8 ways to identify app sources and websites

Almost everyone has come across the situation of finding an interesting source on a website or application and having no idea how to figure it out. Fortunately, today there are many ways, websites, and programs that serve just that and help you in a matter of seconds. You can check out our top tips on how to find sources from anywhere in the list below!

1. WhatFontis

WhatFontis is a great and efficient online tool for those who need to identify sources directly from a text image, which you can upload directly to the site. The process is completely free and very easy to use at any time. You can use the site through this link.

2. WhatTheFont

WhatTheFont is another online tool that helps you discover sources straight from images. In this case, you can upload the image or simply paste its URL to make things easier. The tool will analyze the image in question and show you the most similar sources it finds in your database. Click here to access the website.

3. Typophile

Typophile is a little different from the other tools we listed here. Instead of relying on a fully automated process, this is a large community of people who truly understand sources and can help you discover them easily. You just need to post an image containing the text with the font and soon someone will respond with information about it. Access the site at this link.

4. Identifont

Identifont is another very interesting option that helps you identify aspects to find out the font used somewhere. The site asks you a lot of questions about the source and you need to answer it as best you can, as this will help the tool figure out which one is being used. The site also gives you the option to find fonts very similar to the one you were originally looking for. You can check everything in more detail through this link.

5. Identify Fonts by Sight

Identify Fonts by Sight is very similar to Identifont which also asks about the general characteristics of the font. Based on your answers, the tool provides a good list of various sources that best fit your description. You can check the site through this link.

6. Serif Font Identification

Serif Font Identification works like a real guide and helps you identify different font types easily. You can also describe the characteristics of a specific source so that the tool can offer a list of possible sources that match the description. Access the site through this link.

7. WhatFont Tool

WhatFont Tool helps you identify sources as you browse websites. You only need to install an add-on, activate it, and hover over a word with the desired font. This way WhatFont Tool will show you more details and source information automatically. There are extensions for both Google Chrome and Safari, as you can see here.

8. Font Finder

Finally, we have Font Finder, which is also an add-on that can be installed on your web browser. In case it is only compatible with Mozilla Firefox at the moment, but is great for discovering fonts on various websites.

All you have to do is select a word from a text, right-click and choose Font Finder. You will have details about the font name, the color used and its specific size. Click here to check out more about the tool.

Could you find sources with these tips?

Could you find sources you wanted with these suggestions from our list? Don't forget to leave your comment telling us if everything went well or if you had any questions.

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