5 reasons not to buy iPhone 8

The announcement of a new iPhone always makes Apple fans doubt whether to replace the old smartphone with the new model or wait a little longer. In the case of the iPhone 8, it cannot be said that anyone was impressed with the device, as it barely has any differences from its predecessor.

With that in mind, it's not hard to understand why many users might choose to wait for the next release from the manufacturer, especially those who already have a recent model predating the iPhone 8.

Still, if you are in doubt about it, you can check our list below, where we talk about the main reasons not to buy the iPhone 8. I consider them and remember to be careful not to be disappointed after you have already done the purchase of the device.

1. If you have iPhone 7

First of all, it is important to note that it is definitely not worth replacing the iPhone 7 with the iPhone 8. We say this because there are virtually no differences between the two devices, at least nothing that justifies the price of a new device.

The iPhone 8's processor is only 25% faster and they have the same amount of RAM so you won't feel much of a difference in performance. The camera has had slight improvements and not so noticeable too, so it is best to wait another year or two for a really different model.

You may find it interesting to at least move from iPhone 7 directly to an iPhone 8 Plus, which has significant advantages over them model and their predecessors. Even so, it is important to be aware of the specifications of the devices so that you do not end up being disappointed after the exchange.

2. If you have a new Android

If I have a brand new Android smartphone, you could fall into the same context as iPhone 7. If it's a fast device that can run all sorts of apps and games and still have a good camera, it's best to leave iPhone 8 side. There are now much better options at a reduced price, like the Galaxy S8 or the LG G6.

Not to mention the big difference between going from an Android device to an Apple smartphone, as you will be switching operating systems and possibly not having access to all the apps you use, as you now have to use the App Store and iCloud. to handle your apps, having nothing to do with Google Play.

3. Little news

The fact that it is practically identical to the iPhone 7 already shows that the iPhone 8 has not undergone major changes, because Apple seemed to want to impress much more with the iPhone X. So all we saw in the new device were improvements that are generally would expect from an iPhone 7S, for example.

Worst of all, Apple still thinks it's a good idea to charge $ 699 for a device that lags behind so many cheaper smartphones this year. If you really want an Apple phone, it is best to simply invest in an iPhone 7, at least for now.

4. Small and low resolution screen

One of Apple's weirdest decisions is that Apple still insists on a 4.7-inch screen with 1334 x 750 pixel resolution, something that just doesn't make sense today. Even if they wanted to offer a smaller model, there would be nothing wrong with shrinking the edges and increasing the screen to 5 inches, providing a better experience for all their customers.

In addition, the least they could do is put a Full HD display, after all the device costs $ 700 for being a premium smartphone and its consumers deserve something that any one-third Android has offered for years.

It's true that iPhone 8 Plus brings a larger screen with better picture quality, but that doesn't justify iPhone 8 not working at least with Full HD images, especially comparing its value to other options on the market.

5. iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X are better

All of the above ends up in something quite obvious: iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X are simply much better than the standard iPhone 8 model.

Even if you don't want all the news of iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus is the smartphone that truly represents a traditional model with all the features that a decent device should offer. It has dual camera at the rear, more RAM, a larger screen with HD resolution and even more battery.

If you are really determined to buy a new iPhone, our best suggestion is to consider one of these two models and set iPhone 8 aside.

Indeed, it is quite possible that the lack of innovations in the iPhone 8 was intentional for the iPhone X to really gain the popularity it deserves, being an absolutely superior and much more advantageous device.

Did you like the reasons not to buy an iPhone 8?

Could you take our list to know some of the essential reasons not to buy the iPhone 8? Be sure to leave your comment telling us what you think or even if you have something to add about why you should not buy it.

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