5 reasons to avoid Super Mario Run apps on Android

Super Mario Run has just been released exclusively for Apple smartphones and tablets, which has upset Android users. It is still very likely that the game will be released to Google's system, but until that happens, there are those who try to take advantage of it maliciously. There are already a number of alleged versions of the Android game on the Internet, but none are really reliable. If you're still in doubt about this, check out our top reasons to avoid these alternate game apps!

1. Game not released on Android

For now, the popular Nintendo game has not been officially released for Android but is only available for iPhones and iPads through the App Store. Even if you see posts saying that someone got the future version of Android, don't believe it.

2. There is no official announcement

Unfortunately, there is also no official announcement from Nintendo about the upcoming release of Super Mario Run for Android devices. The game is likely to reach Google's system, but only after the partnership with Apple ends.

3. There are only files on suspicious websites.

If you search, you will only find files for installing Super Mario Run for Android manually on very suspicious websites. Installing these types of files is quite common, but as the game has not even been considered for Android devices, you can not trust any site that claims to have the game to download.

Even if someone wanted to make a version of Google's operating system, it would be very difficult to circumvent Nintendo's security system, which requires the game to always be online.

4. Viruses

Keep in mind that no one is trying to make the game available for Android out of sheer kindness. The biggest reason so many alleged game files have appeared is because they are simply viruses or malware ready to attack your smartphone.

Since the game is in the spotlight and already very popular, it's no wonder so many people want to take advantage of it somehow. Remember that the same thing happened when Pokémon Go was released.

5. Not in Play Store

Finally, another good reason why you don't pay attention to these files: The game is simply not in the Google Play store. While not officially available from the Google app store, there's no point in wanting to download alternate versions elsewhere.

A game of this size will obviously hit the Play Store when it actually comes out, and there's no reason to download it anywhere else, especially since it can be purchased for free officially. As long as it takes, it's better to wait than end up with a smartphone full of viruses.

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