7 tips for reducing data usage on iPhone

It is very common to use 3G or 4G connections when Wi-Fi networks are not available, especially away from home or while traveling. But while it is very useful most of the time, it is almost impossible to miss how the data package can end up fast with just a few hours of use.

This is largely due to both our thoughtless use of the resource and the fact that many websites are very heavy today. Of course, our continued use of apps that consume background internet doesn't help either.

Fortunately, this can be solved on iPhone with some very simple tips to apply on a daily basis. If you need to know more, just check out our list of top 7 tips for reducing data usage on iPhone!

1. Turn off data usage for iCloud

If you use iCloud extensively to transfer or store your files in the cloud, you may want to disable it while using 3G. Not only is it unnecessary if you have Wi-Fi network sources during your day, it consumes a lot of your data package.

To solve this, just go to your settings and look for the “iCloud” option. Select “iCloud Drive” and deactivate the last option from the list regarding mobile data usage. This option does not affect iCloud usage when you are using Wi-Fi, so you need not worry.

2. Disable automatic download using data

Many applications may end up downloading huge extra content or certain updates when you are not using them. Of course this consumes a lot of internet and can quickly end your mobile data franchise.

If you no longer want to have this kind of problem, go to your phone's Settings and click the iTunes tab. Among some options, you will see the option "Use mobile data", which should be disabled so that your 3G is not spent in vain.

3. Turn off Wi-Fi Assist

The Wi-Fi Assist feature (which is also well-known with Wi-Fi Assist) can be useful when you need to stay connected to the internet anyway, but it can be a big headache otherwise. What it does is always make sure your iPhone is connected to a good internet connection, whether it's Wi-Fi or 3G.

This means that if your Wi-Fi connection is slow or weak, the feature will automatically enable data usage without your noticing. This can make you use your 3G recklessly and unnecessarily, causing you to spend all your gigs unknowingly. To deactivate this feature, go to your Settings, click on the “Cellular” option and deactivate the “Wi-Fi Assistance” function.

4. Restrict apps that use your data package

This is another very vital tip for those who use the 3G a lot day by day. As you well know, your apps are allowed to use your data package to connect to the internet to make it easier to use while there is no Wi-Fi connection.

So far so good, since that's exactly the purpose of 3G. The problem is that many apps you don't use are allowed to use your data package and run in the background. To resolve the issue, go to your Settings, click on the “Mobile” option and you will see a list of apps enabled for your 3G use. Just click on each one you want to disable and that should be enough.

5. Disable automatic application update

One of the biggest mistakes anyone can make with their data package on iPhone is to leave all the settings the way they came by default, as we have already discussed in the previous tips. Another good example of this is automatic application updates that can occur even when 3G is on.

This basically means that your data package can be used to download updates that could only be made with Wi-Fi. The worst thing is that you may not even realize that these updates are being made and you will not understand when 3G stops working. work. To disable this feature, go to iPhone Settings and click the "General" option. Now look for and disable the “Background Update” function, which can be activated again at any time if you prefer.

6. Avoid high quality data packet streaming

For some reason, Apple thought it would be a good idea to set the High Quality Streaming option to the “Music” app by default even when the user was using their data package. Of course, this is a great option for some users, but it's not exactly ideal for most people who use their 3G on a daily basis.

Fortunately, it's pretty easy to keep your internet from just spending on music. Go to your Settings, click "Music" and turn off the high quality streaming feature using data.

7. Use your data package only when needed

Our last tip on the list may seem pretty obvious, but most people end up treating the data packet as Wi-Fi, not paying much attention to when 3G is on or off. This clearly causes it to end up very quickly and without really useful use.

The best thing to do in these cases is always turn off 3G when you are not using the internet for anything or when you have the ability to connect to a Wi-Fi network. This combined with our previous tips will make your data pack last a long time. more and really be used efficiently during your day. In addition, you are much less at risk of using the full deductible before the month is over.

Liked the tips for saving data usage on iPhone? Leave your comment below saying if they helped you with your data plan or if you had any questions!

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