20 apps to study on any subject on Android, iPhone and iPad

Studying is a constant verb for much of our lives. Whether you are a doctoral student, someone wanting to pass the entrance exam or just an independent professional trying to improve your skills with a tool, it is essential to stay current. Even with an infinite number of subjects to study, it is not always easy to find reliable references or even to keep your mind focused solely on that purpose. If you're passionate about studying on your Android device, iPhone or iPad, we've put together 20 apps to study on any subject and improve your background. Check it out below!

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1. Duolingo

One of the largest apps for learning English and other languages ​​on Android devices, besides the iPhone and iPad. The application has a collection of lessons that teach English, Spanish, German and French, it is possible to practice both spelling and training listening and speaking common terms of these languages. It's completely free, but it also lets you buy items that improve your performance or increase the points you earn by completing the lessons or fixing exercises.

2. SpeakingPal

With a Duolingo-like premise, SpeakingPal turns focus to the conversation area only. Rather than repeating phrases for the app, it shows videos of two other people chatting but offering no subtitles, forcing them to understand what is being said before demonstrating the transcript of the conversation. At this time, the app only supports English, but can be downloaded on both Android and iOS.

3. Spell it!

Coming out of foreign languages, the Orthograph! is one of the apps to study portuguese. The app was launched shortly after the new spelling rule was established and is intended to help users check whether their sentences and sentences need to be adjusted to be correct. It is interesting to download it if you are still having difficulty decorating the rules. However, it does not serve as a spell checker in general. The Spelling! It is available on Android and iPhone.

4. Academic Writing Manual

While spelling it! is a solution to fit the new spelling rule, the Academic Writing Handbook is an application for going beyond the rules of writing but also editing, diagramming and formatting academic work or longer writing. It's perfect for those still getting used to technical standards and needs to know if their work conforms to the standard.

The Academic Writing Guide can be downloaded and consulted for free on iPhone, iPad and Android.

5. Accentuating

In the Achilles heel of many, accentuation can become complex in some situations, especially in less widely used rules such as the notorious crase. Accenting is one of the apps for studying spelling, but with a strong focus on getting accentuated. Unique to Android, it brings up multiple choice questions involving the uses of accents. When you are good enough, you can take on the Contests contest, with questions used by public tenders.

6. King of Mathematics

Coming out of language and spelling learning, King of Math is one of the apps to study for kids. Functioning like a fairy tale game, challenges are delivered in the form of mathematical problems that must be solved by the little ones. The free version allows access to a certain point, while the paid version allows access to more difficult challenges as progress continues. Available for Android and iOS.

7. Interactive Physics

Increasing the level of difficulty, Interactive Physics brings summaries and online classes on various subjects in the area. Teaching is enhanced through a series of exercises that you can do directly in the app. The issues present in Interactive Physics were researched and were present in past ENEM tests. This app is exclusive to Android.

8. EDU.app

EDU is one of the apps to study focusing exclusively on ENEM. This app brings video lessons with themes organized in the same way as the exam, as well as tips for passing the exam and lots of exercises. It is available exclusively on Android devices and also offers special playlists to focus on your studies. Click the link to learn more.

9. ENEM proofs

Continuing to address applications focused on helping college entrance exams pass ENEM, the ENEM Exam proves exactly what its name says. That is, he specializes in generating mock exams, using and mixing questions covered in past exams. It can be configured to address particular ENEM features, as well as allowing the user to answer everything directly from the iPhone, providing the result right after completion.

10. ENEM Tests and Simulations

Despite the similar name to the previous item, its focus is not far from the proposal. Unlike it, however, ENEM Proofs and Simulations provide complete past proofs to its users. At the end of the answers, the application provides a graph of your results, allowing you to analyze which parts performed best and which ones you need to improve on.

It is also worth noting that while the former is exclusive to iPhone, it is only available on Android.

11. StudyVest

Although it also has questions from the National High School Exam, EstudaVest is not just limited to it, bringing questions from university entrance exams such as UERJ, UFPR and USP, among others. Its structure, however, remains similar, offering batteries of questions to users. It also provides feedback according to the user's test performance. In addition to the tests, the application also offers video lessons and calendars of the entrance exams that will take place in the year. Can be used on both Android and iOS.

12. Coursera

One of the best apps to study online on any subject, Coursera is a service with apps for Android and iOS with access to free or paid classes from various universities around the world. About 115 universities - such as Stanford, Yale and even Brazil's Unicamp and USP - offer online video courses, which can be accessed at any time with just an internet connection.

13. Always

Rather than focused studies like ENEM apps or online courses like Coursera, Semper is designed to train logical thinking and speed of thinking. Moreover, he was not meant to study directly on him. In a unique way, Semper provides math, language and general knowledge questions every time you try to unlock your smartphone, acting as a kind of password. Especially to stay smart all the time. It has version for both Android as iPhone and iPad.

14. TED

You've probably heard of the famous TED Talks. These are short seminars that last around 20 to 25 minutes. The lectures are given by various types of specialists, be they from the financial market, startup owners or artists with difficulty concentrating, among many others. In addition to watching them on YouTube, you can just download the app - which can be downloaded on Android or iOS - and track their content as it launches, as well as search for past conferences.

15. Human Anatomy Atlas

Especially useful for biology or medical students, the Human Anatomy Atlas is, as its name implies, an atlas of the human body. That is, it is an app-shaped dictionary, but instead of words, it brings all the locations and terms related to our body. It is one of the most awarded applications in healthcare and has about 4, 600 animated structures related to our body. It can be downloaded on iOS or Android.

16. Wattpad

Wattpad is an Amazon Kindle-like application, giving you access to a wealth of free digital books on your Android or iOS devices. Both bestsellers and beginner-authored books can be found in the Wattpad collection, allowing you to practice your reading, thereby improving your writing and gaining more knowledge according to the subject you are studying.

17. Stellarium

Perfect for astronomers on duty. Stellarium is one of the best sources on astronomy that can be available through an iPhone and iPad app, just like Android devices. The app uses augmented reality technology - popularized by Pokémon GO - to enable the study of stars in the sky. Just use the camera of your device and point it in the direction of a particular celestial body to identify it, with information from about 6, 000 satellites and stars. It is one of the few paid study apps on this list.

18. NASA

Another app in the same vein, the NASA app is free and has all sorts of information about the latest missions, news from the US space agency, images and videos about the trips made. This allows you to keep abreast of all important discoveries in the area, keeping you up to date. The app is free and can be downloaded on iOS and Android.

19. Udemy

Like Coursera, Udemy is a comprehensive online course platform that is even larger than Coursera itself. This is because the app allows all types of professionals and educational institutions to register and present their courses there. The app - available for Android and iOS - is a way for users to continue to follow their classes even if they are not in front of a computer. It has free and paid courses, with constant promotions and discounts.

20. Todoist

Unlike the apps on this list, Todoist is actually a productivity app. Through its simple interface and functions such as Smart Scheduling, it is possible to establish what your study routine will be like, ideal for keeping your focus on what is important. Todoist can be used for free in browsers, as well as iOS or Android devices.

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