fingerprint sensor. This is certainly a good security measure and is not even present in the iPhone X.

3. Price

Generally, when Apple launches a new model of the same line, it keeps the price that the old device had. Since the original SE cost $ 399 at launch and can be purchased for $ 349 at the moment, it is possible that the SE 2 has a value similar to that.

Considering that the device should have a slightly more powerful processor, the price is likely to be $ 399 again.

4. Design

While some people think that the design of the iPhone SE 2 will be quite similar to its predecessor, there are some factors that indicate that it will be quite different. Most likely it is a small version of the iPhone 8 or iPhone X design.

5. Leaky Film

Since we are talking about the design of the device, it is worth mentioning that there has been an interesting leak in recent days: a possible film for the iPhone SE 2 screen.

It has a design that closely resembles the iPhone X, as it seems to cover the entire screen except for a part equal to the controversial notch on the top. The leaked image shows what would be the iPhone X and iPhone SE 2 film side by side.

6. Screen

If the rumors about the iPhone SE 2 are true, it is very difficult to keep the 4-inch screen of its predecessor. If your device has a design similar to iPhone X, it may have a display of 4.7 inches or more.

That would bring it closer to the screen size of the iPhone 8, but there is still not much news about the possible resolution of this display. It is only expected to be slightly better than 1334 x 750 pixels.

7. Colors

Even if it is similar in design to iPhone X, many expect the iPhone SE 2 to have several colors available at launch.

Part of this is because the device is more popular and cheaper, so the different colors could attract even more consumers. It is worth mentioning that the original could be found in gray, silver, pink and gold.

If Apple really keeps the old design, it is quite possible that these colors will remain the same on iPhone SE 2. Perhaps the difference is a black model to match iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

8. Earphone

On the original iPhone SE, the headphone jack has remained intact and we believe it will be the same with its successor. Since this iPhone is aimed at a more popular market, removing the common headphone jack would be a bad idea.

Anyone who doesn't want to pay a lot on an iPhone certainly won't want extra costs with Bluetooth headsets. Other than that, putting an adapter with the phone could make the end product more expensive.

9. Name

Most likely in the case of the new iPhone SE it will simply be called iPhone SE 2 itself, but there is some speculation of other possible names.

A very common rumor is that the new device is called iPhone X SE, to attract the attention of those who liked the iPhone X, but who found it very expensive.

10. Specifications

Of course everyone is quite curious about the technical specifications of the iPhone SE, but you can only guess that it will be more powerful than its predecessor.

It is expected to have the A10 chip that was used on the iPhone 7, but to continue with its 2 GB of RAM. Other than that, it should have 32 GB versions up to 128 GB of storage.

11. Selling

If the iPhone SE 2 is even announced in September, it is likely to have its pre-sale started shortly after the introduction of Apple.

The original iPhone SE itself was pre-sold in this scheme and arrived in stores about 10 days after its unveiling in March 2016.

12. Availability

If it really is officially announced by Apple, you shouldn't be long to see the iPhone SE 2 for sale around the world. He is expected to reach some countries before others, but this is already something traditional of the company.

As it is a cheaper model, there is no doubt that it will also be launched here in Brazil. The original iPhone SE was made available in our country about more than a month after its release in the US, so it can be repeated this time.

What do you think about the iPhone SE 2 rumors?

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